Antifa Part of a “New Autonomous” Zone in Georgia

Did you know that a group of far left-wing activists, including members of ANTIFA, have taken over a forested area in southern Georgia, declared it an “autonomous zone,” and have had violent altercations with police?

No, never heard of such a thing?

You would think it would get coverage on the news, but there has been nary a mention of the radical protest on the lamestream media, even after a firebomb was tossed at police!

At least eight far-left extremists have been arrested after they allegedly threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Atlanta police responding to an ongoing protest in a forested area where a new police and EMS training facility is supposed to be built.

Now there are reports that dozens more far-left extremists from all across the country are heading to the  autonomous zone to join the group, who have dubbed themselves the “forest defenders.”

The illegal occupiers have set up camp on the grounds, which are set aside for the 85-acre project, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Atlanta police said that a number of illegal structures had been built on the property, which is owned by the city.

On Tuesday, May 19, the radical activists allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail into the construction site, which burst into flames just yards away from where three officers were standing. The fire department responded just moments later to put out the blaze.

Police also responded to reports of an incendiary device found on nearby Key Road that did not ignite.

In a Tuesday press conference, Atlanta Police Department Assistant Chief D. Schierbaum said that police had been at the property that day to escort construction personnel through the site when the attack began.

Schierbaum explained that eight had been arrested in connection to the day’s incident and that charges range from “criminal trespass to obstruction of law enforcement officers.”

Among those arrested on Tuesday were: Lee Ana-Gypsy, 38; Brooke Courtemanche, 26; Phillip A Flagg, 28; Elizabeth Hoitt-Lange, 24; Madeleine Kodat, 28; Erin Brault, 27; and Abigail E. Skapyak, 23, who also faces a charge of giving a false name.

Meanwhile, on their social media pages, the so-called “forest defenders” denied that any Molotov cocktails were thrown, but bodycam footage obtained and tweeted by independent author and journalist  Andy Ngô proved otherwise.

Of the eight leftist extremists arrested, it bears noting that, Skapyak was a Department of Justice intern in 2020 in their Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices.

She was also arrested in 2021 Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, for rioting. Rioting had broken out in that city after Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop.

The activists have called the occupation of the private land “No Cop City” in reference to the public safety build.

Additional arrests were made on May 12 after rioters vandalized the Cumberland offices of contractor Brasfield and Gorrie, the firm which is involved in the building of the training complex.

Activists allegedly shot fireworks at the office building, causing the grass to catch fire. Three windows were also allegedly broken with “paint bombs.”

In that incident, according to the Marietta Daily Journal, Tyler John Norman, Katie Marie Kloth, Hannah Margaret Kass, Joseph William Turner, and Julian Adan Goldberg were all arrested and face a range of charges, including rioting, making terroristic threats, and criminal property damage.

This is a developing story.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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    • Absolutely! Time to declare them a terrorist group to start with, and deadly force should be used to stop all this nonsense!

  1. Thanx for letting us knioow about this. It’s a cinch the commie media will ever cover it.

    Anybody else notice there was no mention of the suspect that killed the WHITE guy on the NY subway this morning on the main stream commie. Wounder what they are hiding? Is it that only privileged white male devils can commit hate crimes?

  2. They’re going to have to clear all of the trees before they can begin construction.
    Why not use napalm, I hear it works great and very cost-effective, too.

  3. Communist thug Heroes of our Globalist Democratic Party masters running this nation on purpose into the ground using unconstitutional treasonous deeds without our consent. They gave us an on purpose an invasion of countless millions of undocumented coming here and rewarded with welfare at our expense without our consent, so that this pure evil might rule us forever illegally. Their acts of deadly treason leaves countless thousands of youthful america citizens dead from fentanyl carried in over open borders by their invaders, but they do not care, this treasonous deed done without left over 100,000 citizens dead from fentanyl carried across the border. Like inflation, due to their wet dream of shoving the new green deal up our fannies by ending our wealth gained by fossil fuel independence. We are forced to accept Marxist indoctrination against our will or consent. Freedom to them is removal of basic freedoms of the countless millions they illegally enslaved. We must peacefully pray God might protect us from the evil that enslaved us illegally. Propaganda one party news tools of our illegal masters.

  4. Once these terrorist are all together, roll in the trucks with .50 cal. Machine guns in the rear. Open fire and let the big dogs EAT!

    • Erect 8′ high fence & turn about a hundred HUNGRY wild hogs loose in there. Trail cams to stream the fun.

  5. When Democrats started the KKK in Pulaski, TN, in 1865, they were quick to adopt the masks and hoods, and white robes. Eventually that spread to other states, and the reign of terror against minorities started. The picture of the clown with the red mask and yellow communist insignia is so very typical of the KKK mindset. He can be so big and brave whenever he isn’t identifiable, just like the racist Klan.

  6. I don’t know for sure but there would be a better (cheaper, more violent) site for the same reason as southern Georgia for ANTIFA – Somalia. The ANTIFA leaders can declare themselves Queens or Kings. The people of Somalia would treat them honorably, kind of, and they can truly be Vegans – no meat there.

  7. Take the marines, and the army, and a few tanks, and wipe them out!!! They have caused numerous injuries to people, deaths of others, and should be declared terrorists!

  8. I’m an old white man from a long line of GOP. I am ANTIFAscist as my GI father was in WW2. All good Americans are.
    What’s YOUR position? You support fascism?
    Antifa is not an organization; it’s an umbrella name for dozens of groups fighting against fascism.
    Do you know how many killings have been connected to ANTIFA identified individuals in TWENTY FIVE YEARS??? ONE ; And HE WAS Killed after being suspected of killing a protestor. ONE!!!! Yes, really.
    Stop believing rightwing , unAmerican horsecrap.

    • I call bull crap! on your comment. These peoples have caused numerous injuries to many people and should be gunned down like the ravenous dogs they are.

  9. What I don’t understand is why members of The Communist Democratic Party, Black Lies Matters, and Antifa are so unhappy here in this great country, which they obviously hate, why don’t they move to a communist country where they can be happy!

    Until they move our police should be able to use overwhelming force to arrest these dirt bags and put them behind bars. As long as VP Harris doesn’t bail these idiots that carry the same ideology she has and her communist party does.

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