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Adam Schiff and Congress Take Facebook and Zuckerberg to Task for Allowing Putin Propaganda to Spread!  

Facebook’s – now “Meta’s” – CEO Mark Zuckerberg is no stranger to scandals and has been called before Congress several times to explain the social media giant’s policies and practices. Now, Adam Schiff and other members of Congress have taken Zuckerberg to task for allowing Vladimir Putin to spread propaganda and lies deeply into Ukraine’s closest neighbor, Slovakia.

Zuckerberg and Congress have often been at odds over his social media platform’s inability to flag or stop dangerous content. This has led to Facebook broadcasting everything from live mass shootings to inciting ethnic cleansing in places like Myanmar.

Now Facebook is being hit with another round of claims that it hasn’t been enforcing its own internal policies on content — and the consequences could be deadly for Ukrainians doing their level best to fight back against Russian aggression.

A close neighbor to Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia in March, Slovakia has apparently been inundated with conspiracy theories spread on Facebook.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on May 23.

Facebook is now facing a slew of accusations that it has allowed users to disseminate pro-Putin and pro-Kremlin propaganda throughout Slovakia.  

Facebook has only one person who fact-checks its information in Slovakia, a nation of more than five million people.

Both the Slovak government and American officials have pressed Meta, the parent company of Facebook, repeatedly to do something to stop the spread of false, harmful anti-Ukraine messaging bleeding into Slovakia.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-CA, outlined the issue in a letter to Zuckerberg.

“Despite multiple efforts by the Slovak and United States governments to bring the matter to Facebook’s attention, to the Committee’s knowledge, the company has yet to take appropriate action,” the letter reads.

Think tank GLOBSEC security said that the falsehoods have been spreading rapidly, causing a massive security crisis for both the country and nearby Ukraine.

“Half of the population is prone to believe in some kind of misinformation or conspiracy theories,” said GLOBSEC analyst Dominika Hajdu.

GLOBSEC told the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that it has seen evidence of a massive proliferation of false information flooding out from Facebook into Slovakia.

“The Committee is deeply concerned by the continued presence of harmful disinformation and pro-Russian propaganda on Slovak Facebook,” Schiff’s letter said.

The dangerous disinformation flowing from Facebook users into Slovakia has included the following claims:

  • That Putin’s invasion didn’t happen at all
  • That Ukraine is developing biological weapons
  • That Russia had to invade Ukraine to “de-nazify” the country

All of those statements and thousands of others like it have received a stern rebuke from American lawmakers.

“The Slovak authorities [are] rightly troubled by these developments,” the members wrote.

Schiff’s letter concluded, “One senior Slovak defense official described Facebook as ‘the main arena for Kremlin propaganda.’ Yet despite Facebook’s awareness of the issue, the pervasive and false content seems to remain on Facebook’s platform.”

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Bottom line- NO ONE should take ANY internet
    media site as the truth, makes no difference if it is left/right/ind everyone has a biased agenda to push

  2. Adam (Pencil Neck) Schiff and Mark Zuckerburg should be looking out Prison Cell Bars together in the same Cell ! The Lies and Misinformation that these 2 Thugs Spewed over last 6 Years should keep them both in Prison for LIFE !

    • Yes, they should be!! Who is Schiff to ever talk about lies and misinformation???? He’s one of the biggest liars on the planet!

  3. Adam Schiff needs to resign immediately, he gave false information to Congress, he’s an embarrassment to our country, if any other ordinary citizen would have done at least one, not to mention the dozens of things this Anti- American has done, they would have been in Prison by now, and that’s where Shifty Schiff needs to be!

  4. It wasn’t just Zuckerburg that let out the Misinformation as much Flaut as Schiff’s. Every PARASITE in the House and Senate of the Democratic Socialist/Communist Party is to BLAME.
    A long with Clinton , O’ Biden , Piglosi , Schumer , Nadler , Water’s , and O ‘Obama .

  5. We have enough lies fed to us by the republicans that we don’t need to have more from the Russian government. THIS NOT A DUPLICATE!!!

  6. We have enough lies thrown at america from the republicans without getting more from communist Russia. THIS NOY ADUPLICATE!!!

  7. Schiff spouted more Russian crap over the “russian collusion” hoax than has ever been on fascistbook

  8. Tony your one of the stupid libs that the democrats depend on to stay stupid to get your vote. You’re the type of person that if Obama, Clinton or any disgusting lying democrat was standing over a dead body with a smoking gun in there hand you would believe it when they said someone handed me the gun and ran away. I would respect an idiot like you if you just said I don’t care that the democrats are lying I hate the republicans that much but you’re truly that stupid to actually believe them and then turn around and argue their constant lies.

  9. Adam Schiff should be locked up for lying to the American public! Let’s see the words that this jerks mouth opened were “I have indeniable evidence that Trump coluded with Russa”. That was an out and out lying! If anyone should be impeached he should be the first… no I take that back Clinton’s then him, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schumer. I am sick and tired of boso’s who get rich off trying to decieve the tax payers. The sooner we rid ourselfs of these slimy thief’s the more healty this country will become. Suckinberg should get off the ivory tower and step down move out of lib town and get a life!

  10. First, let’s get one thing straight, POWER corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. With that being said, let us look at the whole political spectrum. Its not Democrats or Republicans, its most all politicians when it comes to lying to we the people, cheating us out of our hard earned money, getting rich illegally, being bought and paid for by to pass nefarious bills to take away our constitutional rights etc.
    These ILKS are drunk with power, greed and every other kind of lust and lawlessness you can think of to the degree of weaponizing the fbi, atf, doj, irs, and any other government agency you might think of against we the people just for speaking the truth.
    With all this said, I’m not anti government, BUT we need people that deal honestly, fairly, and with the constitution, not with how their money brokers or socialist puppeteers tell them. Folks every anti American politician needs to be voted out in November and replaced with people who have had to work for living which by the way most of the ILK up there now have never had a real job in there miserable lives.

  11. If the Slovok government thinks the Ruskis are lying about them then just accuse Russians of something worse like the Russians are releasing LSD mind altering drugs into the Slovakian water system. That’s a like worthy of AOC…… Classic NWO Marxist (democrat) tactic. They have been using it to great success for eons. You will find just about 1/2 the people are stupid enough to believe anything and once they head it they will believe it forever.

    And any wizard that takes ANYTHING on FaceBook as Gospel is a damn fol but there is nothing you do to show them right from wrong. People like that get an idea in their head and no matter how much proof you show them there is no way you can shake their false belief’s. Product of the US Education system where the commie teachers discourage thought and original though is ridiculed.

    And for the record I do not have a face book account. If I want you to know something about be I am not going to put it on front street . I don’t Twit eiher.

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