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Kamala’s ‘Answer’ to Recession, Inflation Questions

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris responded to a question on whether she’s concerned about the economy going into a recession by stating that “there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority,” which is bringing down prices and costs as much as possible and vowing the Biden administration will focus on that.

After Harris referenced lowering drug costs, saying insulin can’t be more than $35 a month and bringing down child care costs so “working families” don’t pay more than 7% of their income on child care, CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash asked, “But that has — you’ve been fighting for that since day one.”

Harris cut in to state, “And we’re going to keep fighting for that.”

Bash continued her question, “But now, inflation is really high. Are you concerned about a recession? The administration said that they weren’t that worried about the — about inflation. And then, that changed.”

Harris responded, “I think that there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority, which is bringing down the costs and prices as much as we possibly can. And we will stay focused on that.”

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Written by CFP Staff Writer

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