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Kamala Refuses to Mention God During Meeting with Faith Leaders

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a roundtable conversation on abortion rights with faith leaders on Monday but did not refer to God during her opening remarks.

She noted the last few years had tested everyone’s faith during the coronavirus pandemic, the rise in “hate and misinformation” on the Internet, and continued gun crimes and mass shootings.

“I do believe — and I, my entire life, believed this — but I think we, collectively, know, in particular now: We need faith. We need faith,” she said.

The Vice President met with a handful of faith leaders from Los Angeles, including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic figures.

She did not mention God but instead called for Americans to have “faith in each other, in our nation, and in our future.”

Harris pointedly brought up the pending Supreme Court decision on abortion.

“I would like to talk with these faith leaders about the impending decision from the United States Supreme Court that we believe will undo the very principles and premise of the importance of the privacy, the right that Roe v. Wade stands for,” she said.

The right of a mother to kill her child in the womb, Harris explained, should be “unfettered” by the government and the courts.

“So, that conversation, of course, in my mind, is a conversation that requires us to also discuss whether we value the concept of self-determination — the ability of an individual to make decisions about their own life and the future of their life and the choices that will directly impact so many other choices,” she said.

Harris warned the Supreme Court’s decision would likely endanger the right to contraception and same-sex marriage and condemned a proposed law in Louisiana that would ban abortion in all cases except when the life of the mother is at stake.

“The threat to all of these principles and priorities is very clear and imminent,” she said.

While Harris did not mention God, she referred to the “higher purpose” that should guide everyone.

“You all, as our faith leaders, have done extraordinary work, in particular of these last few years, to remind folks that they are not alone, that we are in this together, that there is a higher purpose, and that we should be guided by all that we know — that that gives us a chance of shining a light in the midst of dark moments and dark days,” she concluded.

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  1. A women most certainly has rights!
    The right to abstinence.
    The right contraseptives.
    The right to say no.
    The right to not get pregnant in the first place.
    The right to use their brain.
    Sorry but except for rape or child abuse, you played a role in your pregnancy and killing the child should not be the answer.

    • What? What?? WHAT??? What you are saying is that the woman has some RESPONSIBILITY, or something, when she screws a man? How 16th Century Hamilton, of you! (Being sarcastic!) I lament the days when Personal Responsibility was replaced by “If it feels good, do it!”.

  2. Is it any surprise that a NWO Marxist would deny God? They don’t call them “Godless Communists” for nothing, you know. …. And what she means when she says we need “faith” she means big brother and the nanny state,,,,It did give me a laugh when she mentioned “Self Determination” That is the LAST thing the commies will EVER allow. They want sheep with no ability to make decisions or have original thoughts, or any thoughts at all. Blind obedience is all they want to see,

    Maybe she is like Bolsheviks. Useful fools that will be “liquidated” after the NWO Marxist elites take complete control.

    Things are looking pretty bad now and they defiantly have We the People on the run. We have a chance to partially rein them in a bit in November, but they will still be pushing us around until a minimum of January 2025. The only thing we have going for us is we are on God’s side.

    Pray that the NWO Marxists are prevented from stuffing the ballot boxes this November and again in November 2024. Even then we will need God’s help to start undoing the damage done by the communists. I do fear that we have been changed forever, though……For the worse too.

  3. Her talking points are in line with the humanist manifesto. The God I know is not referred to as “higher purpose” but Jesus, The anointed Savior, Lord and Son of God. These pro-choice people are wicked. They deny the right of the unborn while supporting the right of the mother. The body of the child in utero and the body of the mother are distinctly different. Where is the right of the unborn? Sounds like they demand the government to give them the right to murder. Before God, the government cannot give something they do not possess.

  4. Our government is not a theocracy. There was no reason for her to mention God; it would not be correct. She is a devout Christian. Her job is to represent her constituents; of many faiths.

  5. So what ? Big deal . Who cares ? Where is there a law saying any public official has to “mention God ?” Does this prove anything negative about Ms. Harris ? Absolutely not !

  6. Trying to sell abortion to Religious Leaders is a long stretch. Way beyond her capability. Killing the unborn is not terribly godly. There are better and more humane solutions, starting with NOT GETTING PREGNANT.

  7. Harris’s own words “The right of a mother to kill her child” admits that she believes an unborn child is being killed by having an abortion. She is condoning murder. How scary is it when the VP says something like this? Who else does she believe killing is acceptable?

  8. I need to live according to my religion.
    By all means. I fully support your right to live according to your religion.

    You need to live according to my religion.
    Now wait a minute. Religious freedom does not mean to you get to impose your beliefs on others. Being forced to live according to someone else’s beliefs is counter to the religious freedom of those involved.

  9. I’m actually surprised that Kamala even wanted to meet with anyone who believes in faith and God.

    I think the O’Biden administration and the anti-American Democratic Socialist Party view faith leaders and people who believe in God, the same way that the Constitution gets in the way of pushing their Marxist Communist ideologies.

    The good news is that I’m pretty certain that no one listens or cares about what Kamala says or thinks. She’s irrelevant!

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