‘The View’ Host Blames ‘Christian Nationalism’ for Mass Shootings

One of the co-hosts on “The View” tried to pin the blame for mass shootings on “the rise in violent Christian nationalism” on the show Tuesday.

Tara Setmayer, who was previously a Republican, made the comments while discussing the motivations behind the shooter in the horrific elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Sunny Hostin was trying to connect an advertisement from a gun company with a biblical reference to the shooting when Setmayer chimed in. 

“It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism, that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this,” Setmayer said.

“Which is another problem, particularly in Texas, this is a growing movement,” she continued. “It’s God, guns and Trump. Or God, guns and whatever. It’s a part of their ethos.”

Whoopi Goldberg latched onto Setmayer’s claim and went further. 

“It’s always been this. This was the way it was down south. They used to use the Bible and say, ‘You’re not people, God doesn’t see you as people, so we don’t see you as people,'” Goldberg claimed. 

She went on to say that AR-15 rifles need to be banned because they are meant to kill people.

“I don’t care NRA. You got to give that gun up. You can have your other ‘yee-haw guns’, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is not a gun where you are going to go out and shoot your dinner,” Goldberg said to applause from the audience. 

“This gun is meant to kill people,” she concluded. “That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore.”

Law enforcement authorities have not identified “Christian nationalism” as part of the motivation for the Uvalde shooter. The killer told co-workers at Wendy’s that he planned to save up money to purchase his guns, and before the massacre, sent private messages to an acquaintance online about shooting his grandmother and his plan to attack the school.

Here’s the video of Setmayer’s comments:

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  1. Well here’s more garbage from the knuckleheads on The View. Again, I ask the question, “Why are these “people” (generous term) given space, time, etc., to comment on anything? They have never known what they’re talking about and their views are so far off the mainstream, it’s laughable. Get your heads out of the sand and see clearly, no matter what is done, criminals will still get guns (all kinds). With your comments you sound like you’re totally for leaving law abiding citizens to the mercy of your friend the lawless. If I remember my government/civics classes correctly, Congress can’t change the Constitution without the consent of the people (constitutional convention). The edicts by the socialist/commie in the Oval Office carries no power except when people bow to them. People it’s time to quit bowing.

      • They are so corrupt but I’m an average person but I’ve read a lot mostly but also truth in fiction . The way I see defund the police , let the rapist , murders , pedophiles , home invaders , looters you get what I’m saying let them loose take away guns from the law abiding when anarchy is in full lawlessness no more only social workers declare martial law send in army and Military Dictatorship in the form of protecting you from the criminals. . Democracy dies American Marxist Communism begins . The Military and Democrat Politicians and then Global Elitist will treat you like your so far below them I mean look mask mandates but seem most of the Elites didn’t have too but I’m an average person I must be seeing things not are real lol !

  2. An added comment: the honoring of God by life and morals is what will save this country, not the fake stuff we’ve seen (“God bless America”; “we pray…”). Until God is put at the center of things (not talking about a theocratic government) nothing will be as it should or could be.

  3. All I’ve ever noticed from ‘The View’ is far leftist haters of what the USA was founded and anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Hate come from only one source…SATAN! That evil one knows it’s time is very limited and is gearing up to what is planned during his 7 year term of full blown HATE. The View is one of his mouthy platforms the other is the puppet in White House.

  4. if people at a bus stop are run over by a drunk driver, the driver is blamed, not the alcohol they consumed or the car they drove, there is no outrage or cries to ban cars or drinks and neither of those are constitutionally provided. as soon as the right to bear arms is killed ALL other personal rights and freedoms will be GRANTED at the whim of the government. We now have the government in place that our forefathers feared, we must not allow them to destroy this nation for their own gain.

  5. These people are so blinkin’ stupid they are dangerous.

    They need to provide facts (which will prove them wrong, of course) or shut up.

  6. They are exactly correct! They didn’t say Christians are to blame. They said Christian nationalism was. Our country was built on the concept of separation of church & state. Christian Nationalists want to eliminate that. We must allow freedom of religion for ALL religions. (& yes, I attend church every Sunday & hold callings in my church, but I believe the Constitution was God-inspired & I will support it.)

  7. How is this show even on the air? would not watch if I got paid ,don’t know who I hate the most.Daytime TV is awful who thought Jerry Springer would still be on?

  8. I honestly think that the ignorant radical rants by the members of “The View” actually helps cement most Americans view of the importance of protecting and defending our 2nd amendment rights.

    The Communist Democratic Party’s ideology to create more gun control laws would only strip guns away from law abiding citizens. Most Americans do not trust Biden or any of the Dem’s proposals on gun control because they have zero credibility and lie way too much.

    Moreover, most of the ideas from the left would infringe on the American citizens rights to bare arms.

    During Biden’s speech he spoke about not understand the peasants need for “Weapons of War” to be necessary to hunt?! Ummm, Biden doesn’t have to worry about his family because they’re all protected by trained federal law enforcement officer’s who carry automatic firearms. The anti-American democrats have shipped terrorists from Afghanistan, left our southern border wide open, and attacked and defunded our police officers, yet Biden and the idiots on the left wonder why American people feel the need to own AR-15 sporting rifle’s with 30 round magazine’s!!!!

  9. Sin and mental illness, not Christians. Anger leading to revenge, paranoia, greed, envy, twisted mental processes, perhaps even demonic influence.

  10. to Tanya Cummins. I haven’t heard of the Christian Nationalist. Is this a sect or a group of democrats that have become haters of all peoples if you’re not one of them? Please advise the ones of those that have not heard of this group. Also. since our nation was founded on GOD AND FREEDOMS I don’t want ALL religions welcome into this USA. Most of them do NOT WORSHIP GOD…it could be statues, plants, rocks, clouds, animals or what they would call their ‘heros’. etc….

  11. There’s no link between any of these recent shootings and Christian Nationalism. There is however, a link between the shootings and the Loony Left. These shootings are the results of 60 years of Democrat Policies and Legislation.

    Democrats best toe the line, their inherent Authoritarianism is showing, and their very close to starting a Civil War.

  12. As the people of God (particularly the United States) continue to allow themselves to not understand the past and how it impacts the present we will continue to not live up to our potential. We have those who continue to tell us the opposite of what God tell us in the Bible, His Holy Word. We have those who discourage us from learning history (CRT advocates) simply because they are perverted. It is an individual responsibility to seek an understanding of what God tell us and not listen to fools. (2 Timothy 2:15; 3:16; Deuteronomy 4:5; Isaiah 28:26; Jeremiah 32:33; Micah 4:2; I Chronicles 16:15; Exodus 2:23-25; Deuteronomy 6:20-23;). For those truly seeking to know what God is saying they will study, pray for themselves.

  13. Just another useful(less) fool of the NWO Marxist (democrat) party.

    BTW, Just where is this “Violent Christian Nationalist” faction? Never heard of or seen them. Is this something that they only have where the commies live like maybe on the left coast??? I’m more then sure they do not exist anywhere in the American sector.

    Just a little side note……I wounder if these nimrods understand that if the commies ever do actually gain power over We the People they will all be “liquidated”. Marxists don’t want anybody who could rat them that were part of their filthy tricks left around. Just ask the Russians and Chinese about blood purges. I’m betting with the way the commie teacher’s unions re-write history to suit the communist doctrine nobody under 50 even heard of a blood purge.

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