A Damning Second Video Exposes Twitter

In the wake of billionaire Elon Musk’s on again, off again purchase of Twitter, a Project Veritas investigation has revealed that the giant social media platform never intended to be a forum for “free speech.”

In an undercover Project Veritas investigation released on Monday, May 16, Siru Murugesan, a senior engineer at Twitter, reacted to Elon Musk’s intended Twitter take over. He revealed his colleagues hate the idea of Musk purchasing Twitter.

“Twitter does not believe in free speech,” said Murugesan. “Elon believes in free speech.”

The Twitter engineer voiced how his coworkers did everything they could to disrupt Musk’s purchase. He described Twitter’s workplace culture as “socialist” after seeing coworkers get away with taking a month off of work at a time.

“In Twitter, it’s like mental health is everything,” Murugesan stated. “If you are not feeling it, you can take some time off; people have taken months off.”

Murugesan claimed both liberals and conservatives could not co-exist on Twitter but ultimately admitted that Musk makes good points at times. The Tesla CEO has stated that work ethic expectations at Twitter will be extreme but not less than what he demands of himself.

Murugesan is not the first tech expert to raise alarms about Musk’s potential take over of Twitter. A former Harvard professor recently told The Washington Post that having one person in control of the social platform “is a disaster” for user privacy.

The former professor and author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Shoshana Zuboff, said huge ad revenue and unregulated data collection about user behavior have changed the social-media industry, which now holds incredible sway over real-world events.

Because content on social media platforms can influence public opinion and lead to changed behaviors, she said, the people in control of the sites hold a tremendous amount of power.

Putting that much power in the hands of a single person, she said, would be “incompatible with democracy.”

“There are simply no checks and balances from any internal or external force,” Zuboff told The Washington Post.

Should Musk take ownership of Twitter, he would have near-complete control over an amount of user data “that cannot be compared to anything that has ever existed, and allows intervention into the integrity of individual behavior and also the integrity of collective behavior,” Zuboff said.

“This is a disaster, and it’s not only about Elon Musk, but he kind of puts it on steroids,” Zuboff told The Post.

On Tuesday a part 2 of the Project Veritas expose was released. This is potentially more damning than the first video.

The concerns being raised notwithstanding, as of this writing, it seems that Elon Musk no longer wants to buy Twitter Inc., at least not at the price he negotiated. 

Musk’s bid for Twitter has become one of the most bizarre M&A sagas Silicon Valley has seen in a long time. Here’s a quick recap: Musk bought some Twitter stock, reached an agreement to serve on the board, rescinded that agreement, made a bid to buy the company and take it private, and that bid was ultimately accepted. However, as stock prices have plunged in an overall market downturn, Musk has suffered from apparent buyer’s remorse and is saying that the deal is “on hold.”


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  1. When radicals take over a political party the inevitable failures will occur. Those who once believed in the Democrat party have come to find they have been duped. Mainstream middle class support has been forced to reevaluate based on the divisive identity politics. The tactics adopted by the left have created a loose affiliation of fringe groups that can’t seem to agree on anything other than conservatives are racist misogynistic homophibic Russian sympathizers anti science etc. Every single issue that affects the American people is never addressed beyond pointing fingers without a single solution put forth. Feckless doesn’t describe the ineffective out of touch elitist leftist. Completely out of touch with reality and what the needs of the citizens are. These ideas that are truly nonsense are nothing more than a distraction from the fact that we have been sold out. China faces bo consequences for their overtly aggressive behavior towards America and its allies while it is more than clear our so called representative government is compromised all the way up to the White House. The destruction of our economy social values and autonomy seems to be the singular focal point of the left. This is what Obama was telling us he intended for the United States and now the time has come for the complete “transformation” of America. The people do not matter only the agenda and the narrative. I mean how stupid does one have to truly believe biological males can lactate or needs an abortion? About as stupid as you would have be to believe that China giving millions of dollars to Hunter Biden and that our “president” isn’t affected by that or even less believable that Joe Biden didn’t know about it? Putin caused record high fuel costs when Biden does everything in his power to stymie fossil fuel production in the US? Covid didn’t come from China “that’s racist” when fauci was funding gain of function research in China on bat coronaviruses? If you are not yet aware of what’s happening you have no one to blame but yourself. Willful blindness is no way to elect leadership. You have a choice in November so either clean up your mess or plan on a very long and uncomfortable ride. The America you leave to future generations is up to you.
    God Bless America

    • What leave to future generations? It’s what it is right NOW. We have 2 and a half more years before the is any chance of reversing any of this commie damage. The fact is if the NWO Marxists do not steal the elections again, we MAY be able to stop the commies from any more major advances through the upcoming “mid term” elections but there is no way there is going to be a super majority in both chambers that can over ride the veto of the senile old twit. ,,, And removing him would put kamshaft in command and that nimrod would likely be worse then brandon. ,,,, It’s pie in the sky but the only other possibility would be somehow removing her too and then the new Speaker would be Prez,,,,but even then, with the establishment Republicans you could end up with something like John Boehner…..(OMG!!!!!) We are in deep shit for sure.

      So Don’t worry about what future generations will end up with because at the rate the commies are taking over there will be no USA in the future. The real estate that is now the USA could end up as something like the SSO (Socialist State of Oboma) . And short of a civil war, that would also end the country, I see nothing that is going to stop them.

      Here is my wishful thinking.

      PRESIDENT Trump 2024
      Take America back and keep it this time.

      May God protect us in he mean time, because nobody else will.

  2. There’s no buyers remorse. Musk is a business man and isn’t about to overpay. It’s up to the Twitter Board to prove by an audit what they told Musk in the purchase negotiations. They also owe that to their shareholders. If Murugesan revealed that they were not running the company as a money maker, but rather as an ideological experiment, then Shareholders are entitled to know that. Pulling 5% out of a top hat without being able to prove it is a slight of hand. Musk and partners are not stupid enough to be mesmerized by the bunny.

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