The Battle to Legalize Topless Women is Not Going Away

Advocates of “gender equality” have been trying to win the right for women to go topless in public places because men are free to do it everywhere but women can’t in most of the country. The battle has gone to court quite a few times.

Scenes of topless women were long part of movies and magazines, but were not considered decent for general audiences and not legally allowed in public in daily life. The movement for allowing women to go topless in public practically scored its first legal victory with the 1992 decision of the New York Supreme Court, after a series of protests in the 1980s supporting the movement, granting the women their demand. The ruling legalized toplessness for women in New York.

The next big moment for the movement was Lina Esco’s 2012 movie Free The Nipple, which gave the movement its name. In September 2019, the Free The Nipple movement scored its biggest victory to date as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed women in six states to go topless. These states include Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Utah.

Emboldened with the legalization of going bare-breasted in six states, the gender equality advocates pushing for women’s right to go topless expected a similar victory in another important case—Ocean City, Maryland’s restriction on letting women bare their breasts in public. After losing the appeal in a federal court in August 2021, five women advocating Free The Nipple took the case to the Supreme Court. In February 2022, however,  the Supreme Court declined to hear the challenge, thus denying women the permission to sunbathe topless.

Advocates of Free The Nipple consider the restrictions on women specifically to keep a top on in public as sexist and discriminatory. They are convinced that breasts are sexualized and the laws against topless exposure for women only represent unfair male dominance. To date, there seems no serious effort to learn how many women across the country really support the right to go topless in public. The left, particularly the feminists, have been supportive of the Free The Nipple movement, insisting on desexualizing the female top half of the body and the laws. They argue that legalizing toplessness wouldn’t make women roam around topless everywhere; but that they should be able to go topless where men do, like on beaches, without any fear of penalties.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. They SAY that all they want is the right to go topless where men go topless, but since when has the left ever stopped at their initial talking points? Remember, Roe v Wade was supposed to just make abortion “Safe, Legal, and RARE”! Well, fast forward 60+ years and you’ve got abortion up to and in some cases, after birth! The recent overturn will not slow it down in the least, as you’ve now got the military – yes THE MILITARY – vowing to disobey the laws in any states that outlaw abortions for any reason and corporations like Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods vowing to contribute money to the burgeoning abortion tourism industry by transporting employees to and paying for abortions in abortion legal states! The same will happen with these “Free the Nipple” get there way nationally. “Just where men go topless” will turn into not wearing clothes at all, and ANYWHERE THEY DAMNED WELL PLEASE! Wake up America – we are at war!

    • You are so right. I’m disappointed I can no longer shop at Amazon or Dick’s along with dozens of other businesses, because of their abortion stance, but I have to hold true to my principles. Can you even imagine being so shameless that you’d go to your boss and tell him you need an abortion at his (our) expense? The other confusing thing is that libs don’t know what a woman is, so as far as their thought processes go, women may already be going topless in public places. Furthermore, have these lunatics never heard of nude beaches? They’ve only been around for decades. They can go there and show off their lovely breasts and even their other private parts and put an end to this other nonsense.

  2. Welcome to Sodom and gamora….the last time we turned our eyes away from God this much the city was destoried…maybe this time it will be our country…we need church worst then we have ever needed it…may God be with are sinful country.

    • Here is what happens when you place your faith in God:

      1. Nothing
      2. You no longer need take responsibility for your own actions
      3. You hear voices in your head that you attribute to a deity, not the workings of your own mind.
      4. You accept as “truth” the words of those who gain by your belief, and you do their bidding.
      5. After death, you live only in the memory of those who respect your works made during life.
      6. You might become a ghost, but the jury is still out on that one.
      7. And “Ghosts” in no way relate to what is called a “soul” because ghostly energy dissipates.

      • Wrong Jay. We all believe in a higher authority. Call it God or call it whatever, we all believe that man is incapable of doing the wonderful thigs we do while, at the same time, doing all the incredible stupid things we do. Example, and a very simple one at that, a natural flower has a wonderful scent. When man changers the genetic makeup of the flower, it will lose it’s scent. We have bright blue roses that have no smell. Mess with God and you will always LOSE.


      • Jay,
        You are so wrong. An atheist or just never exposed to Christianity? I feel sad for you, but you still have time to believe in GOD. I hope that someday you do.

  3. 1. So what?
    2. Naked fat chicks are obscene … and unhealthy
    3. When boobs sag, will they still hold interest?
    4. Mystery causes fascination. Public nudity might reduce sexual assaults.

