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Bill Gates Blames Trump for the Spread of COVID-19!

During the recent TIME, 100 summit Bill Gates blamed Donald Trump and his administration for allowing the COVID-19 to spread unchecked!

Speaking at the Summit, Gates said there was a lack of diagnostic testing by the U.S. under former President Donald Trump to track the early spread of the virus. Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft and head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has been an outspoken global health advocate who has frequently talked about pandemics.

The often controversial philanthropist tested positive for COVID-19 himself last month.

“If we had done one thing well, which is scale up our ability to do diagnostics and then enforce quarantines around those diagnostics, then the United States would be more like Australia that’s had 10 percent of the deaths or Taiwan that’s had 3 percent of the deaths that we’ve had,” Gates said at Time 100.

“A failure to just practice and even understand which group in the government was involved in large-scale diagnostics,” he continued. “…that meant that the disease basically spread unchecked [in] the first few hundred days and then after that, you’re in very tough shape because of that exponential growth. You can’t do much if you don’t act quickly.”

Australia has had much less than 10 percent of the COVID-19 deaths seen in the U.S. in absolute terms—Australia had recorded 8,802 deaths compared to 1,004,260 in the U.S. at the time of publication. Adjusting for population size, the U.S. has recorded around 306.2 deaths per 100,000 people compared to 34.5 deaths per 100,000 people in Australia, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

Gates added in the interview that COVID “could have been way more fatal” and that “we just got lucky that the death rate per case was like 0.2 percent.”

The TIME 100 Summit was held in NYC on June 7. According to its organizers, the purpose was “to spotlight solutions and encourage action toward a better world.” Besides Gates, other speakers at this year’s Summit included, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Prime Minister Mia Mottley, filmmaker Taika Waititi, athlete Dwyane Wade, John Kerry, and musician Jon Batiste.

Gates is not the only one critical of the Trump administration’s initial response to the COVID pandemic. The former president said that his move to restrict travelers from China to the U.S. in February 2020 was “very early” and “saved a lot of lives,” but a Pew Research Center poll from that April showed that 65 percent of around 4,900 U.S. adults surveyed said Trump was “too slow” in taking major steps to address the outbreak.

As of publication, neither Trump nor his office has issued any kind of response to Gates’s accusations at the TIMES Summit.


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  1. Ha Ha Ha I told every one that my post that gates was a creep and worse than a hardline member of the c c p it this does not get posted I get to collect $ 500 from those that bet agains me.

  2. Bill Gates, a traitor to America, bashes a truly Great President Trump and blames him for something that he did not do – yes, that is the Far Left Democrat way.

    • Gates is a traitor if there even was one—–a traitor to the human race. But Trump, arrogant, stupid, uneducated and ever susceptible to flattery, is 100% GUILTY of allowing Fraudci and his Big Pharma budds to block all the pharmaceutical SARS treatments and allowing all the CENSORSHIP of anyone telling the truth about the disease or treatments. Biden is AS BAD, trying to illegally force all Americans to take the killer shots. What is more infuriating is that all three, Fraudci, Gates and Biden DIDN’T TAKE REAL SHOTS. I guess they don’t realize that all who survive the C shots will be murdered once the Chinese Communists invade and overrun the American C shot injured military.

  3. Censorship, Communism, Marxist and you are brain washed!
    Free choice is freedom, not your choices above.
    You would not be popular without the four afore mentioned.
    Too bad Conservative Free Press, you have chosen to not be FREE but to shackle yourself under the CCMB!

  4. But gates is a prevert plus a dem so whybelieve ANYTHING hr say Dems do own all the big money from there way but NO morals

  5. Gosh Bill,

    You are an as_ho_e. A rich one, but still an as_ho_e. The Chinese Virus, which was spread all over the world .

    This is the same Chinese government that the Biden got a nice sum from. This is the same Chinese Government which owns the WHO – a agency that kisses the asses of the Chinese government.

  6. If this retard (Yes he IS a real life rain man) wants to live in a concentration camp let him. To any REAL American loss of their life is a joke compared to loss of their Liberty. – Go check out Arlington Cemetery if you don’t believe me. ,,,,, Guys like gates have made cowardice an art form in this country.

    There is one more thing,,,,Covid as the cause of death was WAY over reported. When an 85 year old in the last stages of COPD gets covid and dies it’s not what the media is trying to sell that a million perfectly healthy people died on ventilators in the hospital. The retard’s propaganda is pure bunk. A large number of the so called covid deaths were on their last legs anyway (I had if myself and I am 75 years old. Still running an industrial electrical/millwright contracting business too!)

