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AOC and Other Progressive Dems Accuse Israel of “War Crimes”

Progressive sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) along with 14 other progressive lawmakers have sent a letter to the Secretary of State demanding a stop to Israeli “war crimes” in the Masafer Yatta area of the West Bank.

In the letter which was obtained by Jewish Currents, AOC and the others urged the administration to “immediately send the strongest diplomatic message possible not to expel the indigenous Palestinian residents,” demanding that the State Department “exert all available diplomatic pressure.”

Israel’s destruction of the villages violates international law, the letter said, citing protections against an occupying power forcibly removing an occupied people from their land or transferring its own civilians into occupied territory. “Forced displacement and transfer by Israel of Palestinians in Masafer Yatta would be a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention,” the lawmakers wrote, “and would amount to a war crime.”

The letter—which was initiated by AOC’s fellow “Squad” member, Rep. Cori Bush. The “Squad” has been known for its anti-Israel and borderline antisemitic stance.

“If Israel proceeds with its plans to forcibly displace the indigenous Palestinian residents,” the lawmakers wrote, “the State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Israel should immediately, pursuant to the oversight and accountability required by the Leahy Law and the Arms Export and Controls Act, send observers to document the mass transfer, including details of the military units involved in these operations and the use of any U.S. weapons.”

The lawmakers further urged Blinken to demand Israel end all military exercises and building activities that would compel Masafer Yatta residents to leave their homes.

The demands come weeks before U.S. President Joe Biden’s expected visit to Israel, in what will be his first visit to the Middle East since assuming office.

The letter by the progressive lawmakers represents the latest fissure in the Democratic consensus on Israel. Until recently, the state enjoyed strong support from virtually all members of both parties; Israel receives $3.8 billion a year in US military aid, making it the largest cumulative recipient of such support since 1945.

But in the last year alone, Bush and a handful of her progressive colleagues have taken votes or introduced legislation seeking to curtail the funds that contribute to upholding Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. In September, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Mark Pocan led congressional efforts to stop US deliveries of Boeing bombs to Israel, and eight progressives—Reps. Tlaib and Bush, as well as Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Andre Carson, Marie Newman, Raul Grijalva, and Chuy Garcia—voted against giving Israel an extra $1 billion for its Iron Dome missile system.

Back in February, Rep. Jamaal Bowman – another member of the “Squad” — opposed legislation endorsing Israel’s “normalization” of diplomatic ties to Arab states. Just last week, Bowman and 11 other members of Congress urged the Biden administration to oppose new Israeli border policies that will severely restrict diaspora Palestinians’ travel to the West Bank.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. War crimes? Give me a break. War itself is a crime. – Is putting a bullet in the face of an advancing enemy soldier a legal act when you are not in a war? Is bombing and an enemy power plant off the face of the planet not a crime if it were not done in time of war? There rare damn few things you can do in a war that would not be a crime any other time. These nimrods don’t have any idea way being in a war is like.

    The problem is these pampered twits grew up in an atmosphere of “everybody gets a trophy” and an era where no matter what you do is not your fault and you can do anything you want without consequences as long as you apologize if you get caught. They are so far out of touch with reality that they think everything in hollywood movies is real.

    None of then have any idea what a war actually is, but they sure know about replacing the American way of life with NWO Marxism coupled with a good dose of sharia law.(modifies with the rights of American women) Streets ae named after these pukes,,,,”ONE WAY” They make me sick.

  2. Israel has been an ally of the United States for forever. The squad has been antisemitic as long as they have been representatives. They are at the FAR left of the spectrum. The cause doesn’t matter. They will find exception. They hate Israel. They all need to be voted out of office.

    • Zionist Non-Semite FAKE Jews created by Theodor Herzl in 1897 MURDERED 65 MILLION CHRISTIANS under Trotsky and Stalin. Oh but we never hear about that just the stinking Holocaust of 5 million.

  3. Notice the clever but incorrect use of the term “indigenous”? The people in
    Palestine are NOT native to, nor are they “indigenous” to Palestine. They are people who were expelled from various Muslim countries because they were undesirables and not native there either. They have no legitimate claim to that region. Furthermore, there has never been a nation of Palestine. Show me a coin from Palestine. A reference to a ruler of Palestine? Any recorded history of an instituted government of Palestine? Not thing. Once again, the worthless squad members are wrong and making up false arguments to attempt to manufacture an issue out of nothing. Vote these worthless parasites out and keep them out

    • Thank you Don. This has not been repeated often enough. I doubt many of your friends & mine realize there has never been a nation of Palestine.
      As for our parasites, I worry more about the know-nothings that voted them in.

      • Bingo!! I think the bigger danger than the idiots in government are the idiots that keep voting for the idiots in government.

  4. All one has to do is read and understand the Bible. (Gods holy word). “I will bless all those who bless my chosen people. And i will punish all those who seek to destroy them”. But if you are inherently controlled by the ruler of this world, AKA Satan, then i guess your agenda is clear. And may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. Israel has contributed to the world in Technology, Agriculture Medicine and much more.Google and you will see.There is no such thing as Palestinians It was made up by Arafat. Aoc and the squad, they are hated by the public.Aoc followers are all to stupid to see how she divides our country.All my friends still can’t get over it that a bartender could be in our congress, especially when she is so ignorant.
    Soon with G-Ds help and Biden gone and the squad gone we could have a better America.

  6. HEY ! STOOGE SQUAD SISTER CLOWN the Only Counties that should be Accused of WAR CRIMES be Punished for them is PALESTINE and RUSSIA ! So go Climb into Ur Whole and NEVER EVER Come out unless Ur Summed !

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