ANTIFA/BLM Terrorist Sentenced to 41 Years for Murder of Federal Officer in 2020!

A militant ANTIFA and BLM supporter has been sentenced to 41 years in prison for the drive-by killing of federal protective services officer Dave Patrick Underwood.

In May of 2020, a white van pulled up outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland, California, and Steven Carrillo opened fire on two federal security officers, one of whom Underwood was killed in the BLM-inspired drive-by shooting.

Carrillo has been found guilty of this senseless killing, as well as for the attempted murder of the second security officer.

Carrillo’s sentence was handed down by the Hon. Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, United States District Judge. According to court documents, he pleaded guilty to the federal charges on February 11, 2022. According to the plea agreement, Carrillo admitted that he intended to kill the two officers and acted with premeditation by firing on the officers from a van driven by another individual. Carrillo agreed that his killing of Officer Underwood was first-degree murder as it is defined by the federal statutes. 

Carrillo also admitted that during the months before the shooting, he aligned himself with an anti-government ideology, including the philosophies of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM). He also admitted that he wanted to carry out violent acts against federal law enforcement in particular.

It was originally said that Carrillo was aligned with the “Boogaloo Boys” and other “right-wing” extremist groups. However, as Andy Ngo and others have found, searches of social media posts revealed that he was more closely aligned with ANTIFA and BLM.

Ngo recently tweeted, “Steven Carillo has been sentenced to 41 years for a deadly attack inspired by #BLM during a riot in Oakland. Liberal press spread lies that he’s far-right. He was a militant BLM supporter who expressed solidarity w/far-left violence in Portland & Kenosha.”

Carrillo posted messages and writings on social media sites during the weeks leading up to the shooting, describing the timing as favorable for the destruction of the government. Carrillo admitted that on May 29, 2020, he posted social media comments referring to the ongoing protests over the killing of George Floyd, and he made plans to travel to an area in Oakland where protests were expected that night. Carrillo admitted that he went to the protests with another individual, and Carrillo brought firearms and incendiary devices in a van driven by the other individual.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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    • 50 million of us marched for Blm, like me , an old white man from long line of Gop. My GI father was an ANTIFAscist in ww2. What’s YOUR position?? Black lives DONT matter? You support fascism??

      • Using Fascist tactics while calling yourself Antifascist is as dishonest as Castro calling himself anti-communist. Of course, black lives matter, and, of course, police overact with fatal results. But in 99.9% of fatal interactions, the victim was violent and the police have an obligation to control the situation and that is how the violence escalates. Police should not have a free pass when they overreact. But it is political theater to moan about how the deceased was a good man, a family man, and forget about the alcohol and/or drugs in his system and the fact that he fought and resisted the legal orders of the police. Most of the claims of Antifa and BLM are based on incomplete and often false information.

      • All lives matter, but no one should be destroying other peoples property, if you want to destroy stuff then destroy your own property. All races and colors matter, God made us all not just blacks..

      • Your father was an anti-socialist. NAZI is from the name National Socialists. Rather they are called National Socialists, Democrat Socialists or communists doesn’t matter; they are all anti-freedom.

      • All lives matter or no lives matter. Antifa and BLM are the fascist, if you don’t follow them or believe as they do, they will publicly try to humiliate you,or destroy your property and possibly kill you for dis agreeing with them. That is exactly what Hitler and the Brown shirts did. Antifa and BLM are responsible for 2 billion in damages in Wisconsin, Washington state, Minnesota and around the country. All at the tax payer expenses. Mean while Cullors the co founder of BLM is buying mansions with the money they extorted from companies. Of course the members will deny that, but you can look it up. As a matter of fact I read this morning Steven Carrillo was just sentenced to 41 years in prison for the murder of one federal officer and the shooting of a second officer in California. He is a devout BLM/ Antifa follower, and George Floyd is no hero , but in fact he was a career criminal. Still I bet if they made his autopsy findings public it would say an overdose of fentynal.

