12 Officers Injured After ‘Hostile Crowd’ Hurls Fireworks, Glass Bottles

At least 12 officers were injured in San Francisco early Tuesday when a “hostile crowd” hurled fireworks and glass bottles toward police responding to a fire in the street after midnight. 

The San Francisco Police Department Mission Station shared video Tuesday saying officers responded to a large crowd and a fire at 24th Street and Harrison at approximately 12:39 a.m. 

The footage showed a chaotic scene as debris burned in the middle of the intersection, and explosives could be heard going off over the sound of music blaring.

“Officers attempted to disperse the hostile crowd,” SFPD Mission Station tweeted. “Fireworks and glass bottles were thrown at officers. 12 officers were injured as a result.” 

“Despite staffing issues, officers eventually were able to clear the crowds from the street and SFFD [San Francisco Fire Department] was able to extinguish the fire before further damage occurred,” a follow-up tweet added.

The incident occurred hours after hundreds gathered at San Francisco’s Pier 39 on the waterfront for a commissioned large firework show despite heavy fog reportedly ruining the view for onlookers. 

In a June 30 press release on fireworks safety, the San Francisco Police Department reminded residents and visitors that “all fireworks (including those branded as “Safe and Sane”) are illegal in San Francisco.”

It cited municipal code that bans any person, firm, company, corporation, or association from firing or discharging fireworks within city limits unless they’re granted jointly written consent from the fire marshal and chief of police. “Each year more than 12,000 fireworks-related injuries, half of them children, are treated in hospital emergency rooms,” the department said. “Possession of fireworks such as skyrockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers, and other types that explode, go into the air, or uncontrollably move on the ground can lead to a citation or an arrest.

The press release said the city and county of San Francisco was holding an Independence Day fireworks show along the waterfront Sunday, starting at 9:30 p.m. 

“You can watch fireworks from vantage points along San Francisco’s waterfront,” it said. “Note: Due to COVID-19, there are no City-sponsored festivals or gatherings this July 4th and the State of California strongly recommends that anyone planning to attend the Fourth of July fireworks be fully vaccinated, and obtain a negative COVID-19 test prior to attending the event, or wear a face covering.”

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  1. Still hanging on to the ridiculous nonsense over covid. The entire planet has moved on with the exception of California and China. Progressive my ass. Regressive and oppressive are the tenants of global liberalism. Do as you are told or else. So you can buy sell and inject heroin on the streets of San Francisco but own any fireworks and you are an instant criminal. My guess is this had zero to do with fireworks and everything to do with the push to cancel 4th of July celebrations. You literally have to be one of the elites or a complete moron to want to live in San Francisco. Either that or one of the drug addled street dwellers that appear to have more rights than every tax paying hard working citizen. The end is near for the leftists in power and you can almost feel the changes coming. Every single time we allow these idiots to take power they destroy everything and contribute nothing. Come November I say good riddance to leftists and the woke.

  2. These coppers need to talk to the Ohio National Guardsmen that were at Kent State to see what you do when a crowd starts throwing rocks at you. If you check back it was years before rioters challenged armed law officers again, and I could be wrong but I don’t remember one incidence of anybody trying to confront the National Guard or regular Military since then.

    What ever happened to “reading the riot act” and if the rioters didn’t disperse what happened was on them?

    Don;t get me wrong, I have no use for the collage boy bullies with badges, but I have even less use for rioters that think they can break the law with no consequences…. Time for a healthy dose of
    IF -THEN (IF you this – THEN that will happen) and make the “THEN” a bullet in the face.

  3. It is about time that the Police everywhere do their jobs in maintaining the peace. Allowing bottles to be thrown and then doing nothing to at least protect yourself only enhances the mobs actions against all Police. It is time to take back the cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.


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