Kamala Bursts Out Laughing While Talking About California Droughts

Kamala Harris on Wednesday announced the Biden Regime’s plans to elevate water security as a foreign policy priority.

Biden Regime officials claim climate change is to blame for too much – or too little water.

How convenient.

Harris awkwardly laughed as she recalled the droughts of her childhood living in California.

“And I remember watching in the Oakland hills in Northern California, the landscape turning from green to brown – and everyone, from my mother, to teachers, the radio DJs, KDIA hahahaha lucky 13 saying how important it was to conserve water,” Harris said cackling.

Why does she always do this?


Southern California water restriction take effect on Wednesday.

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  1. I am not taking up for her, but it is a nervous laugh. This is an issue with some people that stress brings on a situation where the person automatically laughs when making certain statements. It is a mental think and can be corrected by hypnosis.

  2. This “problem” of her cackle has GOT TO BE a tic…primarily because she seems to do it EVERY time she’s under pressure, which happens whenever she speaks in public. I wonder if she does it in her Washington office, with her staff??? If so, then SHE’S got a serious problem that brings being taken as a serious politician into question!!

    Not to ANYONE on the Right (ESPECIALLY if you live in California!)…we’ve always known she’s a moron~~did EVERYONE ELSE forget what happened when she was running for President, besides NOT getting any votes??

  3. Droughts are so funny! Kamala remembers how funny they were when she was a just a child. Everyone would just laugh when the faucet ran dry.

      • Todd, she didn’t get enough votes to run for president. As a matter of fact, she was at the bottom of the list and you say she is accomplished? She refused to go to the border when Biden told her to go. For that matter, what has Biden accomplished other than a record recession and record high gas prices and has done nothing be drag this country down. The definition of “moron” is ” a stupid person”, so I guess they can share the title.

  4. So we have an old feeble moron president running the country and we have this cackling nervous laughing vp idiot that’s next in line. I can’t even tolerate listening to her and how she tries to explain things and whenever you hear Biden say “here’s the deal” get ready for the LIE to follow, what an embarrassment the both of them are. How comforting for the people of America, SARCASM

  5. LOL. I think its funny that she thinks the morons who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket are getting no help with anything effective to mitigate their situation. “Let them eat cake”.

  6. If the global was too warm back when she was just an up and coming young whore, and the global has been getting hotter, and hotter because of the evil oil companies berfore and every minute since, how can the green wokies explain why there is any water left at all on the left coast? No wounder the Ho has a nervous laugh. I would too if I had to support utter bullshit like that with a straight face

    Up here in NE Ohio, except for maybe a dozen days or so we have had colder then normal temperatures so far all year. Colder then average temperatures is a sure sign of global warming. Just ask Kamshaft,,,,,If you can get her to stop laughing long enough.

  7. I personally think it’s a cover up for low mentality. Used to know another person who literally copied her way through school who had the same responses.

  8. Lois Damron you are 100% correct. She’s completely out of her League scholastically /IQ and she’s been bluffing her way through life to get to the position she holds today. Only people of like mind could ever think it’s normal to “Dumb Down” our schools, think it’s reality to create inflation, exorbitantly raise taxes, prices of food, allow illegals to flood our country, disseminate the police departments, allow thugs to walk free, choke hold our resources , global warming us to death…(I still haven’t bought into that BS and won’t) the disastrous covid (which the UK just came out with the REAL statistics on injecting 10 to 14 year olds to 14 to 18 year olds and the death rate these poor kids of these ages that died having two vaccines was 5,125 % in one year!!! yep you read that right), yet a charter school in California is disallowing 50 of there students to walk in there graduation because they weren’t vaccinated!!! These people, Kamala shit for brains have such a small gathering of robotic sheeple that follow this garbage and so why not laugh your way through one of the most important jobs in the US, stupid people will follow.

    • Rebecca. I noticed your comment about COVID kids in UK dying from the vaccine. Went looking on the web for further information. Zero, zilch, nada to be found. Please supply a link for your information so I can read up on this problem. Thank you.

  9. Usually when a person laughs at an inappropriate time or for no reason, a lot of the older generation referred that person as the “Village Idiot.” Kamala Harris definitely falls into that well earned title.

    Her boss Joe Biden probably didn’t pick up on Kamala’s many moronic issues because he’s been a moron for a lot longer. Boy, the Democratic voters sure picked a couple of losers! We Americans would have been a lot better off if the Democrats didn’t steal the 2020 election!

  10. She is NOT qualified to be up there is quite obvious by now but that is exactly why she was chosen to be up there. She is basically an AIRHEAD.

  11. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Kamalas laughing is just her way of maintaining clararity! One can
    only hope that she becomes more comfortable in her position!!

  12. I can’t believe American became a majority of Stupidity and voted for these Democrats whom I believe to be Criminal, the Biden and Harris ticket, they say the most votes ever for a President, That might be possible but for one important thing, there was More popular votes than registered voters, even dead people were voting for Biden.

  13. It all makes sense. I remember hearing a laughing Hyena, well I thought it was a Hyena, since the Zoo isn’t far away. I didn’t know she lived in that area at the time. I lived in the Bay area for 35 years and droughts were nothing new. Hyena’s were unusual though.

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