Biden Says He is Unpopular Because Americans are Mentally Unwell

Joe Biden said he is unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell.

Of all the excuses…

Joe Biden’s poll collapse continues with the latest CIVIQS poll showing the man who we were told got 81 million votes for president just over a year-and-a-half ago now mired in the low thirties in overall approval with just 21 percent of independents approving Biden’s performance in office.

Biden’s disapproval at 56 percent ties his worst approval set earlier this year in January and February.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported last week, Biden is underwater in 48 states–with only Hawaii giving him an approval over 50 percent (52) and Vermont 46 percent approval. Ten states give Biden approval in the high teens or at or below 24 percent–Watergate like numbers when President Nixon resigned in August 1974 with 24 percent approval in the Gallup Poll.

The poll numbers are far worse than they are admitting.

The Biden Administration is a dumpster fire.

  • Record high gas prices.
  • Baby formula shortage.
  • Tampon shortage.
  • Record high inflation rates.
  • Vaccine mandates.
  • 13 dead American service members in Kabul bombing.
  • Americans left behind in Afghanistan.
  • Record illegal immigration/open borders
  • Supply chain crisis

Joe Biden told the Associated Press that he’s unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell.

“As for the overall American mindset, Biden said, “People are really, really down.”” AP reported.

“Their need for mental health in America has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset,” Biden said. “Everything they’ve counted on upset. But most of it’s the consequence of what happened, what happened as a consequence of the, the COVID crisis,” Biden said to AP in an Oval Office interview.

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    • You got that right! They Falsely impeached Trump and continue to harass him, why? Because they are scared to death he’ll run in 2024! He won the 2020 election!!
      Biden and all DEMONrats are the epitome of PROJECTION!
      They must be systematically removed from office, especially anyone who’s platform or agenda goes against our Constitution, like the psycho communist squad!

  2. Oh brother…the nut behind the wheel calling all of us mentally unwell. This bozo is a joke along with the whole left entourage of evil misfits. The facts are becoming evident the election was not right and Biden was not the winner..actually the cheater! More compelling is that no one on his team know anything about what they were chosen for. The green energy deal is a farce, the global climate deal is a bust and is no more than a hoax to cheat us out of existence. No one is bothering to say that electrically without fossil fuels they cannot succeed. The president is a fool. John Kerry is a phony, and the left are all criminals. You can believe nothing from their lips. Take back our nation!

    • Just one thing I will take issue with. We CAN have electricity without fossil fuels,,but the greenies all fell for hanoi jane’s BS that Nuclear is far too dangerous so it is not the prime producer of juice in this country. (even though the overall death rate, including during construction, for wind is over 200 times greater then Nuclear) ,,,,, but no matter what the power source even if we did have enough electricity these electric cars, which even with fossil plants we don’t have and won’t have, they are totally unsuitable for a good 75% or the people. They are only rich boys toys,,,,and in fact when you include CO2 produced during manufacturing actually produce MORE CO2 then gas car,,,,,,, Don’t even think of taking an EV anywhere you wouldn’t go in a golf cart.

      And we are supposed to be the crazy ones. If brandon is not a mental case he has to be on drugs.

      PRESIDENT Trump 2024
      Take America back and keep it this time.

  3. FJB!!!!!! YOU LIED…. You said something at the beginning and then you changed it all… It is you, Biden, that you are mentally unwell… We Americans can see you as a biggest liar than any previous presidents…

  4. Knowing Biden’s policies have made inflation, crime, and division increase makes us mentally ill? Knowing the man in the WH is unfit for the job makes us mentally ill. Hating how corrupt our government has become makes us mentally ill? Biden says it is the result of COVID and the damage it has created. HMMMMM???!!!!! Not his fault that we are less secure from outside threats, or that illegal activities have increased from illegal border crossings to theft in stores, and gun violence in large cities? He blames everyone but the buck stops at the top or did he forget that the Dems blamed Trump (still do) foe any bad thing that happened and even made up pleanty that never happened.


  6. Look at his family & who is mentally unwell? The entire Biden family is make up of liars, thieves, junkies, sexual deviants, & Heaven know what else.
    Joe is nutz as everyone in his family. What an embarrassment to the majority of Americans. Can’t wait until Jan. 2023 so he can be impeached & Hunter can be indicted.
    Along with Head of HHS, Merrick Garland, & the rest of the criminals in DC.

  7. Simply put, Walter is an idiot and nothing else. He follows the path of the communists, and he is proud of that. It is a pity that he has remembered so much of the dogma of Karl Marx and his friends and cannot bear to see a free people take care of themselves and enjoy life as they wish to do. When he laughed at Friedrich Von Hayek and Milton Friedman, both Nobel Prize winning economists, he really showed his ignorance of any financial dealings and acumen that any person over the age of 45 has acquired.

  8. Look at Who’s calling the Kettle BLACK ! DEMENTIA Joey has a BRAIN as big as a MUSTARD SEED 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. lol, I’ve never fallen off of my bicycle, when I was standing still, a complete idiot demoncrat, purposely wrecking our country, so that he and the squad can bankrupt this country, with their out-of-control spending, and their build-back broke, and their new green deal, just another way to steal taxpayer’s money, under a threat of the world melting, lol, you can bet this world is going to melt, when, and not before, the lord melts it himself to destroy the crooked works of man!!!

  10. I person once told me; ” If one person tells you that you have a tail, don’t worry about it.
    If 10 people tell you that you have a tail, you might want to look behind you!”
    I say;
    If half or more people in the US tell you that you have a tail, you might want to stop being President of the United States!

  11. The American people are having mental issues due to the criminal activities of the DCAP (demoncrap/communist/atheist party)!! Every thing bad that has ever happened to the American people has been caused by demoncraps!! Think about it!

  12. The puppet of the Soros ,Obama, Clinton axis of corruption may be right. If he did receive 81 million votes that means that many people were already unbalanced. The events since biden has infested the White House are making the rest of the electorate mental!

  13. Joe Biden was not elected president. The man didn’t even campaign! What Joe Biden did was let Socialist billionaires and Communist Chinese along with lots of different vote manipulations due mostly to allowing mail in votes “put” him in an office that they now have control of. Half the time, Biden has no clue what others are saying when they talk to him and the other half of the time, no one else has a clue what Biden is saying. We, the United States of America, are in the middle of a major coup being performed by powerful world influences who want to bring about a One World Socialist Order which would most likely be headed by Communist China.

  14. I would like to know … why in the world would his wife let him even think that he would make a good president.
    She’s supposed to be a doctor, of what? If it’s medical, I sure wouldn’t want her making any medical decisions for me. Just plain unbelievable. I sure hope to goodness all this mess will be changed around come November.

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