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In Reality, Kamala Harris Does Not Want to Be in Charge of Anything!

Is it laziness or simply an awareness of her own incompetence? It seems like Vice President Kamala Harris really does not want to be in charge of anything.

Apparently, in an attempt to find her something relevant to do, the White House has offered the VP a chance to head up many programs and special projects– all of which she has turned down or approached with a definitive lack of enthusiasm.

Case in point, Harris was less than thrilled about being tapped to lead the Administration’s response to the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. The Washington Post reported the vice president “had initial reservations” about becoming the face of the Administration’s response, worried she could be pigeonholed on the issue because of her gender, according to people familiar with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Ultimately, Harris did agree to be “in charge” of the White House’s effort to protect abortion rights across the country. But, if her past performance is any indication, she will likely handle this responsibly as well as she did the crisis at the border, and all she will accomplish is another failed effort to put on her resume.

Harris failed to accomplish anything at the border, barely even visiting the US southern border even while being the so-called “border Czar.” Harris similarly failed epically when Biden tasked her to oversee the Administration’s efforts to secure voting rights.

New York Times reporters Martin and Burns reported that after holding a series of initial meetings with activists, Harris failed to marshal any kind of significant push for voting rights on Capitol Hill. Months after taking the assignment, they note, she had not even spoken about the issue with Sens. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska), whose votes were crucial to passing voter legislation in the Senate.

The reporters wrote that voting rights soon became “another dead end” for the vice president, who “continued to resist the exhortation to pick some signature issues, partly out of concern that she would be restricted to handling subjects closely linked to her personal identity.” Martin and Burns said that Harris preferred to take ownership of “broad-spectrum issues” that wouldn’t be “mainly associated with women and Black Americans.”

This same kind of attitude is echoed in Harris’s lukewarm response to picking up the ball on abortion rights which is evidenced by her lack of enthusiasm as well some classic “open mouth insert foot” moments while discussing the issue.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Harris would drive this country into the ground with her lack of leadership and ignoring one crises after the other!

    Democrats need to look for new leadership in 2024 or they are total fools!

    Remembering the Pe·ter Prin·ci·ple
    NOUN -the principle that members of a hierarchy are promoted until they reach the level
    at which they are no longer competent. She has definitely arrived
    . In Short, she is NOT qualified or prepared for the job.
    Another example of Token political appointments. ugh! Are there any GOOD Politicans?
    Will try to CORRECT that problem in next election. 🙂

  3. Well at least Biden & Harris are both equally stupid and incompetent – the mark of a true worthless Democrap. Stupid incorporated.

  4. If not for being elected (debatable) she would be fired in any other organization. And to think she is an attorney. Pity the fool who would hire her.

  5. Minority privilege has given her a free ride to a life of luxury off of her status as a minority. She has an entitlement to be entitled to the position without having to actually work but is entitled to everything that goes with the title. So as veep she is entitled to do as she pleases which is to currently stand behind the president to support him in the event he falls .

  6. Is it laziness or simply an awareness of her own incompetence or excessive Pot smoking? It seems like Vice President Kamala Harris really does not want to be in charge of anything.

  7. Our country is in serious trouble because no one in the O’Biden & Harris administration are capable of running our country. The entire administration hates the United States and the hard working people who live here. There blatant globalist ideologies and policies that put America last are destroying this country.

    This far, the Democratic Communist Party’s policies are very similar to our 8-years of a failed presidency under Barack Hussein Obama, who was trying to take us down this same anti-American path. Did the radical democrats learn from Obama’s failed presidency, No!

    Unfortunately for conservatives and even moderate Democrats, the Republican Party does not have the fighting backbone we need to fight back against the radical communist Democratic Party. The Dem’s are at war with our country and the Republican Party members don’t even seem to know this. The Republican politicians are perfectly comfortable riding on Trumps back and coasting back into power. The Republican politicians didn’t defend President Trump and they’re not going to defend the American people from what the Democratic politicians have gotten away with!

  8. Those of you who are pursuing an impeachment of Pres. Biden, think on this: If he goe, you get Harris, and if SHE goes, I believe the next in line is Nancy Pewlosi. Whichever way it falls, this country is screwed six ways from Sunday. The Repubs need to continue to hold on for the sake of our nation until 2024.

      • The speaker does not have to me a member of the house. There is no requirement in the Constitution that says the person elected by the house or any other position has to even be a citizen. The NWO Marxist (democrat) party could elect an illegal alien invader to be speaker,,,,,Not sure if they couldn’t be deported, shortly thereafter, though.

  9. I say there is a better then average chance brandon would never finish his term by whatever means,,,,,, But would that necessarily be a bad thing? Kamshaft wouldn’t do a thing if she took over other then living the life of Riley and doing nothing else. We would be far better off with that then another 29 months and days of the senile old twit fouling up daily. Nothing at all would be better then what we have now.

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