Biden Admin Admits Math Error Is Causing Major Oil, Gas Delays

The Biden administration privately acknowledged in late April that a mathematical error is delaying the federal offshore oil and gas program, in a letter to industry leaders.

Richard Spinrad, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said a subagency “discovered a miscalculation” that has caused a massive backlog in permitting, in the April 29 letter obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Spinrad acknowledged the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) — the subagency tasked with analyzing the impact of offshore drilling projects on wildlife — has used faulty modeling on such impacts and, as a result, overestimated wildlife effects, delaying permitting on existing leases.

“NMFS understands the concerns of industry and is working with [the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)] to expeditiously develop … revised regulations,” Spinrad wrote in the letter to the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA). 

The NOAA administrator’s letter came in response to an April 5 letter from NOIA, the American Petroleum Institute and the EnerGeo Alliance, warning that energy producers had experienced significant permitting delays. In particular, oil and gas companies have reported delays in obtaining letters of authorization (LOA) from the NMFS to conduct pre-drilling activity, including seismic surveying and geological exploration, in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Biden administration implemented the faulty modeling through an April 2021 regulation, according to the industry groups. A spokesperson for the Department of Commerce, which oversees NOAA and NMFS, said Thursday that the administration was “working to consider all possible solutions to expedite the rulemaking process to the greatest extent possible.”

“NMFS is also engaged with affected members of industry and with industry trade associations as it considers both short-term and long-term solutions,” the spokesperson told TheDCNF in an email. “The Commerce Department understands the concerns of industry and is working expeditiously to address the incorrect data it received for the initial rule and to proceed in earnest with the revised rule.”

The spokesperson didn’t answer a question about the current size of the permit backlog.

“Gulf of Mexico seismic permitting delays — when coupled with the lack of progress on a new five-year offshore leasing program and the continuation of a multi-year gap in Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sales — undermine the predictability companies have relied on to make multi-billion-dollar investment decisions in the Gulf of Mexico,” NOIA President Erik Milito told TheDCNF in a statement.

“At a time when energy issues are at the forefront, NMFS should address the problems as quickly as possible,” Milito continued. “Companies must be able to continue to explore for and develop hydrocarbon resources in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Milito and other industry leaders have warned the delays have “commercial, operational, and safety implications.”

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and 19 fellow GOP senators wrote to the Department of Commerce Tuesday, expressing concern about the permitting delays caused by the mathematical error. The lawmakers demanded that the administration issue a new rule immediately, fixing the issue.

“NMFS’s permitting delays represent one example of the Administration’s de facto ban on new drilling – impeding domestic oil and gas investment, exploration, and production,” they wrote to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

“It is unacceptable that agency miscalculations have restricted access to safe, secure, and reliable domestic oil and gas production through substantial, unnecessary, and arbitrary permitting delays,” they added.

The Commerce Department was planning to respond to Cruz directly, a spokesperson told TheDCNF.

Meanwhile, the Department of the Interior (DOI) canceled all remaining offshore lease sales on May 11, including a sale spanning 1.09 million acres in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. The DOI has also dragged its feet on replacing the current offshore leasing plan that expires in late June and suggested in its latest budget proposal that the next offshore sale wouldn’t take place until fall 2023 at the earliest.

Original Article: Biden Admin Quietly Admits Math Error Is Causing Massive Oil, Gas Permitting Delays | The Daily Caller


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  1. Aw come on man. Joe you can solve that immediately just sign one of your executive Orders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They use the same commis core they use to count votes To them that is rreal numbers even if they are not right Dem even have this installed in our schools to make sure kids know it Getting anything right dont COUNT with them

  3. A (miss) calculation??????????? You don’t even remember or realize what you did DAY ONE. You frigging brainless idiot. We as a nation cannot take any more of this destructive administration. Needless to say an ILLEGAL ADMINISTRATION.All of this needs to end now.

  4. What is great or maybe not so great is the fact you can get any answer you want using statistics. Modeling is the problem when you have agenda driven folks using statistical modeling. I can still hear my professor the first day of class 50 years ago saying, “Tell Me What Answer You Want And I Can Get It Using Statistical Modeling.” I would bet this isn’t the only modeling analyses that is fake or had a agenda driven predetermined out come.

  5. At this point why would anyone believe anything that comes from the white house or the democratic party? Every single time Biden or one of his spokesperson speaks every single thing they say turns out to be a flat out lie. I understand that politicians use spin in order to push their ideology but this administration has a standard for never telling the truth it goes beyond giving false answers. They are engaging in releasing disinformation in an effort to distract us from the truth and to destroy anyone that disagrees with their agenda. We have been sold out and now it’s clear that whatever they tell us conservatives are doing is exactly what they themselves are doing. Not one single time has Biden accepted responsibility for any failure or mistake. All we get is more of the same. Republicans are racist. White people are racist. Bridges are racist. Math is racist. Hurricanes are racist. Black conservatives are racist. Police are racist. Gasoline is racist. The list is endless and continues to grow daily. With no answers with any solutions all we hear is racist, Trump, racist, Putin, racist. If you believe that Biden is the problem you clearly aren’t paying attention. The leftist globalists are anti American and are doing everything to destroy America. What they fail to understand is when America struggles the entire planet suffers. The United States gives more aid to poor nations than any other force on earth. When we can’t make ends meet here at home we have very little to give away to people and nations that rely on our help. Wars break out because of our weaknesses and more people suffer. So if you don’t believe that the left is creating suffering on a global level you are simply in denial.

  6. Is it any wounder these nimrods can’t add subtract, multiply and divide considering the vast majority of them are products of the commie teacher’s union members? . The only calculus they ever were exposed to had to do with urban studies and how the privileged white male devils have singel handedly caused (non existent) global warming.

    The cold hard fact is if we do not want to end up a 3d world country where the majority of the people are not getting enough to eat we cannot wait another 2-1/2 years to get this senile puppet and his NWO Marxist regime out of our lives. For starters we actually need no new drilling at all. Just start pumping and refining at the same levels we had when President Trump was living in the White house. In less then a year we will have sub $3 gasoline and be selling natural gas and oil to other countries again.

    Think the commies will let it happen? Fat chance. They are going for another Cuba right in your neighborhood and are doing one hell of a good job getting it. – Don’t believe it? Just go buy a dozen eggs and stop for 15 gallons of gasoline on your way home.

    No blood for oil? They are pushing We the People into lead for freedom and that is one hell of a lot worse then anything I can name you.

  7. Well well a math problem it sounds to much like a desperate contrived move by the bidiot teams and demoncraaps,the saying figures do not lie but liars can certanally figure.A good way to push anything furthur down the road.

  8. There is NO MATH ERROR. 100% of everything terrible happening now is ON PURPOSE, PLANNED and executed. The non stop lies are brief to the staff and msm…

  9. Hey President Blockhead! Do something right for the first time in your career! Give us back our Energy Independence and most of the problems you caused will finally end! Oh, Oh! Nature is calling, I have to take a Biden.

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