Man Accused of Shooting at, Beating Woman for Not Making Him Fettuccine

A 31-year-old man was taken into custody for allegedly shooting at a woman because he was upset she did not make him pasta.

Charleston County Court records show James Moultrie Jr. was charged June 21 with assault/attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person. Moultrie was released from Charleston County Jail after posting $100,000 bond.

According to the incident report cited by WCSC-TV, on Friday, June 17, the victim, who remained unnamed, told Charleston County Sheriff’s Office investigators Moultrie got mad at her after drinking because she did not make him a bowl of chicken fettuccine that he wanted.

Moultrie allegedly fired a shot at her, but it missed. He also reportedly choked her in front of her 4-year-old son, and she told deputies she was afraid for her life.

The child reportedly covered his ears during the argument. The incident report says Moultrie’s actions put the boy “at unreasonable risk of harm affecting his physical and mental health and safety.”

The woman reportedly has a fractured nose and a lot of swelling and inflammation.

WCSC reports Moultrie fired his gun at her last month when she was sitting in her car. The bullet hit the car, but not the victim.

Moultrie is scheduled to appear in court in August.

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  1. We all get our cravings from time to time, but this jerk off took it way too far. I would imagine that this drunk idiot is probably an azzwhole when he’s sober too!

    Speaking of idiots, our Commander and Chief leaps to mind. O’Biden actually believes that because Roe vs Wade was reversed back to the states, where it should of been in the first place, American voter’s will forget ALL of his failing anti-American policies!

    Here’s some examples: War on oil & gas, which started the O’Biden price hike on everything; Out of control spending on Build Back Bad; Disastrous pull out from Afghanistan, leaving behind Americans, allies, and 88-billion dollars worth of military weapons to terrorists; Destruction of our southern border, while he has illegal immigrants flown and bussed in the middle of the night to different states in our country; Attack and defunding our police officers; Ridiculous spike in all crimes due to left wing Prosecutors; Attacks on our 1st and 2nd amendments…. I’m certain many of you readers could come up with many, many more!!!

    • Brandon Biden is the puppeter for the grand wizard for Obama why is he is Washington that is the reason why he is there to oversee and direct the action behind the scenes; no matter its all been grossly and ineptly mismanaged so that the situation resembles total and utter chaotic disorder; no wonder why demoncrats are bailing in droves, they know their is going to be a blood bath in just four months; its better to leave on a high note rather than being dragged down with the sinking ship

    • Right on. Everyone (especially leftists who are blind to reality) needs to read the six book series by Kurt Schlichter (“People’s Republic, etc) to see where the lunacy of the Woke/cis/trans/racist ideology must ultimately lead. The split between red and blue regions, the economic collapse of the blue regions, and the war between them. What he wrote in 2014 was so 100% prescient regarding the downfall of the USA and the extremism of the left is quite amazing. Rather a modern version of “1984” (the descent into far left fascist state in the UK).

    • Too bad you aren’t in the WH. I think Biden should have been impeached long ago for dereliction of duty and breach of his oath!

    • Too bad you aren’t in the WH. I think Biden should have been impeached long ago for dereliction of duty and breach of his oath!

  2. Petty ass nucking figger. It takes a real man to throw a hissy fit over his girl not making him fettuccine, and slap his woman around.

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