Portland Protestors Launch Violent Attack on Federal Buildings

Protesters in downtown Portland spent the night of July 4 smashing windows, shooting off mortars into the federal building and burning an American flag as a response to the death of Jayland Walker in Ohio.

The outlet reported that as of 10 pm, there were about 50-100 protesters, with some dressed in black bloc. After launching at least 2 mortars at the federal building, the protesters marched through the streets of downtown Portland, breaking windows as they went.

The previous night, Antifa shut down the street in downtown Portland and vandalized buildings with violent extremist messages calling for mass murder.

Days before, an unlawful assembly was declared when approximately 60 people broke windows in Portland’s Piedmont neighborhood. The activists marched from Peninsula Park down Rosa Parks Way, smashing windows along the route.

According to KOIN, on June 25 about 200 people gathered in Grant Park for what was labeled a march for “abortion rights” and walked down Sandy Boulevard smashing windows and also vandalized a Portland school van by breaking windows and tagging it.

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Written by CFP Staff Writer

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