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‘What Is a Woman?’ The Left Panics over Matt Walsh’s Documentary

What is a woman? This is the question the left does not you to ask—which made it the perfect one to be made the title of the new documentary film by celebrated conservative journalist and commentator  Matt Walsh.

Premiered on the 1st of June, What Is a Woman? is directed by Justin Folk and it shows Walsh’s interviews with people of various backgrounds and ideologies answering one big question: defining a woman. The question alone marks a whole new territory of conflict created by liberals in their gender debate as they deny that gender can be defined and confirmed since birth or early childhood, even in adulthood. In their unscientific and pseudo-rational world, it is entirely up to a person to assign themselves whatever gender they like and no one is allowed to disagree.

What Is a Woman? explores this debate by showing how the left’s battle for gender fluidity is devoid of reason and sanity. And this is beyond just rhetoric in media and social media; leftists brainwashed by the gender-fluidity ideology are actively subjecting minors to physical abuse to change their bodies and fit them into the gender they want to assign to them. As Walsh tweeted:

One of the surgeons in our documentary confesses to having mutilated the genitals of a 16-year-old boy. The Left says this isn’t happening. They’re lying, as always.

No wonder then to see the film come under a big coordinated attack by the left-serving establishment. The mainstream media, including most popular conservative news outlets, have ignored the film altogether, and up till the time of this writing, you don’t find any stories about it nor see reviews of the film, let alone interviews with Walsh or others from the film’s team. The Daily Wire reported that shortly after What Is a Woman premiered exclusively on the site, the site itself came under a sustained DDoS attack. For reference:

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server, service, or network. 

This is a cyber-attack where a large number of people intentionally overwhelm a website by virtually storming its server to disrupt the site’s performance and interfere with the site’s visibility and access to its audience. Jeremy Boreing, Co-CEO of The Daily Wire, told about the attack in a statement. 

A million requests per minute at the peak flooded our system and created challenges for many viewers.

Despite the left’s coordinated, large-scale attack to drown it in anonymity, the film has been doing great so far. Prior to its premiere on the Daily Wire, the trailer for What Is a Woman on YouTube went viral and at the time of this writing has received about 4.5 million hits. On its IMDb page, the film enjoys a rating of 9.8 out of 10. Walsh’s book of the same title and based on the research done for the film is coming out on June 14. The Amazon page for the book has been set up where the book will be available in print, electronic, and audio formats.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. I haven’t seen this documentary by Matt Walsh, but I do know that the loaded question being asked by so many conservatives today ,”what is a woman” is nothing but an excuse for justifying bigotry against transgender Americans and denying them equal rights .
    Transgender people are not dangerous or a threat to children as the right and the conservative media would have us believe . In fact, bigotry against them is the real threat . In recent years, dozens of harmless transgender individuals have been murdered, often brutally , merely for being trans .
    There is absolutely no excuse for this . Teaching children about. homosexuality and transgenderism is not. to “groom” them or to “recruit them into the homosexual lifestyle “or to. encourage them to become transgender . Because of the rampant bigotry against LGBTQ people in America, young people must be taught to treat them fairly and with respect . This is not “indoctrination “. It is DE-PROGRAMMING .

    • “If they’re eight, it’s too late.” What would you call that, but grooming guidelines? The chilling comment was from a male co-worker in the mid-eighties who lusted after other men.

    • You are just being silly there are 2 genders and an awful lot of screwed up mentally ill people.
      If a man wants to get implants get his penis cut off and take Hormones is still a man and Vice versa.
      You CANNOT change your gender it’s impossible.

    • Foolish man. Erasing a biological fact is just ridiculous. Name some incidents that you claim are true.

    • Sorry, but there are two sexes, male and female. Being trans is a indication of having gender dysphoria, a recognized mental disorder. As a mental disorder, should be treated, not accepted as normal behavior. In short, if you have a penis, you’re a male; if you have a vagina, you’re a female, PERIOD.

    • I’m sure others have said what I’m going to say with more and more complex words, so what I’ll say is simply this: Forget boobs, penises, vaginas, and all that ‘external stuff’, and consider only this. Take ANY cell (but a reproductive cell) from any human body and examine its DNA. If the cell has two X chromosomes, the body is a female. If the cell has an X and a Y chromosome, the body is a male. You can modify your ‘junk’ all you want, but you haven’t changed your gender. All you’ve done is mutilate yourself (for whatever ‘good’ reason you’ve come up with). With regard to ‘sex’, as far as I’m concerned, you can be and do whatever you want with whomever you want, but with respect to sports competition (for example), only XX chromosomes should be competing with other XX chromosomes, and only XY chromosomes should be competing with other XY chromosomes. Merely changing your ‘equipment’ is insufficient to claim gender change. Until you can modify the DNA in all gazillion of your body cells, you’re still whatever you were born as.

