Senator Blames ‘Pandemic of Racism’ for Brothers Drug Conviction

Sen. Raphael Warnock has publicly decried America’s justice system for years, often citing the case of his half-brother Keith Coleman, who was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in a drug trafficking operation.

Instead of mentioning the severity of Coleman’s offense or the fact that he was a cop at the time he committed it, Sen. Warnock simply chalked the sentence up to a “pandemic of racism” in the system.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, while Coleman was an officer with the Savannah Police Department in Georgia, he used his police powers and equipment to help facilitate a cross-border drug trafficking operation.

Between 1996 and 1997, Coleman is alleged to have received $46,000 for his role in the scheme, which involved the trafficking of 28.2kg of cocaine.

According to the Free Beacon, Coleman became a “ringleader” of sorts, and often threatened those with whom he dealt that he would use his police powers to throw them in jail if they failed to do what he told them.

“If I knowed I was f*cking with a motherf*cker off the corner who can’t afford [to pay me] no more than $1,500,” court records show Coleman saying, “his black a** would be in prison.”

Following a successful sting operation by the FBI, he was convicted in November 1997  of “conspiring and attempting to aid and abet the distribution of cocaine, and with carrying a firearm during a drug trafficking offense,” and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

Sen. Warnock did not mention any of this in the numerous testimonies he delivered decrying the justice system’s treatment of his half-brother.

“[My brother] was a first-time offender,” Sen. Warnock said in 2020, “convicted of a nonviolent drug-related offense, in which no one got hurt, no one died, no one even got high because the federal government basically created the sting operation.”

He also compared Coleman to Rayshard Brooks, who had been shot and killed by police, claiming he also knew what it was like to lose an innocent family member to the system.

Sen. Warnock wrote to President Obama asking him to pardon Coleman, to no avail.

In 2020, however, he was released after twenty-two years in prison amid concerns over COVID-19 in detention facilities.

Original Article: Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock blames ‘pandemic of racism’ for brother’s drug conviction | The Post Millennial


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  1. That’s rich, a true RACIST calling other people racist! If YOU can’t do the TIME, don’t do the CRIME! Especially as a law enforcement officer! That makes him the WORST of the WORST! Tarnishing the badge, a total DISGRACE! Deserves no less than LIFE without ANY possibility of Parole! Brother Warnock needs to join him!😡👎💩

  2. • Unfortunately, until blacks own up to their self-inflicted failures, they will never get ahead.
    • Worse, what they do instead is to always play the race card.
    • In fact, most of today’s black don’t even have a clue as to the reality of their own makings.
    * Finally, most of today’s white don’t get this either….so, blacks are allowed to continue their ‘woe is me’ whining.

  3. More like a pandemic of arrogance. Just because neither Warnock or his brother believe in the concept of personal responsibility it does not translate to racism.

  4. If your a law maker, law enforcement or judge you should be held to a far greater standard than the rest of us ( more time in a real prison)

  5. Isn’t the race card getting kind of worn out? “Just ’cause I’m black” doesn’t get it any more.

    The fact is there simply are not nearly as many crimes committed in white neighborhoods as there are in black neighborhoods. The thing these race baiters seem to always leave out though, is the victims are mostly black too. Don’t they count? . Does anybody care there there are black neighborhoods where you have to wear a steel pot and flak jacket just to go get a loaf of bread from the corner store?,,,,,,and guess what? It’s not white criminals praying on these black victims,,,,so just what race are the one committing the crimes and who is most likely to get arrested? I’ll leave it to you to figure that one out.

  6. …and Warnock is the best the Georgia district can find to represent it? I bet if the officer had been white Warnock would expect him to rot in prison COVID pandemic or not.

  7. ….and this is the best that the Georgia district could elect to represent it? Until electors wise up and vote for honesty and integrity they’ll be subjected to nonsense like this.

  8. One of the most ignorant excuses people make about criminal drug arrests is that they’re nonviolent. Drug dealers, traffickers, users are the number one cause of street violence, robberies, assaults, shootings, and deaths.

    Traffickers deliver large quantities of dope to the dealer. Dealers cut (mix) thinners into the dope and turn bigger profits. The dealer sells in a specific territory, where violence occurs from rival dealers/gangs. Moreover, the gang members who sell for the dealer is given a quantity of dope to sell at a set price. The seller may recut the dope so he can sell more dope, which is the money he keeps. The rest goes back to the dealer. If the seller rips off the dealer, he will be violently killed.

    So excuse me Senator Warnock, it’s definitely NOT A NONVIOLENT CRIME you stupid azzwhole….

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