Hunter Biden Films Himself Smoking Crack in Detox Tank Paid For By Joe Biden

Fresh footage has emerged from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell showing him sitting in a sensory deprivation tank smoking crack from a pipe just weeks after he asked his father to pay for a detox program.

The Daily Mail obtained the footage, shot at Blue Water Wellness Centre in Massachusetts, and dating from January 2019. Biden is seen also drinking alcohol inside the tank.

He again filmed himself for some bizarre reason sitting naked in the tank playing with his genitals and looking completely shitfaced.

Text messages found via the laptop also confirm that Hunter texted his father asking for money to pay for the treatment in addition to bills and alimony.

Joe Biden responded saying he was wiring $75,000 dollars to his son to pay for the treatment.

Further texts reveal that Hunter asked for another $20,000 just days later to fund a ‘sober house’ detox program. His father again appeared to oblige him, responding “Just called Mel he will get 20 to your account this afternoon tomorrow morning at latest. He will contact me when transfer goes through.”

In a text on January 1st 2019, Hunter told a woman he appeared to be acquainted with that “my dad is paying for whatever I need.”

The latest footage comes after the White House Press Secretary refused to answer questions regarding the laptop and a voicemail left on Hunter’s phone by Joe Biden seemingly discussing business dealings.

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  1. talk about UTTER Depravity? being enabled by a deficit dad. Guess all those 10%’s were spent . This man needs to find and pray to God. Only God can fix what is so morally corrupt in his spirit.

  2. Joe Biden is as corrupt as they come. Nobody cares about an entitled piece of trash except as it applies to Joe’s corruption and being compromised. He’s selling the entire country out for his own personal profits. He’s doing everything he can to destroy America’s energy production while sending our strategic oil reserves to China. This is very likely the worst administration in our history. Disgusting piece of human garbage

  3. Don’t forget, this was a couple years back. Now he has somebody telling him everything he does. Brandon can’t even find his way to and from the toilet without help these days, but there is no doubt he is dirty as a piece of used toilet paper. ,,,,, Wounder if the senile old twit even remembers any of this stuff that he was involved in up to his arm pits.

    Well if the congress doesn’t remove him before then, at the worst 29 months and days and we will never hear of him again.

  4. If it were not for low, the Biden’s would have no class at all. I am not for abortion, but in Hunter’s case, it would not have been a bad judgment call.

  5. Biden releases oil from our reserves to “supposedly” lower the price of gas for the American people and some how 950,000 barrels of OUR oil reserve goes to China. So we are depleting our emergency reserve and sending it to China, if that doesn’t show how compromised Biden is I don’t know what does.
    As far as hunter goes, his life is over, there isn’t a person that would go near that waste now, with everything that has come out about him and may I add all self inflicted who would ever want to be associated with him. If this waste, hunter, videoed all this crap in his pathetic life Just imagine what China, Russia and Ukraine have on him

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