AOC Spreads Misinformation About Securing Schools

A Twitter post by a self-described “black activist” and “data scientist,” which was retweeted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shows pretty clearly that leftists are much more interested in seizing lawful firearms than in making schools safer.

The tweet was sent out by Samuel Sinyangwe and links to a Washington Post article that purports to show that increased security measures in Florida schools in the wake of the 2018 Parkland shooting didn’t make students any safer.

“Legislators responded to the 2018 Parkland school shooting by hiring police officers in every elementary, middle and high school in Florida,” the tweet reads. “It didn’t make students safer.”

The post then lists a series of bullet points from The Washington Post article:

  • The percentage of youth arrests happening at school hit a five-year high of 20 percent.
  • The number of students expelled from school increased 43 percent.
  • For the first time ever, there are more police officers working in Florida schools—3,650—than there are school nurses, who number 2,286.
  • The number of police officers in schools is more than double the number of school social workers (1,414) and school psychologists (1,452).
  • Schools reported more than four times as many incidents of using physical restraints on students.

All of these statistics are listed as if they are a bad thing, rather than indicators that Florida’s school safety measures are actually working. Obviously, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to agree.

Fortunately, there were some Twitter users who were happy to point out the salient detail left unmentioned in the Washington Post article—none of those statistics record a single shooting happening at a Florida school. It’s a safe bet that the heightened police presence and the increased number of arrests for criminal behavior had at least something to do with that.

“Look at this lefty,” syndicated talk show host Joe Pags tweeted. “What I don’t see on this list is school shootings there. I wonder if it’s because of the increased police presence in schools. I’m guessing the people who work at the Washington Post enjoy feeling safe at work because of good guys with guns in the building.”

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But these arguments aren’t likely to sway left-wing activists anytime soon. It seems they would rather see schools less protected.

“Research shows that overwhelmingly, hardening schools does not make them any safer,” tweeted Mallory McMorrow, a Michigan state senator, “and instead leads to worse outcomes and worse mental health, and that legislators should work to soften schools instead so kids feel supported, not anxious and alienated.”

It’s difficult to imagine how the mental health effects of hardening a school can be any worse than seeing one’s classmates gunned down indiscriminately by an armed and unopposed intruder.

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