    • Public nudity won’t stop sexual assault wether on beaches or parks these women are asking for danger even wearing skimpy outfits they’re assaulted this shit needs to stop. And abortion should be outlaw. Period unless the life of the woman is in danger raped by force but to just abort a baby after 8 weeks should be charged with murder. Period. That shit. My body my life. Well. Don’t get knocked up and use contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant period.

      • Whoever wants to have an abortion then ties so they can’t have children in the future. Go back old fashion to wear proper clothes no more sexy for men. No need sex with men unless vasectomy either. If you are dating with someone else no sex at all until get married and starting with family. No more wild party beach nudes or drinking. Stay home settle down . Stay away from the bars, yachts, and others. ABORTION MURDER!! If you didn’t want a baby and let someone to adoption instead murdered babies that’s sad!

      • Whoever wanted to have an abortion then must be ties so they can’t have children in the future. Go back old fashion no more sexy and wear the proper clothes. Avoid public nudity beaches, wild party, yachts and others. No sex men unless vasectomy or until get married and starting family later. Close your legs ! Pervert men. Women are weaker, too. STAY HOME AS SETTLE DOWN! That’s simple life! CRAZY WORLD WHAT WRONG WITH EVERYONE PLEASE WAKE UP! Sometime women are greedy $$$ and accused for raped. Men need to respect women, too. I don’t agreed with abortion right’s that’s wrong. GOD DON’T LIKE THIS! ABORTION CALLED MURDER! If you didn’t want a baby and let someone to adopt babies instead murdered.

  4. In a related article: BBC – London UK: British Transport Police and Transport for London successfully prosecute man for “intrusive staring” on public transport, warning travelers it can constitute sexual harassment. UK Lawmakers are going one step further and have passed legislation making Staring a Sex Crime in any location.

    • Made a couple of mistakes in my comment. The first one is “women not woman and the second one is equality not equity” DUH on my part.

    • Made a couple of mistakes in my comment. It should be “WOMEN not WOMAN” and the second mistake should be “EQUALITY not EQUITY”

  5. I’m a woman and I don’t even want to see other women’s saggy, wrinkled breasts. That’s what nudist colonies are for.

  6. When I place my faith in God;

    Feel at peace knowing that I will go to Heaven when I die.
    Realize good and evil exist.
    Recognize that there is something greater than the me
    only movement.
    See that without God, people will do whatever they want
    even hurting or killing innocent people in their selfishness.
    All things are possible.
    How many lost people there are.
    How many unhappy people.
    Why jails are overflowing in every city.
    The lies of the devil.
    Trying to please people is impossible.
    God forgives me when I make a mistake. People do not.
    Helping people is good. Hurting people is not.
    Only God could have created the Heavens, the earth and
    everything in it. Just like the Bible says.
    How awesome God is by allowing his son to die for our
    sins(yesterday, today, and tomorrow).
    That praying in Jesus Name makes great things happen.
    Not all Religions are right.
    Have no fear of dying. May be painful, but suffering for
    God is worth it.
    Doing Gods will is more important than mine.
    Faithless cannot know God. How could they.

  7. Can’t believe no one stated the obvious solution. Make men going top less illegal as well. I find it disrespectful when men strip down anyway. The exception for both men and women would be at any poolside or beach or when breastfeeding for women. Sorry guys but no matter how you want to believe only women can breastfeed..

  8. Gas is at an all time high. There is no baby formula and we are have a rescission staring down our throats. Brandon is selling our emergency oil reserve to China and buying oil from stinking moslems(sic) that would see us all dead if we don’t convert when we have plenty right here waiting to be pumped out of the ground and Legislators and courts are fighting about a bunch of silly broads want to run around with their tits hanging out.

    Let’s put this in perspective. WHO CARES!!!!!!
    They can go around buck naked as far as I’m concerned.

  9. New laws allowing women to go topless is a great idea.
    However age limits should be imposed .
    Women above age 35 should still be required to cover up .
    Thanks you

  10. If they ever took a survey to see how many women actually wanted to go topless, they would learn that it is not something most women want to do, or see their female relatives or friends do. This is the desire of the immoral liberals and the voyeuristic. No good comes from women running around topless. Don’t want to see it.

  11. Ho Ho Ho. The joke is on who? non-commital sex, sexless bathrooms , abortion and now topless women, Women’s rights? No, rather women’s wrongs. Men do not have the right to go topless, it’s just no one is interested in their “top”. Men promote “women’s body rights” Why” ? It .gets them what they want, and free of responsibility. Men support transsexualism.because it .gets them to ogle naked women, right up their alley. Wake up women, women’s sports are just the first in line of our demise. Men are not to blame. Watch out, the devil’s fish line is out there just waiting for you to take another bite.

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