Opinion: How Johnny Depp Derailed the ‘Believe all Women’ Ideology

The ‘Believe all Women’ and ‘Me Too’ Movements have always been embedded into liberal ideology. When allegations arose against Trump, many Democrats were quick to come to support and rally behind his accusers with no evidence. The same was seen when accusations were thrown at actors and public figures like Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, and Kevin Spacey. This type of uproar and outcry is hardly ever seen in cases where women are accused of assault, especially if the greater half of the population is on their side. Hillary Clinton and Emma Roberts are two public figures that have been accused of such, but being women ‘activists’, they saw little to no backlash.

So, what does the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard verdict do to derail that dangerous ideology? On Wednesday, America watched as Amber Heard was found to have lied about all cases of her abuse by a jury, clearing Johnny Depp of her horrific allegations. 

As the jury heard countless tales of abuse from Heard, one of the most compelling pieces of evidence was when a recording of Heard shows her telling Depp to ‘tell the world’ that he, a male, is a victim of domestic violence, and to see if the world believed him. 

He did that, and the public did believe him. 

The intense backing Depp saw from America throws the outlook on abuse that has been seen for so many years- that women are always the victims and that men cannot be abusers. 

Johnny Depp has ripped off that initial band aid and America has opened the door to tearing down the dangerous ‘Me Too’ and ‘Believe all Women’ ideology. 

Depp was able to prove that he was a victim of domestic abuse, and that Heard carefully crafted severe claims against him. He was able to expose the pitfalls of believing all women.

Will this be a continued theme? Will the left, and America begin to accept that this ideology is dangerous and false allegations can destroy lives?

Depp’s win makes that all the more likely.


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  1. I didn’t believe Depp because I have witnessed his abusive nature, it is not just physical, but what he said about the woman with a friend and the fact that the Left women and many men who are in Hollywood have the power to denigrate telling his fans to email, mail, or verbally abuse his women that he has been with, shows how naive these women are towards those like Depp, Dinero, and Weinstein who have those he abused to stand up for him because of their own put-downs! That is why lots of adults that see those celebrities get away with the abuse because a lot of those in CA and other Democrat states do little to no assistance for abuse behind the scenes but show that they are letting pedophiles and rapists go on to do what they want to do!!

  2. @ previous court cases found against Depp but the decision in each case was by a Judge who is not going to be influenced by media support for a world star.
    Frankly Depp is a piece of shit and this will do alot of damage toabused women coming forward.

  3. LISTEN UP…NOW that JOHNNY DEPP has SPOKEN OUT about HIS ABUSE maybe NOW Other MEN….CHILDREN….YOUNG PEOPLE and ELDERLY Can have the Courage to SPEAK OUT. ABUSE of ANY KIND is NOT ACCEPTABLE. That goes also for ANIMAL ABUSE. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

  4. I believed Depp as soon as I saw her look like a school mom. Not all women have been Abused. I know a few women that will kick a man’s butt quick. Say something they don’t like. I’ve seen it firsthand. There are a lot of lying women, for 1 Ford. She lied over and over. Had no proof and anyone she told said she was lying and even the one expose to have been at the party with her said it wasn’t true. But the movement still believed her, because she is a woman. Hog wash. She made women look bad, same as Heard. Lying piece of garbage’s. I am a woman.

  5. I’d say the majority of abuse cases are women, but there are most definitely cases of spousal abuse against men.
    To say to “believe ALL women is pretty stupid, especially in the light of the IDIOTIC “Me Too” movement!
    That lying devil woman Ford also came to my mind! She duped so many people and got rich doing it! She should be in prison!
    I also agree any abuse against anybody is unacceptable!

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