Biden Goes Off-the-Record with Reporters to Complain About Media Coverage

President Joe Biden popped into the press cabin during an Air Force One flight Wednesday afternoon, surprising reporters with an off-the-record appearance.

But the president spent most of his time complaining about their negative coverage of his administration, according to Politico’s West Wing Playbook, citing “multiple people familiar” with the meeting.

Biden spoke with reporters on his way to California for the Summit of the Americas, even as some of the leaders of prominent Latin American countries refused to attend.

The establishment media has grown more skeptical of Biden’s efforts to help reduce inflation, lower gas prices, and solve the baby formula shortage that has plagued his administration.

The president and his staff spent the week boasting about the strength of the “great” economy even as polling for Biden continues to fall.

Biden hit an all-time low in the RealClearPolitics average of polls on Wednesday, with an only 39.7 approval rating.

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  1. I think the media has been easy on him, especially on the baby formula shortage. – It is not rocket science. Get the guys that lost their jobs on the pipline to weld up food grade stainless hoppers and piping and build a mixer. 1-week if you have the Army bring them the materials Fact is you could have 10 plants up and running in less then 2 weeks.

    You know what country this is? – Do you have any idea what our welders, fitters, boiler makers millwrights, Ironworkers and electricians are capable of? Design and controls are no problem either, and we have more highly experienced project managers then you can shake a stick at.

    Just tell them they are making an all stainless very sanitary concrete mixing plant and turn them loose. They can get ‘er done before you can get the best truckers in the world (American truckers) lined up at the loading docks. (Yea, we got guys that can build the docks in a few days too) . ,,,, The only thing stopping them is some one ringing their phone and telling them to get out to the jobsite. ……Maybe you remember these guys from 2019. They all are from that basket of deplorables another NWO Marxist (democrats) talked about.

    So what is stopping getting the kids fed? The lack of Don Trump leadership in DC….. Brandon should be glad the press is only being hard on him. – A lot of them have children and grand children. He’s lucky they don’t string him up.

  2. If this were Trump, he would have summoned all of the oil company CEO’s to Washington and hammered out a solution to this. He did it when the meat supply was in danger during COVID and he did it again with the heads of the supermarket chains to stave off supply problems. Biden says he has no answers. Tell me what happens to any company president when he says he has no answers when Rome is burning? The company CANS him and finds somebody who HAS some answers! Sounds like that needs to be done here; try something, or get somebody else. Of course, I should be careful what I wish for with Kamala Harris next in line.

  3. Here’s a move Congress could make that the majority of Americans would support. Congress needs to pass legislation telling this Administration they have 10 days to cease the policies introduced on Day One of the Joey McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants Maladministration or face Impeachment.

  4. We deserve what we vote for. I did not vote. I don,t have President.
    Criminal family occupy W. H. : Guilty ” PUTIN”. This administration is joke.

    • Nobody voted for Biden, all the votes care from cemeteries and the imagination of the democrats. all his votes were from fraudulent, and not existing people. Sure, maybe a few confused individuals did in fact vote fore him, but it was no where the 85 million votes Biden thinks he got, and those that did vote for this dementia riddled curmudgeon wish now they didn’t

      • Biden got little over 81+ Million and Trump got a little over 74+ million. Sore loser Trump through a temper tantrum and the BIG LIE he came out with. The big question is will the Department of Justice indicted Trump? I think they will based on the evidenced being given currently at the hearings.

        Should President Biden pardon Trump to unite the country if he is found guilty?

  5. There are millions of high school and college age students brainwashed into believing that Democrats are the only answer to USA and the world’s problems. They will vote Dems for years to come until they grow into adulthood, get mature, raise a family, and then realize they were dumb down by their “woke” professors and mainstream media. So unless we start populating our public school and universities with rational Republicans and Conservatives, our kids will continue to be brainwashed and raised Progressive and further and further to the Left. My kid won’t listen to facts, they only listen to their educators from Hollywood and their dumb-ass woke professors

  6. Old delusional Let’s Go Brandon wants the Fake News media outlets to lie a little better and push on the American people his policies that are ALL failing and that are anti-American.

    Which one of his many, many FK’D up policies does O’BIDEN want his propaganda media to lie about. Is it his war on fossil fuels that he blames Putin for. Joes a little late on that lie about the ridiculous price of gas which Brandon caused. How about inflation and shortages aren’t his fault either.

    Those are just a few examples that Biden is 100% responsible for the horrific exit of Afghanistan, our completely open border, our energy crisis, our climbing inflation, crime on our streets, defunding of our police, letting criminals run rampant, attacks on our 1st and 2nd amendments. How about this alleged Jan 6 th hearing, where there’s NO ONE from the opposing side to question witnesses or ask questions period!

    Biden will leave a legacy of worst U.S President in our country’s history. Now Obama is second and Carter is third.

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