Opinion: How Obama Pushed Black Dem Voters to the Right

92% of black Americans vote democrat, but many of those voters do not identify with Democratic beliefs and instead consider themselves conservative Christians. This begs the question of why black Americans are still voting with the left. 

Shemeka Michelle joined Allie Stuckey at BlazeTv to discuss. She explained that herself, along with other young, black children were raised in a way that taught them that Republicans were evil- Michelle even recalls her parents referring to Ronald Reagan as ‘the Antichrist’.

By the time students at the all-black school were 5, they were brainwashed into having liberal beliefs. Black children were being taught that they were oppressed no matter what, that ‘racist’ Republicans would worsen their oppression, and that they were voting against themselves with anything but a Democratic vote. 

Seeing Obama run for president was monumental for this very reason- with this agenda being pushed for so long, black Americans were immediately enamored. Michelle recalls voting for Obama because he was black and she was under the impression he would be a strong figure to pave the way. She quickly realized this was not the case. 

So, why were many black Americans able to break from this cycle and be pushed more to the right during the Obama presidency?

Obama’s radical LGBTQ policies were a breaking point- black Democratic voters were quickly faced with the realization that what they voted for — being conservative Christians — was not aligned with what Obama was doing during his presidency. He was actively pushing a woke agenda to America, continuously reminding everyone that he was doing the most for LGBTQ rights than any president ever had.

In this, black Americans were able to begin separating themselves from the Democratic party and woke agendas, and to stop seeing themselves as an oppressed group that had to vote with the left.

In closing, Shemeka Michelle says that “most black people are conservatives, they just vote wrong”.

With more and more woke agendas and LGBTQ policies being pushed post-Obama, this realization by black voters will continue to be seen.


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  1. It’s not the way *egroes see Demoncraps, it’s the way they see Republicans. They got that big and fALSE image of rich white guys because Demoncraps have been successfool in portraying them that way but Republicans can’t help it because they ARE successfool unlike loser Demoncraps.

  2. There are Black men, who when Don Trump was President, for the first time in their lives had a meaningful job they were proud of. …. Many of them went to the Republican party. Then, by very questionable means the NWO Marxist (democrat) party got into the White House and the house……These usful patriotic Americans lost their jobs,,,,And new car,,,,and the nice place to live that the job made possible. …. Damn Sin is all I have to say.

    A note to all patroit Americians ,,,, some of which happen to be black (so what?)
    Be Americans first and whatever rece you are last.

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America Back (And keep it this time)
    Take Ameri

    • “Then, by very questionable means the NWO Marxist (democrat) party got into the White House and the house……These usful patriotic Americans lost their jobs”

      Come Again?

      Black Dem POTUS Obama ending unemployment rate: 4.7%
      GOP POTUS trumpie ending unemployment rate: 6.3%
      Current Dem POTUS Biden unemployment rate: 3.5%


      • The pandemic, not President Trump, was the reason for unemployment, Genius.

        If unemployment is down because of the great Joe Biden, why do I see “Now Hiring” signs everywhere I look? It seems few people want to work. I’m retired and get job offers all the time, because there aren’t enough people willing to work now days. Hopefully, that changes now that stimulus checks have stopped.

  3. To all the black voters out there here’s a little reality check for you, as our borders are being flooded with illegals and there are flights constantly taking them all over the country in the dead of night are you aware that all these illegal children are being placed in the superb school systems while your children are stuck in the horrible, failing city school systems. So to make it simple the illegal children will be getting a better education then your AMERICAN BORN CHILDREN ARE. Please as a white person tell me why this bothers me more then it bothers you. Yeah keep voting democrat it looks like it’s really working out for you and that’s pure sarcasm.

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