      • Good grief, it doesn’t sound like you are anything like your Daddy!! BLM & AntifreeAmerica are on the wrong side of right!!

    • Why not the death penalty? What is the matter with our wimp ass Administration! Our criminal justice system is messed up, but not the way the deranged left says it is. We need to prosecute the BLM and Antifa members who did 2 billion in property damage, injured thousands and killed dozens in Portland and across the country. The DOJ chose to intervene in the prosecution of the criminals who committed the crimes in the summer of 2020 or 2021 for no good reason, except to be soft on crime! Vote all Democrats out of office in November! Let’s Go Brandon!!!!

  1. I thought ANTIFA was a white supremacist mob. And BLM was a latter day Black Panther white hater organization. …..Learn something new every day.

    But who cares. Neither one has any business in this country. Get a rope.

    • This is propaganda & LIES!! Antifa is NOT aligned with BLM!! These are two separate organizations!! Guys don’t be so gullible. You just automatically believe that this murderer killed because of following some leftist ideology. Antifa is short for Anti Facism. Facism is authoritarian government where there are NO free elections. Similar to what Trump sought to do – overthrow the will of the majority of Americans. It’s strange how when people of color voice dissatisfaction with the government they should meave the country. When terrorists attack the Capitol because they disagree with election results shouldn’t they also consider leaving the country??? No BLM or Antifa protest was as DRASTIC, costly and violent as the insurrection we saw on January 6. Another point- protest looting in no way compares financially to Police Brutality settlements. We don’t know for sure what was in this guys email but we know THOUSANDS of terrorists stormed the Capitol and attacked police. Black Panthers had MANY white supporters & were not anti white. Google it!! This is why teaching real history matters

      • The 2020 riots caused in excess of $2 billion dollars of damage and murdered 20+ people. A few hundred people caused no deaths and only a couple of million dollars damage at the Capitol.

        • State your source of this damage.. & what was the price of the damage to the Capitol and the price of having the National Guard there for months??? What was the total payout for police brutality / misconduct across the country

  2. It is non of my business if you are liberal or conservative, but these far reaching left wing progressive Socialist in Antifa and BLM are ruining our country. This was only 1 of several killings by this group in the last 2 years. But, we Celebrate the riots and killings and the innocent people who were killed aren’t even mentioned. We just go from one catastrophe to another. We raised our children knowing right from wrong, truth or false, good decisions from negative decisions. Choose and your choice will produce the circumstances and you will need to live with the consequences. Because of these Woke Progressive Socialist DA’s there are no consequences, so crime has become the new pastime of these criminals. Only 41 years???

  3. Bummer. Those guys were going to be the next Governor of California and President of the USA. Nancy promised them.

  4. All lives matter not just blacks, but no one has a right to go out and destroy other people stuff that they worked hard for, how would you like it if people destroyed you cars or home or your work place? God made all of us and we all matter,..

  5. There’s a single dynamic that always remains true when it comes to accusations made by the Communist Democrats and their propaganda disseminating fake news media outlets. Which is they’re doing whatever they’re accusing people of!

    Here’s an example: White Supremacist are the biggest danger to our country. The only alleged White Supremacist cases were made up by the radical left. Remember the idiot black actor in Chicago who claimed 2-maga hat wearing racist attacked him (lie). How about the left pushing that White Supremacist were attacking Asian victims in record numbers, until several surveillance videos revealed record numbers of black suspects attacking Asians!

    Our Republican Party politicians are doing the bare minimum to fight back against the Democratic Communist Parties relentless anti-American attacks against the American people. VOTE!!!!

  6. How in the world does someone who murders someone during the act of terrorism only get a 41 year sentence? How does such a horrific act of violence, especially one against a law enforcement officer, not get a death penalty or in the least, a lifetime sentence with no chance of parole? Is there any rational explanation for this?

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