NYC Health Department Promotes Heroin Use in Ads

If anyone wants to argue that our society hasn’t gone absolutely insane, just show them the PUBLIC HEALTH campaign from New York City.

Yes, this is a public health campaign encouraging druggies to not feel bad about shooting up heroin and instead take pride in themselves for using heroin in a safe way.

As a society, we’ve gone from “don’t do drugs, stay in school” to “be empowered” that you are using heroin safely.

The Department of Public Health in New York City’s ad is meant to prevent overdoses by giving tips on how to safely use illegal and illicit drugs.

How in the world is this okay?

How far we have fallen.

Basically, the ad is telling druggies to be careful when using illegal drugs because they might be laced with fentanyl.

Here are some of the tips they give:

• Avoid using alone and take turns

“Make sure you have your shooting up buddy with you!”

So, instead of “drugs are bad for you” we are encouraging drug addicts to share their drugs and heroin needles.

This isn’t any kind of recipe for disaster.

•Start with a small dose and go slowly

You know, you want to slowly build that high.

Again, we are talking about using coke and heroin here. Not alcohol.

•Have Naloxone on hand

Keep this overdose-reversing drug on hand so that you have the illusion of safely using drugs.

•Avoid mixing drugs

•Test your drugs using fentanyl test strips

You know, maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t see the homeless folks in NYC subways taking the time to read this and say “I should listen to this empowerment lady go get some test strips before sticking this needle in my arm.”

Maybe I’m a pessimist.

I just don’t think that the fentanyl and overdose problem is going to be solved by “empowering” junkies.

Original Article: NYC Health Department Places Ads In Subway Promoting And Encouraging Safe Heroin Use | Not the Bee


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  2. I would think that by now, people would have come to understand that no matter what drug laws you pass there will always be some people who are addicted (or dumb enough to start) and will use anyway. Too many people were dying of overdosing, and the only way to stop it happening so much was to try to overdose less likely. Similar to the way needle exchange programs curtailed the spread of hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases. No one is promoting or even condoning drug use, they’re just trying to save the lives of folks who use anyway. And by the way, the majority of homeless don’t touch drugs or alcohol. Too many Americans are only one paycheck away from being homeless themselves. Our government keeps taking from the middle class and poor, and giving to corporations and the rich.

  3. Our 2-“Comrades” above must be NWO Marxists (Democrats) or totally lack any street smarts. Trying to help junkys take dope be it needle exchange or giving them advise and test strips is no different then trying to help pushers sell it. (After all, pushers are just trying to make a few bucks, right?)

    In response to their misplaced compassion here are some hard facts from the street that did not come from books:

    1. There has never been a happy ending to a dope story
    2, Selling your soul to the devil is an irreversible action.
    3. There is nothing you want to keep more away from then a junky.
    4; Junkys will steal you eye teeth to get a fix.
    5.They say whatever they think you want to hear but will kill for dope in an eye blink.
    6.The more junkys that OD the less normal people they can hurt or kill
    7. Once a junky, always a junky and the only good junky is a dead junky
    8. See #1

    I know each and every one of these facts from multiple personal experiences. If you shake hands with a junky count your fingers. Any time you try to help a dope head you will ALWAYS end up on the short end. ….

    There are always a few that really want help but even people that were addicted by their doctors have the monkey is on their back for life. It takes nothing to get then re-started. I feel sorry for some of them but there is no way they didn’t know the score before they took their first fix. It’s a one way ticket to hell with no stops. I’m not going to put my family on the line for them.

    Sorry if the facts hurt the tranquility or your safe space and offends snowflakes or other bleeding hearts but those are FACTS. No pretending that it isn’t true will ever make it go away,,,,,,until all the junkys go away. The only thing you can is pray for them. Only God can help them.

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