Tables Turn on Pelosi in Jan. 6 Farce

Turnabout is fair play – particularly in the world of politics.

Steve Bannon, who himself is about to go on trial for defying a Congressional subpoena, has subpoenaed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the January 6 Committee as he builds his defense!

Bannon, a conservative firebrand who previously served as former President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor, was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress in November 2021 after refusing to testify and produce documents.

He has pleaded not guilty.

According to CNN, last week, Bannon’s legal team subpoenaed 16 lawmakers and congressional staffers to testify at his upcoming July trial and produce documents. The subpoenas were aimed at all nine members of the select committee, three committee staffers, and General Counsel for the House of Representatives Douglas Letter.

Bannon also subpoenaed House Democratic leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Rep. Jim Clyburn.

A spokesman for the House committee has declined to comment on the matter. Spokespeople for Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn in kind have yet to respond to CNN’s and other outlet’s requests to comment on Bannon’s action.

Legal experts say that it is unlikely that Bannon’s grandstanding play will result in the lawmakers actually coming forward.

Historically it has been a challenge to compel members of Congress to testify because their legislative activity is protected under the Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause.

“In this particular case, I’m extremely confident that the staff members and members of the House would be shielded by the Speech and Debate Clause,” said Thomas Spulak, who served as general counsel to the House of Representatives in the 1990s.

The lawmakers and staffers could file a motion to quash the subpoenas on those grounds.

“I’m very confident that defense would be upheld, and they will not be compelled to produce anything or appear for anything,” Spulak said.

Bannon’s attorneys are seeking to challenge the makeup of the House select committee, question lawmakers’ motives for targeting Bannon, and argue Bannon was not required to testify because doing so could have jeopardized former President Trump’s executive privilege.

“I believed from the start that it’s a purely political motive going after Bannon,” said David Schoen, one of Bannon’s attorneys. He said if the committee truly wanted Bannon’s testimony, it would not have referred him for criminal contempt charges.

Other Republicans have also justified their refusals to testify before the Jan. 6 committee on similar grounds.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to comply with a committee subpoena, claiming it was “not legally valid.” Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro, who has been charged with two counts of contempt of Congress, also refused to testify and has cited executive privilege issues and claimed his subpoena from the “kangaroo committee” was unenforceable.

Navarro was arrested and unceremoniously slapped in handcuffs, and taken into custody at an airport on Friday, June 3.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Piglosi DIDN’T DO HER JOB👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    HOLD DEMONCRAPS ACCOUNTABLE ************************

  2. Now THAT is the start to finding the TRUTH not this freud think the dems are running Dem set this up But something could hve been expected with the dems letting the BLM and antifa thug destroy so many citys before That was the real problem

  3. I hope this whole trial turns on Pelosi and her crew, so maybe she will stop the witch hunts and save the taxpayers millions of dollars that can be used for securing our schools. She really needs to clean out from behind her backdoor before she starts trying to dirty up someone else’s life, especially when it costs the taxpayer. Her husband was arrested a week ago and as of today, has not been charged. What’s up with that?

    • How many times are Queen Nancy and Chuck the schmuck going to try to dixy up false charges against PRESIDENT Trump? Bogus investigations, Not one but TWO failed impeachments.

      Enough is enough already. Time for some Heavy Duty victor’s justice starting in Jan 2025. I just pray we still have a country by then.

  4. Speech and Debate can not and must not protect members of Congress from Lying and Manipulation. This J6 Committee is an Extremely Prejudiced Group. And I will say if Liars and Manipulators. That must be investigated and when the Truth comes out that Committee and All of it’s work must be disbanded and all Documentation Squashed. And Congress must pass a Law that requires all politicians and public office holders to Speak only the Truth from the moment they declare for office until the end of their final day in office. This must be under Oath and severe penalties must be in place for Perjury under THIS Oath. The Idea that Lying in the Performance of your job in a Government Office and in the Halls of Congress is Acceptable or Okay is WRONG. How can anyone in office be trusted? Politicians and all Govt Office Holders caught lying and/deceiving in any way must be Prosecuted and the Penalty must be Strong. It must be a high level Felony Charge. Immediate Suspension must happen while the the case is being Litigated and a guilty verdict must result in Termination from Office, Forfiture of all Govt Benes and Perks, Fines starting at $1 Million and Jail time based on the Damages caused by circumstances of the case and the person(s) found guilty will be open to Civil Litigation by any and all parties damaged by the circumstances of the case. The POTUS must be included in this and All of the Appointees and Department Heads including the Press Secretary must be held to this Standard of Truth in Government at ALL times.

  5. If they don’t show up maybe the defense can use an empty chair and submit questions and answers on their behalf. I wish they were all required to appear and answer questions.

  6. Members of congress should be subject to the same honor code as members of the service academies. If you are caught lying, cheating, or stealing, you are discharged and go home.

  7. Here’s some major problems this falsely titled “Jan-6th Committee Hearing.” In order for it to retain the word “Hearing,” it would require a prosecution side of questioning and a defense side, which this propaganda show by the Democratic Communist Party.

    Another problem is the FBI already investigated the Jan-6th incident and determined that President Trump had NO responsibility in causing this incident. Moreover the FBI concluded there were NO acts of sedition or insurrection. Furthermore, the congress has NO authority or qualifications to investigate alleged criminal cases.

    Here’s just a few questions that this show hearing will never ask:
    – What happened to the pipe bomb suspect?
    – How many FBI agents were present and planted in the crowd?
    – Why did Nancy Pelosi remove herself from answering any questions?
    – Why did Nancy refuse Army National Guard troops offered by President Trump, knowing there was valid threat intelligence gathered?
    – Why is the so called Truth Committee not asking any questions about the unarmed female protester who was killed by a black Capitol Police Lieutenant, who shot her in the neck?
    – After hearing the President Trump speech where he plainly states to a crowd to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard at the Capital???!! Why are the Democrats even having this B.S show ….

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