“Real Conservatives” Losing Due to Open Primaries

Democrat voters are taking advantage of the open primaries to vote real conservatives out of the midterm election, and the conservative movement is just waking up to it.

On Wednesday (June 22, 2022), Republican Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona wrote on her Telegram channel:

Democrats are voting against #UltraMAGA in the open primaries. Get rid of open primaries now.

Rogers’ comment follows a series of recent primary election results in multiple states whereby Trump-endorsed candidates either lost or won very narrowly. Most notable of these wins are those of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, both considered bad choices by Trump and many firebrand conservatives. Both were in close races according to polls but easily won on the election day.

What seemingly happened in Georgia is Democrats voting for the Republicans that they preferred as against the ones that MAGA movement wanted. Georgia is an open primary state, which means Democrats and Republicans can vote across party affiliations. This works better for Democrats as they are known to get candidates running for key positions unopposed – i.e., without a primary challenger. Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams ran and won unopposed for the Governor’s office in the recent primary.

On the Republican side, however, the party is almost always divided and the vote is split. In an open primary, it makes the Democrats’ work easy, particularly when it’s a tight race. A bunch of Democrats voting for the less conservative Republican can help them easily win the primary.

According to the list put together by ThoughtCo, there are 15 states that currently allow open primaries: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Most of these are red states and three of them—Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin—were the embattled states in the controversial 2020 election.

It’s worth reminding that open primaries are not the only means of Democrats meddling with the election of Republican candidates. In states that don’t have open primaries, Democrats are known to be willing to change party affiliations to swing the primary results; they change their party affiliation before an important election and vote against the real conservative candidate. In case of the upcoming primaries in Colorado, for example, firebrand Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert is seeing lots of Democrat support for her primary challenger. The New York Times wrote on Thursday:

Driven by fears of extremism and worries about what they see as an authoritarianism embodied in Boebert, thousands of Democrats in the sprawling 3rd Congressional District of Colorado have rushed to shore up her Republican challenger, state Sen. Don Coram.

In Wyoming, a compromised Republican Liz Cheney is literally mailing instructions to the Democrats in her state on how to vote for her in the upcoming August 16 primary. The federalist reported that by doing so Cheney is going back on her word that she won’t ask Democrats to switch parties in order to vote for her.

Getting rid of open primaries is not something the conservatives have actively campaigned for yet, but in the light of the primary results and the open support of Democrats for compromised Republicans, this needs to be the next thing on their list of priorities.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. It is the main problem in South Carolina too. Open primaries are the greatest weapon the RINOS and Democrats have to defeat Conservatives. The ignorant Republicans run too many candidates, so no one wins.They should pick a strong leader and stand behind them. They really don’t want to win and do the peoples work!

  2. If Liz Cheney gets elected in Wyoming I will move! That bitch is such a disgrace to our country and the state of Wyoming she doesn’t even fucking live here she lives in Virginia the fucking cunt Trader ass bitch

  3. If they want open primaries why bother with primaries at all. Just make the general election non partition and put anybody that qualifies with enough signatures on the ballet. No holds barred and winner take all.

  4. Closed primaries do not matter. East end of Nebraska had a very large number of Dims switch parties so they could primary out a Trump endorsed candidate that took the rest of the state. Dims will pull every trick in the book. It appears they have pulled this trick all over the country so they can steal more elections. Just cannot trust them.

  5. Exactly what is a “real conservative” anyway? Anyone who strays too far from center on any ideological scale is getting too close to fascism. Whether too far to the Left or too far to the Right, people become extremists. We need representatives in government who can move easily from just to one side of center to just to the other side of center depending on current events. I no more want a too conservative representative than I want the too Progressive representatives we currently have. We need centrists if we are going to be able to represent all American citizens.

  6. Unless I am missing something here, can’t Republicans do a little bit of “turnabout is fair play”? Can’t we vote in Democrat primaries and try to stifle the radicals in favor of someone more moderate? How come everytime we learn about a dirty tactic that the Democrats use, we have NO answer? Republicans have to learn that the Democrats are fighting a war; this is NOT a tea party to them. There are no rules in their world. It’s a street fight 100% of the time. The Republicans have to quit playing by some set of imaginary rules and just get out there and swing back. If they do that, I think the Dems will be in for the shock of their lives.

  7. The reason these types of arguments come up in the Republican Party is absolutely about certain elected leaders go against what the majority of there constituents wants. Our so called representatives cave and vote right along side the Democrats ridiculous policy.

    The most recent betrayal from our Republican representative’s was the recent gun control grab, which ignores due process. Senate minority, Mitch McConnell and we’ll known Lynsey Graham both voted for this horrible law. We the people need to remember All the Republican representative(s) who betrayed us and vote ALL of them out of office. We need to send a message to these Representatives that you will be removed from office when you do not represent your constituents….

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