Ice Cream Shop Slammed For Refusing to Serve Police Officers in Body Armor

Detroit-based vegan ice cream shop has come under fire for its policy to refuse to serve armor-clad police officers.

Cold Truth owner owner Tim Mahoney shared his store’s new policy via an Instagram story Thursday. The post showed a Detroit Police car parked on the wrong side of the street in front of the shop with a caption that read, “we can tolerate the parking however you please, but we will not serve anyone wearing body armor.”

Mahoney followed up later with a Facebook post that clarified the position.

“Cold Truth is a family/community ice cream spot. There are times when various units come through and are outfitted in heavy duty tactical gear, it is disturbing and unsettling for some of the families in our space,” the post said

“In the last 24 hours It has come to my attention that the City of Detroit outfits EMS and FIRE with armor and this is not my concern. It’s the heavy duty military dress that I’m hoping the city can find a way to minimize in our public spaces.”

Screenshots of the original post caught fire online, which resulted in dozens of readers flooding the establishment with one-star reviews, ABC affiliate WXYZ Detroit reported

“We’re definitely getting national people kind of coming in and weighing in and calling and stuff like that,” owner Tim Mahoney told the outlet. “It’s unfortunate people are spending their time doing this.”

The ice cream shop owner said they’ve never turned law enforcement away.

“(We’re) not anti-police,” Mahoney continued. “We just think the militarization of the dress and the cars being blacked out, it’s intimidating.”

“I am vehemently against the heavy tactical gear and I want to be apart of the conversation that minimizes that,” Mahoney said. “It’s just the uniform, it’s the Kevlar, it’s that dress. We ask that after the shift, please come by.”

Detroit Police Department Chief James White blasted the shop for its stance in a statement. 

“Law enforcement is a dangerous profession,” White wrote. “Body armor provides our officers protection and is an essential part of the police uniform. It is the desire of each and every member of the Detroit Police Department to fulfill their duties as a law enforcement officer and at the end of their shift return home to their loved ones.”

Many members of the community seemed to side with the police.

“You know, police officers wear body armor for the same reason firefighters and paramedics do,” one Facebook comment with almost 500 likes says. “People shoot at them, and they need to be protected. And if you ever saw pictures of the armor military personnel wear, you would know that it is not the same. But, you hate cops, so you should just admit that.”

“As some who has lived in Detroit all my life and I’m not talking about the surrounding areas of Detroit, as a black female with black brothers/sisters, as someone who has protested police brutality, as someone with family in some of the worst parts of Detroit. I’m tired of y’all fake woke liberals,” another person wrote. 

“We literally have one of the deadliest zip codes in the country just a few weeks ago multiple police cars were lit up on different days. If them walking around with gear on to keep safe makes you uncomfortable go back to the suburbs. If you live in Detroit you should know downtown is wild in the summer period.”

Original Article: Detroit Ice Cream Shop Slammed For Policy Refusing To Serve Police Officers Wearing Body Armor | The Daily Wire


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  1. Oh grow up, your sensibilities are a prime example of what’s taking place in this country today. You should be happy those police are there no matter what they’re wearing.


      • Yes, sensibility would lead you to think, great having officers here and visible. Might just keep your business and employees safe. If something would happen, who you going to call: Ghostbusters?

  2. Police wear body armor so you do not have to. Asking them to come back after they are out of uniform is like asking someone to come in by the back door.

  3. If you are law abiding citizen you should be proud and happy to see these men come to your establishment those customers that feel threatened I believe those are the customers you should not serve! These men in uniform are giving your employees and customers they are safe for the time being while in their presence. But let’s forget about that what about these men and women who serve your community, don’t they deserve this equipment for their security, have you read how many men and women have been shot wearing this uniform???


  4. I bet if his shop was being robbed, he would be glad for this officer come to his rescue. Some one needs to give this man a lesson in respect for our officers.

  5. How stupid can one person be, will the liberal has shown me he only has a IQ about 2 points above plant life. I hope the citizen stop doing business I sure would that’s for sure.

  6. The reasoning of people like this is an indication of someone who sees first responders not of servants of the community who risk their lives daily, but as their personal servants who can wave a majic wand, stop all movement in society for the moment, take turns going home and take off their protection race back to order lunch which they agree not to eat as the time of their lunch break is up, leave a tip for the help, apologize to the owner for needing nourishment and promising never to return.this type of self aggrandizement and inability to relate to anyone not “ just like me” is just mind boggling.

  7. That’s right, announce to the local population that Police officers are not welcome if they are wearing body armor, which is everyday since this is Detroit. You might as well post a sign in your front window “ROBBERS WELCOME”

  8. Too bad the Detroit PD can’t return the moronic owners decision to not serve police officers by not answering any calls from their store. No 911 for you when some dirtbag with a stolen gun pointed at their face demanding them to empty the cash register!

    This shop owner should see what it’s like to wear all that gear that our law enforcement has to wear to do there jobs, so they can go home to their families.

    The Conservatives need to do a better job of defending our officers from liberal democratic idiots like this ice cream store owner. How many times do we citizens have to listen to the democrats communist politicians screaming that minorities have a right to assault / murder our police officers and loot / burn down our cities. Especially since all of these liberals claims are complete lies, including George Floyd’s death.

