Man Shoots Chick-fil-A Worker Over Milkshake Argument

A 26-year-old delivery driver was arrested for allegedly shooting a teen fast food worker after accusing him of leaving out a milkshake.

According to NBC Philadelphia, on Monday, June 13, at around 8:30 p.m., the suspect, Tyquan Austin, went to the Chick-fil-A on the 800 block of Adams Avenue to pick up an order. An employee brought the takeout order to Austin, who then allegedly started arguing with him and demanded to know about a second milkshake he claimed was supposed to be in the order. The employee reportedly told Austin the receipt listed only one milkshake and Austin continued to argue.

WPVI-TV reports Philadelphia Police Captain John Walker said in a press conference the Chick-fil-A employee “asks to see the receipt and the occupant of the car refuses to show the receipt. He then sees the driver of the vehicle pull out a gun and put it on his lap.”

The employee’s team leader went up to Austin and asked what was wrong, and Austin allegedly complained about the milkshake. The store’s manager also came outside to deal with the situation.

According to WTXF-TV, Austin allegedly got in his car, circled the location and then opened fire, aiming at the entrance of the restaurant. The 17-year-old was struck in the leg.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office reportedly noted in a statement, “The shooting was unprovoked and endangered multiple people beyond the shooting victim, who was wounded in the leg and is expected to recover.”

Police located the car on the 4000 block of Glendale Street and found 40-caliber magazines, CBS Philadelphia reports. Austin reportedly did not have a permit to carry the firearm.

DoorDash said in a statement, “We are horrified and appalled by this brazen act of violence and have banned the perpetrator from our platform. We are fully supporting law enforcement with their investigation and hope justice is served. We’ve reached out to the victim to offer our support, and our thoughts are with him and his family as he recovers.”

CBS Philadelphia reports Austin has been charged with aggravated assault, possession of an instrument of crime, simple assault, and reckless endangerment.

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  1. This is a surprise. Chick F A employees are generally Titanically more intelligent and cooperative than all the other illiterate lazy worthless failures in the fast food industry.
    But looking at the perpetrator of this confirms everybody’s worse fears and stereotypes of a ghetto chicken out for blood. I hope the DA throws the book at him.

  2. I did not see in this article that the driver was a delivery driver for a driver service. If this driver has worked as a delivery service and deliveries fast foods for more than a day, he would have realized that items missing from a call in order are going to miss some item at least 9 out of 10 times. I have been going to the same fast food burger shop for several years and I will no longer use their drive-thru, as their excuse for some time was they did not understand my order as their speaker on the drive was having problems, so I now park and go inside to place my order and they still screw up the order in some way, from leaving something out to building the burger with items that were requested to be left off. I just open the bag and lay everything out on the counter and present them with the receipt they just handed me. It is a real pain in the butt, however, I at lease get my order right.

  3. Who would’ve thought a black guy in Philadelphia doesn’t get his way wanting something for nothing so he starts shooting.

  4. When I was a Cleveland Policeman I handled a homicide once where a guy got killed over too much barbecue sauce. – That was back in the 70s. Things like that were an everyday occurrence back then. There was the birthday party we were in on. I don’t remember weather it 13 or 15 but it was something like that,,,dead. They pissed off of the relatives because they ran out of his brand of malt liqueur so he went home and got a 30 caliber carbine and came back an lit them all up. Only 1 survivor. We were first on the scene but got out of the report because we took him to the hospital…The suspect had to reload twice. Fired a total of 30 rounds in fact (see he didn’t need an AR15) But like I said that was a common occurrence back then (before the press invented the term “Mass Shooting”).,,,,,Doesn’t really sound like a whole hell of a lot has changed in the ghetto.

  5. Nope. And they go after each other with everything that they’ve got. Killing each other off like it was nothing. It’s okay for them to hate one another and kill each other off but if the police get involved, especially if he or she is of different color, all _ucking hell breaks loose. I say take all of the police away, especially the officers that are not of the same color and let them have at it. This has been going on for years. My father was from Milledgeville, Georgia and he told me years ago to never get involved in those folks business. They had their own way of handling things. The police should have never been called when George Floyd was coming unglued. He wanted trouble and he got trouble. The problem is…all of this insanity in this country began with one man being taken down by four cops test weren’t of the same color. I wonder why]at would have happened if they were all of the same color as George Floyd. There would have been no problem whatsoever. Our country went nuts over one really bad guy dying at the hands of a police officer because he was of a different color. This is absolutely insane to me that our country went nuts over this incident. It still makes me sick to my stomach when I see…I can’t breathe’.

    There are way worse things that are happening out there like our country going to hell and we have communists in governmental positions trying to take down our country. But it us more important for the people of color in this country to riot and burn down city blocks, destroy businesses, loot, etc than to do their business peacefully.

    Those of us that are still alive from COVID, that lived through the riots and burning of cities, that are living through the socialist tactics being forced upon us, that are still able to pay for gas which is higher than its ever been before, that can still buy food for our families will hopefully see our country slowly be put back together.

    I don’t understand how this country got so out of control and why? One man was killed. By accident. I do not feel the incident with George Floyd should have gone as far as it did.

    We have had men, women and children killed in way more brutal ways……did the country effing go crazy????????? It sure didn’t? So what will happen next to make something as insane as this happen again? I hope the take dawn of this country by the people that want to turn us into a communist nation sparks a fury in you to this extent. If you want to put on a show all across the country like you did with regards to George Floyd, now would be a very good time to start marching all over this country.

  6. This dumb ass should be charged with attempted murder as well as the four light charges ,aggravated assault, possession of an instrument of a crime, simple assault (simple, how the Hell was this simple?) and reckless endangerment. I vote for a bullet between his eyes. He is a worthless piece of trash.

  7. this sort of thing happens due to racism.blacks hate each other based on skin tone variences. of darkness.I once knew an absolutely beautiful model qualty black girl who hated herself because of her skin color.Her skin was the color of iridescent ebony that gave her petite facial and body features beautiful flashing eyes and fashion mode lbright smile.Truly a stunningly beautiful girl who hated herself and others because of her skin color.when people aren’tproud of themselves the ignorance manifests itself in many negative ways.,usually to their detriment.The lack of mastery of even basic english language skills is the causation of communicating not by verbal understandable words, but instead by hardly understandable tonal grunts.this lack of communication skills promotes frustration on both giver and reciever often resulting in anger.

  8. Crazy jerk ! Chic fil a is a great place. The employees are very respectful and kind. They also double check the order. It was obvious this guy just wanted a freebie. Lock him up and teach him a lesson. He should also have to pay for hospital bills and the broken glass. Most of all ….apologize.

  9. Where’s BLM?

    Until blacks own up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never earn the acceptance and respect they adamantly demand…nor, obtain their incredible potential.

  10. Until blacks own up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never earn the acceptance and respect they adamantly demand…nor, obtain their incredible potential.

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