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Palestine’s Star-Spangled Banner is Categorically Terrible

President Biden just reversed Donald Trump’s Palestine policy and the U.S. is now expected to offer hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the terrorist-ridden nation. For this, they gave him a warm reception. Lukewarm, at best . . . Actually terrible . . . Just know that this is what they think of us. This is worse than your daughter’s first recital. Sorry, since we had to hear it, you do too.


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  1. The senile doddering old fool probably did even notice they are laughing at him for being such a chump and sending money to a country that would kill every Jewish and Christian American in the world. 10 bucks says they muffed the Anthem on purpose to further insult brandon and laugh about him not noticing it.

    I just want to know one thing though. Why are there no riots in the streets here for brandon begging to spend American money on moslem(sic) oil when we have a surplus here in the ground waiting to be tapped? I know they are far to greedy to do it but wouldn’t it be great if the gasoline producers boycotted any crude form overseas. Why are the wokies OK with fossil fuels as long as they do not come form American Sources? Doesn’t foreign oil warm the global as much as our oil does?

    Kind of off subject, but if electric cars are so great why can’t they survive without gubment(sic) subsidies? Never saw buying a Corvette, or Ferrari get anybody a tax credit. – In fact you have to pay a premium just to get on the waiting list to buy one. ,,,,, Am I missing something here? Or is it EVs are not worth a crap and you have to pay people to buy them? Got the be the new math of the NWO Marxists.

  2. So, why would the USA hand over millions to each of the following enemies, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah in lieu of Palestine, Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela to name just the principals? Doesn’t take much imagination. Possibly treason? What the hell is happening to the greatest country ever on the face of this world? Just keep voting democrat and we will be owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese. Who would have ever thought that the country that threw off the chains of England would succumb so quickly to Marxism?

  3. This fool that we have as our president can’t seem to do enough to destroy our great country. If this is allowed to continue, we are doomed as a country. G-d bless America and the American people.

  4. Our sad excuse for an American President is an enemy of the American People & the Jewish people and has been in collusion with the SO called Palestinians who never existed as a people before 1917 when the British gave the name to marsh Arabs living in Modern Day Israel. Why would we buy oil from Saudi Arabia when we have millions of barrels in the ground in our own country ? Answer, to promote the electric car industry & to appease the Chinese. The only hope for our country is a total Red wave wiping out the Democrat’s small advantage in the House in the 2024 0ff year election. If I was in the leader of Saudi Arabia, I would flat out refuse to pump any oil headed for the United States.

  5. As a lifelong musician who played in numerous school bands (marching bands, school orchestra, jazz ensembles, etc.) I can tell you no one plays that number of wrong notes, without it being done on purpose. That was an intentional insult to the United States.

    Military bands, like every other band, rehearse their performances. If anyone cannot play their part correctly, they do not maintain their position in the band, but are reassigned.

    The fact that a number of horn parts were played so blatantly off key, with persistence, and numerous instruments were out of tune indicates that the entire performance was flubbed on purpose, as no band, not even a foreign military band, who are supposed to give their country pride, performs without first ensuring everyone is in tune…

    The whole performance was obviously seen as a joke by the Palestinians, and as an insult to the United States, with Biden not even noticing or caring…

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