“I’d Like You to Come Home With Me”: Biden Creeps on Little Girl at COVID Clinic

Joe and Jill Biden on Tuesday visited a local Covid vaccination clinic hosted by the DC’s Department of Health to promote vaccines for children under the age of 5.

Nurse Jill was buzzing around the room to help her mentally incapacitated husband.

Jill was also there to make sure Creepy Joe kept his wandering hands off children.

But Joe just couldn’t help himself in a room full of kids.

At one point Joe Biden set his sights on an adorable 4-year-old girl with pigtails and picked her up.

“How old are you?” Joe Biden asked the child.

She told Biden she was 4 years old.

Biden lit up and told the little girl, “I’d like you to come home with me!”



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  1. I’m no fan of Joe and agree he is creepy, but to be fair…I didn’t see anything wrong with what he did. It’s actually too bad that over time it has become questionable to interact with kids. You can’t hardly even be sweet to your own family without somebody making something out of nothing. Both parties need to stop doing that…fake news is rampant and that’s the real crime here.

    • Children need hugs from adults in their lives, to be acknowledged. Not all hugs are dirty as implied. Adults and cameras were there. It was very public.

    • Difference with Biden is that he shows many times (even in live TV )that he is molesting children. You probably did not see videos from his abusing.

    • I’m a brandon hater, but they are grasping at straws on this one.
      No harm no foul ,,,,,

      And other then hugging all kinds of people what proof is there that brandon is a pedophile or any other kind of a pervert?

      Stop distracting from the facts. Brandon is a NWO Marxist shill and puppet. What can be worse then that? I may be on the old side but “in my day” the worst thing anyone could ever be calles was a “communist”.

      Brandon and his whole NWO Marxdist (democrat) set of handlers must go and the sooner the better.

  2. The reason he fell on his bike, he was more intent to smell a little girls hair than take his foot out of a pedal cage.

  3. This “optic” of O’Biden holding small children isn’t bad on face value. We all know that everything O’Biden does is about giving the appearance of something else. In this visit, the optic is to make it appear that he cares about these small children, so the parents should force their kids to receive a Covid shot that science has proven that they don’t need.

    Unfortunately for O’Biden he has a past that was revealed by Joe and Jill’s own daughter. Apparently, in her lost diary, Biden’s daughter revealed that as a young girl she showered with her naked father. No wonder Joe Biden illegally is using the FBI to investigate news agencies and raiding their homes in effort to retrieve her diary . Obama also illegally used fed law enforcement to conduct illegal search warrants on reporters who actually reported on him.

    O’Biden has abused his authority for over 4-decades. O’Biden is not just a perverted sicko, but he and ALL of his crime family are all thieves.

  4. I am sorry that Biden get such public reaction when he does things like this, but he just keeps doing this and you would think his family, especially Jill would educate him on what is going on and prevent him from such acts.
    I can assure you, if this was President Trump or one of his sons, it would be plastered all over the news and internet, that Trump was a pervert and should be jailed. I felt for a long time after these acts started showing up that it was just a vivid imagination of someone who disliked Biden, but this has been happening for years now and now his son and daughter both stated they have sex issues and need treatments, so it appears to run in the family from Biden’s side of the family. It is very sad that the world sees this problem but not the Democrats.

  5. That diary of his daughter is so defamatory that it will be discarded by his press as a hoax. Afterall, it’s from his own daughter in her own words. Unfortunately it’s the real truth but so outrageous it will be dismissed. The same story with Hunter and his actions. See for yourself, Biden is the new Teflon Joe.

  6. As much as I despise illegitimate & pedophile Joe, I honestly can’t see what he did wrong here. It was purely a ‘baby kissing’ photo op, and he didn’t miss a beat at giving parents an opportunity to have their kids pic taken with a President. I expected worse.

    When we criticize, we must be accurate in our claims. Otherwise, we will be seen as conservative Chicken Littles. Let’s leave that to the left and its media. Something at which they excel.

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