Staring Declared Sex Crime in London

Britain’s capital London has become one of the crime capitals of the world. Now the authorities in London have declared staring a sex crime, leaving many to question the vagueness and potential abuse of this classification.

In March this year, London’s mayor, warned Londoners that staring on public transport qualifies for sexual harassment and won’t be tolerated. Khan’s office along with Transport for London (TFL) created posters warning passengers on public transport to refrain from “intrusive staring.” The poster reads:

Intrusive staring of a sexual nature is sexual harassment and is not tolerated.

The poster instructs anyone witnessing such an act to text or call the authorities. It also provides a number to a “sexual harassment line” where witnesses can call anonymously to report staring of a sexual nature.

Following this categorization of staring as a kind of sex crime, advocates of women rights and freedom have debated the issue on traditional and social media. Though the warning posters by Mayor Khan and TFL don’t specify starting by or at any gender, both critics and supporters of the declaration have taken it to mean staring at women by men. Supporters of the move say it will help check the harassing advances of male passengers toward females, something frequently witnessed on public transport.

But critics, including women, are concerned that making starting a sex crime is government overreach and opens the gates to abuse of the vague phrasing used in the warning. Lois McLatchie, a writer for a legal advocacy organization, questioned how somebody would determine what act of staring was intsrusive and what was innocent. Referring to government overreach apparent in the warning against staring, McLatchie said:

Big Brother is watching.

Sadiq Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, infamously made news in 2016 when he announced plans to ban ads showing women in revealing dresses on public transport. Politically aligned with the liberals in and outside Britain, Khan’s move was slammed as an attempt to bring an Islamic code of dress to London’s transport system. Under Khan’s rule, London has made news numerous times for unchecked crime and violence. Last year, Statista reported that London police recorded crime figures showing an increase of 168.76 thousand criminal offenses in the year 2019-20 as against the stats in 2015-16.

Gender historian Zoe Strimple, appearing on Good Morning Britain, pointed to the surging crime in London, including sex crime against women, and wondered why the authorities would not focus on using the limited resources to combat crimes of serious nature instead of wasting efforts on claims of sexual staring.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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    • You have brought up an interesting point! How does the person reporting you or that matter the authorities who are arresting you know how you identified at the moment of said crime?

      On Tuesday, June 28, Pew Research released an insightful poll on how Americans feel about gender and transgender issues. The survey analysis said that 38% of Americans believe society has gone too far in accepting the transgender movement. The far left continues to push its radical gender agenda regardless of what many Americans think. Now, the dating website is getting in on the action.

      Match has you covered if you’re looking for love outside the traditional man and woman options. The site lists more than two dozen options for users to choose from regarding gender identity. One can choose agender, transgender, gender fluid, non-binary, intersex, polygender, pangender, demiman and demiwoman, or neutrois among the wide variety of choices.

      You may wonder what some of these words even mean because people don’t use them often. Let’s take a quick look:

      Neutrois: A person who considers themselves gender-neutral or identifies as both genders.

      Demiman or demiwoman: A person who has a partial connection for one gender and believes they are a bit of both.

      Polygender: Someone who claims to be of multiple genders.

      Pangender: This term describes a person comfortable with a wide variety of gender labels and doesn’t confine themselves to a single description. They are fluid in their self-definition.

      So, where does all of this end? One has to wonder if it ever will. In 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau added to the LGBTQ list by extending it to “2SLGBTQIA+.”

      If that’s not confusing enough, sit back. There may be more to come in the days and months ahead.

  1. I’ve been to London 3 toomes. Always enjoyed my visits. Now that London has got the WOKE BUG, I won’t go there again. The same goes for NYC, although I used to live in NY.

  2. Notice to the wokies,,,,,Don’t try it here. There are still a few red blooded American men left that appreciate beautiful ladies and if you try to stop them you could end up in a dumpster with head injuries.

    Looks like the Britts are headed for extinction though. They have made so much as speaking to a lady a sex crime so nobody is going to be interacting with women at all so no body will be getting married……Yo,,,,Maybe males in Europe CAN have babies ?????

    How is it they have not sent this moslem(sic) puke down the road. Can;t believe they elect “it” Looks like we know how they lost their empire. Lakaballsitus.

    Speaking of sex crimes,,,,,Notice to the LGBQRST alphabet perverts in the USA. We the People will be back in 5 months and days and this time no more Mr; nice guy. Sanity is returning. Better start getting used to using the right bathroom or you are going to LOVE prison.

  3. Someone should handle this like it would have been handled in the town where I grew up. Go over to the mayor and push down on the top of his head with a knuckle and tell him: ‘Go to your room and don’t come out until you are ready to apologize.’

  4. The most insidious component of the law is the anonymous complaints. Police will be required to investigate them all. And it will not be limited to phone calls. Out in public, people doing the reports will not know the “offenders” name. They’ll send in a photo from their phone, which obviously will not show a person in the act of staring at them. Now, photos of the “offenders” will be posted on bus and train stations, as well as on buses and train cars. “Please call if you know the name of any of these offenders.”
    Somebody did not hold a door open for you as you approached from 50 feet away? Take a pic and submit a harassment complaint.

  5. I do remember The Obsolete Man” (Episode 2.29), If you have only one episode to cite as an example of The Twilight Zone’s political vein, make it “The Obsolete Man,” a ruthless depiction of authoritarianism and its ultimately futile grip on power. As always, Burgess Meredith is a force to be reckoned with as a librarian who’s deemed obsolete by his fascist rulers. He makes a bet with the chancellor (Fritz Weaver) to prove who’s really the “obsolete man.” Director Elliot Silverstein’s stark use of German expressionist aesthetic perfectly complements writer Serling’s high theatrics. This is why our founding fathers placed the 2nd amendment right after free speech as the 2nd amendment is the peoples last resort against a government out of control!

  6. These two quotes, although, there are others…kind of sum-up what we are seeing today.

    1. “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.”—George Orwell.”

    2. “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”—Harry S. Truman.

  7. Pure unadulterated nonsense. Drivel. This purely another attempt at virtue signaling. There’s absolutely no basis in reality on enforcement therfore it’s just another distraction. All you have to do is look at the number of responses to this article to see why politicians do this foolishness. It clearly works. Never mind that you can’t afford food or shelter because you have to be worried about being prosecuted for staring! 🤣
    Good lord people are gullible

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