  9. Ridiculous! i give this shop about 6 months before it shuts down due to lack of customers. He will come to regret his decision based on a lame claim that the protective gear police must wear to protect themselves upsets his customers. And I’m curious about who he is going to call if he gets robbed or attacked? Hmmm?

  10. Long live our Police, Firemen, EMT’s, and all first responders. They are the backbone of what keeps us safe from lawless criminals. SEMPER FI!

  11. OK Boychecks,,,, I was a Cleveland Policeman and worked in the worst of the high crime areas in the city back in the “Bloody 70s”. Facing hard core militants was a daily thing and I received incoming fire more then once, so don’t tell me how dangerous the job is. – You better know how though the job is before you take it.

    That said, there is NO reason for a street policeman to me looking like he was about to hit the beach at Iwo Jima. Now I am not talking about something like a “Second Chance” vest worn under your uniform, but there is no reason to run around with a flak jacket with more offensive junk hanging from it then I wore when I was in Vietnam. I mean I have seen suburban guys who will never have to do more then fight an unruly drunk running around with smoke and flash bang grenades on their flak jackets. This is no way to look like anything more then a bully with a badge and will NEVER get the general public on your side. It’s things like this that are the cause of the “de-fund the police” snotballs to come out of the woodwork. If your main goal is not to help people then you have no business on the job in the first place, Intimidating and scaring the crap out of people is not going to help anybody, especially the police department. You need to have people be glad to see you and you better do everything in your power to make then see you as a friend. Dressing like a storm trooper and making people fear you is the quickest way to get them to hate you. Case in point,,,,These coppers are obviously scaring the store owner.

    So kevlar under your shirt is one thing but a combat flak jacket that looks like something from the “Tour of Duty” TV show is quite something else. You might as well carry an M-16 when you go to make a stolen car report. If you actually need the combat gear keep it in the trunk and put it on when you get to the fire fight or stand off. A Policeman is supposed to be there to serve the public and you don’t so that by looking like occupation troops in Afghanistan.

    And one more note to all you people bad rapping the icecream store. I have served tons of felony warrants inclusing on people in the Black Panther headquarters (Where they are ALWAYS better armed then any “SWAT team in the US) I have been shot at on the street more times then I want to remember too,,,,so before you run around spouting off about what it is like out there,,,,,,if you aint been there then shut the (expletive deleted) up.

    • Mathew Mulk, I have walked the beat in Los Angeles, so maybe you might want to re-think all that ignorant garbage you posted. No post said anything about exterior warm tactical vests , so easy on the I walked in snow for 10 miles nonsense. Today’s police officers have it way harder than you did in the 70’s because they’re being told by liberal idiots what they feel a police should wear and do on the job.

      I worked in Los Angeles’ inner cities for nearly 30yrs and I never saw one officer or deputy dressed as though they’re going to storm a beach head, so settle down old timer…

      • I think that you and Matthew have some salient points to be made… Thank you both for your service in UNIFORM, both our countries military and as PD patrol officers… The street is less safer now do to politicians with the ignorant social justice BS as their only reason for being in office… Do the math Matthew, when you remove the shooting fatalities and injuries to police officers AND civilians from new dork city, LA, schitcago, Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta and Houston The USA shooting deaths rate plummets to the basement when compared to the rest of the world… we have f..ked up by putting a whole lot of a certain type of person in public office and not just the mayor’s chair ….

  12. Mathew Mulk’s was NEVER a police officer but throws that in his post to try and make it believable, nice try Mathew you’re full of sh@t. You would think he’d be smart enough, which he obviously is not, to put in something good about the police and how hard the job is especially today in this anti police environment. instead we got 4 paragraphs of pure nonsense (BS) of what he truly feels about police officers. That was a nice touch though “I’ve been shot at more times then I want to remember too” and the black panthers reference.

  13. I think those police officers are better off without that man’s ice cream!!! I hope they find a better place to eat or get ice cream on the job from now on!! When I see a police officer anywhere I thank him for his Service and will even step in in a store to pay for what he ordered. I think that’s a great idea especially now to do for them to show how you appreciate them!! As far as what he is wearing, I think that’s the owners Personal problem with the police! Especially in that city I would rather my husband be in Full Gear and come home safe!!! I do hope his customers will tend to think the same way and find another Ice cream shop!!!

  14. Why?! Why in the world would anyone be so petty as to be offended by police officers wearing protective clothing when police are so vulnerable to hateful people wanting to kill police officers? Progressives have gone way too far in their demands for how they decide society can be allowed to exist. If not for the Progressive stand against police rather than them supporting the police, there would be less need for such protective body wear.
    A business should have the right to not serve people based on certain personal reasoning. A business cannot deny service to someone based on their ethnicity, age, theological belief and so on. So why is a business allowed to discriminate against police for wearing protective body armor that is part of their job?

  15. Where are the screaming liberals wanting to make store owners serve everyone regardless? I seem to remember the being all over the news a few years ago about a bakery not wanting to make a cake for a gay wedding. Are police not deserving of the same? Plus isn’t vegan ice cream just misleading anyway?

  16. Bet he would if they saved his life!!! Is that what has to happen now for people to respect Our Men In Blue Again???

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