AOC Pretends to be Handcuffed While Being Escorted Away from Supreme Court

AOC has somehow managed to make herself look even worse in one of her most embarrassing moves yet. Video shows the congresswoman pretending to be in handcuffs as she is escorted away from the Supreme Court steps after a protest. Her obvious attempt for a photo op was immediately noticed, and she is already being called out for the embarrassing display.



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  1. Drama Queen is one way to describe her, I could think of several more that would be far more accurate in describing her, but drama queen would be the cleanest.

  2. It’s all about AOC. She loves to play the victim. She worries about her safety in D.C. and thinks that conservatives want to physically molest her. The last thing we need in D.C. is more lawmakers with anxiety disorders!

  3. Am so sick of hearing what she thinks!!! That is the problem, she DOES NOT THINK!!! Her mouth and what little brain she has, are disconnected. She never researched before she makes these ridiculous statements. She makes a fool out of herself constantly.

    She thinks she is better than others, and she is so much less. Everything is all about her feelings, and the heck with anybody else. People with real problems are anathema to her.

  4. She’s a dumbass like most every other democrat (and some Republicans). The democrats are nothing but an embarrassment for America and says a lot about the lack of intelligence of those that voted those idiots into office.

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