      • I agree with you 100%, God made man & he made woman! You can not change that, if you want to mutilate your body, go for it! But it does not Change your gender!!!! I have worked with mentally ill as a nurse and these people need to be treated for their illness. Any doctor that would mutilate a child’s body needs to be arrested!

    • Gee funny we hear of cases of these Transgender folks raping women in the ladies bathrooms. I have no problem with you living your lifestyle the way you want. But this is a decision you make when you are an adult. Should not be taught to grade school students. And books on the subject are not appropriate in Grade school. It is a decision that you and your parents need to work through. You are choosing a life style that is going to be controversial. And you have to know that things will come up. And as such when you make this decision, that doesn’t mean that you have to have special rights because of you decisions.

  2. What is a woman? The only reason for a man to exist.

    But then I am a throwback to the real America before chivalry was outlawed and women were men’s partners in just about everything. We did not compete with each other, we helped and supported each other and men protected their partners at all costs.

    On the up side, Ohio is joining other states is protecting our ladies by totally banning mutilated men form competing in women’s sports. Maybe we can start reversing this insanity. XY will no longer be allowed to compete and injure XX. ,,,, How crazy is it when we have to pass such a law is beyond me. – A good body beating used to be all it would take to keep perverts out of the girls locker room. Now the government is in on it.

  3. Yea there ignoring the documentary
    Because It tells the facts!!!’
    And tells the truth. Which the radical left
    Fails to do. They are out to alter Gods creation.’
    A women is women a man is a man
    There is no in between…no matter what they ty to tell you. Jw

  4. Simple if it has a penis it’s a man If it lactates,can get pregnant by sperm and eggs fertilized and has ovaries? it’s a woman. It CAN be a Gay woman but it is NOT a man. Oh and it has an Innie not and Outie genitals.

  5. “What is a woman?” A woman is a creation of God. She has the unique ability to reproduce a human being. With this in mind, a woman has a vagina, an uterus, fallopian tubes, and a birth canal, unique to a woman. Her chromosomes mark her as XX. These are biological facts and cannot be determined by a mindset. How very ridiculous have been the claims a man can reproduce a human being, lacking all the attributes designed by nature to allow reproduction. The left and its allies are completely off the track of human science.

  6. If all you people out there that go by the alphabet as far as what you identify with, if the person saying transgenders don’t want to do any harm, they just want equal rights then LEAVE ARE KIDS ALONE! Quit trying to change what OUR rights are to fit yours!!! Shut the “F” up and build your own bathrooms out of your own pockets so you freaks can do whatever you want in your own bathrooms. Your delusional if you EVER think we (MAN-WOMAN) will remotely come over to your side…EVER!! Your so sick to think that you can win this fight and that’s what you’ve made it, a fight. Stay OUT of our schools, stay OUT of our bathrooms!!! You’ll always be a man or a woman, like my mother always said; You can’t put lipstick on a PIG, or you can’t make a purse out of a sows ear!!

  7. A woman is an adult human female, with 2 X chromosomes and no Y chromosomes, which is characterized by the presence of uterus, ovaries, vagina, and the ability to gestate children and give birth.

    A man is an adult human male, with XY chromosome combination, which is characterized by the presence of a penis and testes which produce the sperm and have the ability to impregnate women.

    Simple biology.

  8. For one, God made a man and a woman. What you are born as, is as God intended and he doesn’t make any mistakes.
    If you change to be a woman and you want to be treated like so, it’s time to see one of you carry a baby………..because I promise you, only a God made woman can handle that!

  9. I don’t think the American people need to answer the question of what is a woman?

    All we need to know is that when a person has completed top and bottom transgender surgeries, that does not suddenly turn that person into a woman. It just means they’ve had extensive cosmetic surgery that may give a person the optics of the opposite sex they were not born to.

    For example: A transgender man who completes top bottom surgeries cannot get pregnant and have a baby. There is no eggs nor is there a uterus. The naturally born male cannot suddenly make milk either. There’s much, much more, but you get the picture.

    A transgender person may believe that they were born into the wrong body, but no amount of cosmetic surgeries is going to change what they were biologically born as, no matter how much CRT indoctrination teachings they’ve received in our liberal public schools and colleges!!!

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