Biden Hosted Several ‘Defund the Police’ Activists, Logs Reveal

Despite maintaining public distance from the “defund the police” movement, President Biden’s administration has quietly maintained relationships with some of the driving forces behind the far-left movement, White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital show. 

Several defund the police activists have visited the Biden White House and met with top aides over the last year, White House visitor logs show. 

While Biden has largely espoused pro-police rhetoric during his time in office, he has tapped left-wingers in sync with the defund movement to key positions in his administration

In late May, he signed a sweeping police reform executive order that drew mixed reactions from police groups. 

And throughout it all, anti-police activists appear to have had a direct line to the White House.

Rashad Robinson, president of left-wing racial justice group Color of Change, visited the White House last summer for what appeared to be a meeting with Cedric Richmond, a top Biden adviser who recently departed as the director of public engagement. 

Color of Change has been among the most active groups advocating to defund the police. In 2021, they were at the forefront of the unsuccessful push to “dismantle” and replace the Minneapolis Police Department, an effort that was fueled by $500,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center.

“We know that policing doesn’t keep us safe, communities do,” reads a Color of Change petition calling on supporters to demand their local officials start the defunding process. “Policing doesn’t lead to thriving communities, investment does.”

“We must begin to envision the society that functions for ALL of us and we must begin by divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people,” the petition says. 

Robinson has also celebrated the birthday of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur by calling for progressive groups to get “bolder” and “louder” in their demands for police abolition and their “plans for revolution.”

Shakur, a hero among anti-police activist groups, is a former Black Liberation Army leader who was the mastermind behind several armed robberies in Connecticut and New York. In 1981, the Brinks robbery resulted in the slayings of an armed guard and two police officers. 


Shakur was convicted for the 1973 murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster but later escaped prison and was granted asylum in Cuba by the late Fidel Castro. Shakur, whose married name is Joanne Chesimard, is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list and carries a $1 million reward for information that could lead to her apprehension. 

Robinson is also on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, a Seattle-based left-wing grantmaking group, which he joined alongside Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. After they both became governors of the foundation, the board unanimously voted to expand its anti-police efforts

The Marguerite Casey Foundation, meanwhile, also has a member who has visited the White House, according to its visitor logs. 

Carmen Rojas, the President and CEO of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and a vocal supporter of defunding the police, visited the White House in December 2021 and appeared to meet with Nia Page, a Special Assistant to Richmond before his departure last month to join the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

“We must be unwavering in our commitment to freedom,” Rojas tweeted in April 2021. “The best way to realize it is to defund the police and support abolition. Period.”

In May 2020, Rojas tweeted out a quote from an article that said, “Abolishing police unions as part of the broader fight to defund, demilitarize, and ultimately dismantle the U.S. police force as it currently exists. Labor leaders should seize upon this crucial moment to fully embrace this aim—and some already have.”

Not only has her foundation repeatedly called for defunding and abolishing police, but it has also awarded millions of dollars to woke college professors and scholars who have advocated for abolishing prisons and teaching anti-Capitalist views.

Latosha Brown, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter and a civil rights activist, has also advocated for defunding the police. 


According to the White House visitor logs, her contact person in July 2021 was Vincent Evans, who worked in Vice President Harris’s office before leaving to be the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

“We are proud to be partner in the #DemocracyFrontlinesFund, created to leverage millions of new dollars to fund Black-led organizers fighting for free and fair elections, and working to defund prisons and police,” Brown’s organization tweeted in September 2020.

In another tweet from June 2020, Brown’s organization called for defunding sheriffs to “build voter power.”

In August 2020, Brown promoted a “Defund the Police 101 Teach-In” event led by two other defund the police activists.

“Earlier this week, after President Biden addressed the nation on voting rights, we urged his administration to prove its commitment to combating voter suppression and lay out a strategy to restore ballot access,” Brown said in a press release about her meeting with Harris. “Today’s meeting with Vice President Harris marked an important step toward building that strategy.”

Other defund the police activists who have visited the Biden White House include Tylik McMillan, who serves as the “National Director of Youth [and] College” at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. White House visitor logs show him visiting the White House four times between April and December of last year.

“Police don’t make communities safe, but opportunities make communities safe,” McMillan said in July 2020. “What we’re saying is that a defund to the police is a refund to the people.”

Neither the White House nor any of the activists mentioned responded to Fox News Digital’s inquiries. 

Original Article: Biden’s White House hosted several ‘defund the police’ activists over the past year, visitor logs show | Fox News


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  1. I was Cleveland Policeman during the bloody 70s and actually fought the Black Panthers and the SRA in addition to some very bad actors that would have loved to see me face down in the street in a puddle of blood, but after I saw guys looking like they were tooling up to hit Omaha Beach stand by and let terrified little children bleed to death it made me ashamed I was a cop. Maybe a little defending may be on order.

    In the first place for anything short of an armed insurrection by an organized force a 6-gun and a club works just fine, and the fact is it’s a good thing these mass shooters do not realize that up close a 12 guage shotgun with a magnum load of 00 buckshot is a lot more “effective” then an AR-15 or AK-47. There is no need to see policeman decked out like Marines heading out to clear a town every time we turn on the television. – Take the money from equipping cops like Airborne Rangers and put it into community policing. A copper with brains is 10 times more ejjective then a;; the collage boys in the country. – Put more cops in the schools, and I mean REAL street smart policmen that will befriend the kids and show them the police are on their side, and not the enemies the collage boy bullies with badges that would arrest then instead of keeping them from getting on trouble in the first place. – That right there would go a long, long way in keeping a kid from becoming a mass shooter. ,,,

    Also train policeman to get out of the car and talk to people on the street. You would be amazed just how much information slips out from people sitting around a cop telling tall tales and dirty jokes that can be put to use catching crooks and preventing crimes in the first place. Once the people stop thinking of you as a robot and figure you as a human being and a friend a cop’s job does itself.

    Bottom line, stop spending money on every last high tech toy that is only designed to intimidate the people who are paying you and spend it on recruiting street smart people and spend money on getting them fine honed people skills. 1-Friendly copper is worth a railroad car of flash-bang grenades.

    If you want the “tactical vest” the Marine Corps is hiring. but if you understand a policeman’s first job is helping people the PLEASE go take the test. WAYYYY too many collage boys

    I am not saying that sometimes it isn’t necessary to bring out the “heavy Stuff” but it should not be seen on the street. every time I turn on the TV.

    We need to go back to the days where we were afraid of the crooks and not the cops.

  2. I read the articles these cop hating azzwholes wrote on their ideas of how law and order should work in their fantasy land, left-leaning ideologies. These idiots are mentally I’ll and honestly believe that cops are all suspects and suspects are all victims.

    As for George Floyd, he was nothing more than a career criminal and died because he had 3x the amount of dope in his body, which the Medical Examiner stated was Floyd’s cause of death. The man was human garbage !!!!

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