New Poll Finds Harris and Democratic Party Less Popular Than Trump, DeSantis, or Disney!

A new poll has found Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party as a whole is more unpopular than nine other political figures and organizations, including Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis, and the Disney Corporation!

The new NBC News poll, which was published Monday, May 16, shows that when Americans were asked their feelings towards nine different entities and individuals, the Democratic Party ranked lowest among the different prompts.

The Republican Party came in as more popular overall than Democrats, or VP Harris and President Joe Biden, as the GOP prepares for a predicted bloodbath in the 2022 midterms that may have the wresting control from the Dems in both houses of Congress.

Positive net favorability in the survey taken May 5-10 was earned by the United States Supreme Court with 1 percent net positive approval, Republican Governor DeSantis with 2 percent net approval, and The Walt Disney Company with 3 percent net positive approval.

The Supreme Court’s standing is surprising after the recently leaked draft opinion that shows an impending overturn of Roe v. Wade and has launched the nation into a heated pro versus anti-abortion debate. Yet, it speaks volumes that both Biden and Harris were more unpopular than the Court.

Of the respondents in the Monday poll, 31 percent say they have a favorable or somewhat favorable view of Harris, while 48 percent say they do not view her favorably. This means that Americans have a net minus 17 percent view of the vice president – ranking just two points below the Democratic Party.

President Biden has 37 percent of Americans ranking him positively and 51 percent negatively for a net minus 14 percent viewership from the public, according to the 1,000 American adults interviewed.

Former President Trump surprisingly did not fair much better in terms of overall favorability. Trump falls between the current president and vice president in terms of how Americans view him, with 36 percent positively and 51 percent negatively, for a net minus 14 percent – But that is still 5 points higher than the Democratic Party as a whole,  but three points lower than his successor, Joe Biden.

Who or what ranked most favorable in the survey? It was not an American or an American institution. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky earned a massive 53 percent net positive favorability among surveyed Americans as his country nears the end of its third month of facing an invasion from Russia.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Well howdy dooo no one can work with this fool of a v p she claims they all need to work together but she has no concept of the meaning never did or ever will,that is one reason she is not liked.

  2. Well googlecrap[ censors canceled my reply as to why this fool of a v p is so low in the polls she has no concept what working together means never did and never will.

  3. Who is kidding who? – They are rating the senile old twit in the white house as more popular then President Trump? This has to be the same pollsters that said “Hillery by a landslide”

    Now nobody approving of Kamshaft is no surprise but I see LOTS of Trump signs still up and a lot of new Trump 2024 signs up all over the place, but there just doesn;t seem to be even ONE “Biden Harris” sign up anywhere in North East Ohio. Same for bumper stickers, especially “Don’t blame me – I voted or Trump”

    The fact is I have a 3’x5′ ‘Trump 2024 – Talk America back”flag on the front of my house. People walking past often give me a bif thumbs up. Same with cars driving past blowing horns and waiving and giving thumbs up. – Not one cat call or any other negative reaction. I do here :”Let’s go brandon?” and see stickers on gas pumps with brandons picture pointing to the price saying “I did that. Sure doesn’t sound like brandon and kamshaft are more popular then President Trump.

    How’s this.

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back and keep it this time.

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