You Won’t Believe What NY is Requiring for Gun Permits

Last month the Supreme Court left the anti-gun leftists sore with its ruling on gun rights in various states. Now New York, one of the most crime-infested states run by liberals, has rushed to pass legislation that gives the authorities the right to inspect the social media history of gun owners in order to issue them permits to carry concealed firearms in public.

Conservative publications like The Federalist celebrated the Supreme Court ruling as a “huge win for the Constitution” for protecting the second amendment right to bear firearms for one’s self-defense. In the case of New York, the ruling decided that people had the right to bear arms in public for self-defense. As expected, this didn’t sit well with the left-wing leadership and administration of New York. So it sprung into action to make it difficult for gun owners to carry in public.

On July 1st, New York’s governor Kathy Hochul signed a law that obliges New Yorkers to share their social media history from the past three years in order to be considered for gun permits to carry concealed firearms in public. As reported in The Washington Examiner:

Those seeking gun permits would have to disclose both their active and inactive social media accounts from the past three years as well as provide references the state can contact to confirm their “good moral character.”

Good moral character? On what criteria do the Democrats assess one’s moral character to be eligible for carrying a gun? It’s not hard to imagine the political power grab behind this vindictive measure by the state. The revengeful nature of the new law stands out in the context of New York’s previous law that limited gun sales to only those who have a “legally recognized reason for wanting to possess or carry a firearm.” That law was deemed unconstitutional and struck down by the recent Supreme Court ruling. Hochul convened for a special session the very next day after the Supreme Court ruling to pass the new law restricting the right to carry guns in public.

The Federalist noted that carry permit holders aren’t mass shooters; they are just law-abiding responsible citizens and slapping them with restrictive laws against carrying in public is simply a political display of authoritarianism. Red Voice Media commented on the new law requiring social media history for carry permits, calling it an “early form of Chinese-style social credit in the United States.”
New York’s vindictive measure against gun owners comes at a time when the state is making nearly daily headlines for unchecked crime. As reported on Fox News (July 07, 2022), the overall incidence of crime in New York City has gone up by 31% compared to last June. With restrictions on carrying guns and attacks on the privacy of citizens, New York has further endangered the safety of its residents and emboldened criminals that the liberal administration has failed to control. In the left’s worldview, though, it’s considered progress.

Written by Ernest Dempsey

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