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Kamala’s ‘Answer’ to Recession, Inflation Questions

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris responded to a question on whether she’s concerned about the economy going into a recession by stating that “there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority,” which is bringing down prices and costs as much as possible and vowing the Biden administration will focus on that.

After Harris referenced lowering drug costs, saying insulin can’t be more than $35 a month and bringing down child care costs so “working families” don’t pay more than 7% of their income on child care, CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash asked, “But that has — you’ve been fighting for that since day one.”

Harris cut in to state, “And we’re going to keep fighting for that.”

Bash continued her question, “But now, inflation is really high. Are you concerned about a recession? The administration said that they weren’t that worried about the — about inflation. And then, that changed.”

Harris responded, “I think that there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority, which is bringing down the costs and prices as much as we possibly can. And we will stay focused on that.”

Original Article: Harris on Whether She’s Worried about Recession: ‘No Higher Priority Than What We Have Been Clear Is our Highest Priority,’ Lowering Costs (


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  1. Harris is in above her head! She is absolutely the worse VP ever!

    Biden chose her for the wrong reasons and our country is the loser with them in the White House!

    Look at the chaos within the White House! Infighting and resignations!

    How does Biden unite the country when he can’t even unite those directly under him?

  2. Unfortunately, the VP has a very limited vocabulary so often the same answer is used to answer a number of questions on a given subject. It’s not her fault as she did not seek this job but was picked by the party to help old Joe win the election. Oh my, is that the best way to pick your running mate?

  3. Finally, something she is good at! Did you catch that “double speak”? Alot of smoke and mirrors and circular talk all in one sentence! It is true: Washington is deliberately destroying the country to get ready for the mystical Great Reset.

  4. Kamala, O’Biden, and the Democratic Socialist Party All deny taking any responsibility for the massive amounts of inflation that the American people have been experiencing. That’s why when any of them are questioned about the out of control prices of gasoline & groceries they blame Putin and refer to it as “The Putin price hike!”

    The Democrats answer is to continue printing and spending money we don’t have, which is dangerous and we maybe on the cuspid of full scale recession/depression. Either one of these two results are okay to the radical dem’s because if our country ends up in either one, the Democrats can effect a socialist take over of the U.S. These Democrats with this anti-American socialist ideological policies must be removed from office.

    What is extremely delusional of the O’Biden administration is they think that the American citizens believe their lies about the cause of our current economic crisis.

    All of these examples are why or inflation is out of control:
    – Reckless out of control spending on green B.S.
    – Biden’s war on what was a country that was net exporter’s of gasoline. Now, O’Biden begs our enemies for oil/gas.
    – O’Biden’s moronic pullout from Afghanistan, leaving Americans, allies, and 80-billion dollars worth of military weapons into the hands of terrorists!
    – The destruction of a secure southern border, which is now an open border, allowing millions of illegal immigrants and drugs to stream into our country at a cost to the American tax payers of billions of dollars.
    – Biden’s attack on our law enforcement officers and pushing the cashless bail, treating violent criminals as victims. These democratic policies on crime has caused crime to escalate to extremely high numbers endangering the American people.
    – Biden has also removed a lot of sanctions to countries (China & Russia) who are enemies. China has had several trade sanctions removed and Russia was given the pipeline which Putin now makes billions of dollars when he sells it to European countries.

    These are just a few of O’Biden’s anti-American policies that are placing our country and the entire world in grave danger.

  5. Invoke the 25th amendment on both the so-called president and vice president! At this point, being under the command of a military leader again doesn’t sound so bad after all!

  6. I’ve a sneaking suspicion she sucked her way through Law School, like she sucked her way into politics.

  7. Biden has always been led by his nose by the radical left. They wanted a woman as VP and also “a woman of color.” They just thought that would get them more votes. Unfortunately, we are now stuck with not only a POTUS that has severe mental issues, but we also now have a woman that is so incompetent that this country is left wide open for attack by our enemies. They don’t fear the US anymore, they laugh at us.

  8. OK, If someone assaults a woman and kills her unborn child, that person can and will do jail time for murder. Yet a woman can kill the child and all is good. Why is Harris using the words, woman and women, last I heard she does not hold a biology degree. Let’s keep making the rules as we go. What if a genetically pregnant man decides he wants to be a woman? Does he also have the rights to get an abortion? Just need the lunatics to help me understand.

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