Police Release More Details on DUI Arrest of Nancy Pelosi’s Husband!

As we reported on these pages, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband was arrested for DUI over the long Memorial Day Weekend. Now, police have released new details about his arrest, which we know now involved a crash with another vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has released details of the vehicle crash that led to the arrest of Paul Pelosi for allegedly driving under the influence.

CHP said in a press release Sunday night that Paul Pelosi’s 2021 Porsche was struck in Napa Valley by a 2014 Jeep as he was attempting to cross State Route 29. No injuries were reported, and Pelosi was arrested about 80 minutes after law enforcement responded to the scene, according to the agency.

A public booking report by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office lists Paul Pelosi as being booked early Sunday morning on charges of driving under the influence. His bail was set at $5,000.

A representative for Pelosi told CBS News that he had been at a dinner party in Oakville until about 10:15 p.m. and drove the “short distance” home by himself. They added he was “fully cooperative” with authorities and that processing took until 7:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Speaker Pelosi was in Rhode Island on Sunday to deliver Brown University’s commencement address. Drew Hammill, a spokesman for the Speaker, said on Sunday that she was not with her husband at the time and would not be commenting on the “family” matter.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi have been married since 1963.

Earlier this year, Pelosi’s husband was embroiled in controversy leading to increased demands for the passage of legislation that prevents members of Congress from trading stocks, when disclosure forms revealed that the husband of the House Speaker bought over $2 million of Tesla stock.

Earlier in March, Paul Pelosi, a venture capitalist, purchased 2,500 shares of Tesla stock by exercising 25 call options at a $500 strike price, a Congressional disclosure filing revealed. The call options were set to expire the following day.

At the time, the disclosure caused consternation from both parties, who argued such trades are a conflict of interest since Pelosi and other Congressional lawmakers have access to sensitive information and are responsible for enacting laws regulating businesses.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Where are the details??? Who was at fault in the accident? Where is the booking photo? Why do you just rehash the same things over and over? If Kevin McCarthy’s wife had done this she would have been crucified in the press. But he is getting a free pass. The demoncraps claim to be all about equity except when it comes to one of their own. I also think the jury in the Sussman trial were bought and paid for at day one. All I want is fair treatment for both sides.

  2. The Pelosi’s have amassed hundreds of millions in stock trading, with never, ever suffering a single loss?! No one is that good at stock trades nor is anyone that lucky. Will our countries federal law enforcement agencies look into this probable crime, I seriously doubt it.

    I’m certain Nancy Pelosi will make a few calls and poof, her husband’s DUI will disappear and driver of the car Paul Pelosi collided with will be paid off to keep quiet if he knows what’s good for him… We can also count on the left wing news media ignoring this incident…

    • They are so worried about gun control. I wonder how many people are killed or injured by people driving under the influence of either liquor or the drugs they are so in favor of being legal especially in California!!
      You can be sure if someone in the Trump family was given a DUI, it would be all over the front page of every newspaper and breaking news on every news channel. But, bring a Democrat this will be swept under the rug and handled with payoffs. Washington at its finest!

  3. I was shocked, not by the fact that he drinks, but that he was arrested. Of course, this will all be swept under the rug and the media will drop it like a hot potato. Nancy will start some type of rumor on other people like Trump in order to direct attention away from her family. She is just another Hillary.

  4. All of your comments are spot on. Follow the money, it reveals corruptions, power and mainstream media collaborations are deeply connected.

  5. The arresting officer has probably already been fired for arresting Piglosi’s husband. Poor guy was just trying to numb the pain from being married to that witch for so many years.

  6. How sad that this is the kind of disgusting trash that is running our nation, flagrant greedy arrogance , power hungry, pure evil!
    Claiming to be such a wonderful Christian, all the while promoting the killing of babies and getting away with every corrupt monetary benefit , one thing is obvious she has never cracked open her Bible, I wonder if she knows what it says about taking the Sacrament when you have done the kind of things she has done ! Oh one more note, can you just imagine what she would bring do own on Trump if he or his family were picked up for DWI, she would crucify them and so would the liberal media!
    Wake up ppl Term limits!!! This woman think she’s Gods gift to our government and she and the Shummers have been the most destructive travesty our country has ever known!

  7. Has anybody in the media bothered to mention that Paul Pelosi has history in drunk driving. Having killed his own brother by being the drunk driver while his brother was passenger when Paul crashed. While scumbag Nancy parades to ban guns and save lives, 52 people are killed EVERY 48 hours at the hands of scum drunk drivers like her husband. Ever hear them ranting to ban alcohol? No, it might get in the way of Pelosi fun…. While drunk drivers kill 10,000 people yearly.

  8. The way this article is written, it sounds like the driver of the Jeep hit Pelosi, but it doesn’t specify if Pelosi had run a stop sign or light or in any way had the right of way. More likely than not, Pelosi was crossing a higher speed road when he shouldn’t have.
    What is most bothersome is learning that Paul Pelosi was responsible for his brothers death when his drunk driving caused a fatal accident. Most people would never drink and drive again after doing such a thing.
    But, we best not dwell on this. Nancy Pelosi (nee D’alesandro) says it is a “family” matter. I live close enough to Philadelphia to know what that’s code for.

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