    Don’t tell me I have to close down my business and loose my livelihood and lose that business, my home, and my vehicle because of a bug with a 98+% recovery rate, but at the same time have no problem killing off 58,281 of my brothers and and a few sisters in the name of freedom for another country. The guys at Vally Forge might have something to say to gates too. Literally millions of other’s just might have somthing to say about draconian measures that were not voted on. Maybe it has something to do with PRESIDENT Trump having read the constitution and finding nothing about anything gate’s removal of liberty and property without due process.

    The retard has nothing to loose on quarantining and shutdowns but he is real free with YOUR freedom and pursuit of happiness,. (Remember that happiness” stuff from back in the 60s )

    Hey Gates, You, your screwball wife, your commie “foundation”, and the entire crooked microsoft monopoly, and most especially your forced quarantines, lockouts, mask and vaccine mandates, and school closings can go straight to hell. We have survived quite well since we booted the Britts out of this country and don’t need a retard’s NWO Marxist elitist ideas. If you don’t like it here either run for office (he would make brandon look like Teddy Roosevelt) or get the hell out of the country I risked my ass and shed blood for,,,,,and if necessary will do it again.

    Anybody remember this? (US Militarily Code of conduct)

    Somebody tip off the nimrod. -Check out the above . “MY WAY OF LIFE” is to NOT blindly go into a quarantine imposed by some overbearing bureaucrat.

    • Superbly stated, Mathew! More people actually need to READ the Constitution. Everyone needs to recognize all the lies and propaganda and keep up the fight for our Freedom🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Bill gates is full of shit, thie virus would have spread regardless who was president at the time,so is biden responsible for the spread of the 2 or 3 variant that followed, fortunately with the pressure put on the medical field by Trump we got the vaccine got done ,not biden or gates.liberals are so full of shit and democrats know that thos is why this country is where it is today. Our country besides all the upfront stuff is turning into a homosexual bu ch of wusdies and our enemies see this and ate acting up Under Trump they didnt,, because they know Trump would hit them unlike biden who is in th3 pickets of Russia and China. One last thing, with the push on foe electric cars, guess where the batteries for these cars are made, CHINA. BIDEN FEEDING HIS FRIENDS AGAIN

  8. Hey Mr. Gates your wife divorced you because you were a buddy of Epstein’s and a pedophile, you are a traitor to America and part of the world reset. The only thing stopping the world reset is there are 30,000,000 guns in America. Trump had nothing to do with COVID but your other buddy Fauci did for sure, but you both made millions of dollars on COVID…so why blame the real culprit.

    • What kind of MAD SCIENTIST is this FAT A $ S liar. If U can look at his records he has Only Cheated everyone he has come in contact with. And he dr. Fraudfauci love the CCP so much they need to Reside there for the rest of their LIFETIME. the United States Of America would be better OFF without them being a here.

  9. Gates and Fauci are in the same camp. Fauci originally said this pandemic was no biggy and wouldn’t hit the US. He was supposed to be the expert…the scientist. Gates and Fauci are on the payroll for WHO. I believe nothing he says. Since his divorce, he’s become just another radical leftist looking for air time.

  10. Billy Gates and Dr. Fraudfauci R to blame for the financial support of the Wuhan Virus ! They should be Arrested and held Accountable for it ! POTUS DONALD J. TRUMP didn’t have ANYTHING to do with this game.

  11. Look at the facts and not just your worship of President Trump.
    Trump failed America in so many ways, but the worst was his negligent homicide of 100’s of thousands of people due to his disinformation and outright lying about COVID.

    • Why don’t you move to San Francisco and you and Gates can bugger each other. Trump IS the best POTUS in the last 80 years. What a “red diaper baby”. Try to think for yourself sometime you vinegar and water pouch

  12. Only a card carrying commie would say that. Trump IS the best POTUS in at least the last 80 years. Try weaning yourself off of CNN and MSDNC and think for yourself.

  13. Gary Stilwell you are just pathetic. Don’t blame Donald Trump for Covid. He did everything he could to get the Covid shot produced and out to the American people as fast as possible. You want to hear disinformation or should I say flat out lie, the idiot in the White House now said there wasn’t a Covid vaccine when he got in the White House, meanwhile we had to watch the brain dead guy get his Covid shot on national television. So what is it, if there was no vaccine then exactly what was in the shot he got? The man you back is a flat out liar and you and the rest of the lids are just stupid. Like I always say the democrats depend on stupid people to get votes and you Gary Stilwell don’t disappoint.

  14. Can anyone believe Bull Gates anymore? I don’t after reading a biography about him. Sly little debil. Plus, recently he tried to obtain Paul Allen’s share of MSFT when he learned he was dyingb of cancer and the little guy started to develop man boobs. A victim of his own beliefs in GMO food.

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