Tucker Carlson Blows Whistle on Obama’s Corruption

Tucker Carlson had a major warning for the American people.

Not everything in Washington, D.C. is as it seems.

And now Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on the scary thing Barack Obama is doing behind closed doors.

Tucker Carlson tore into Democrats and the media for waiting so long to speak the truth about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Carlson told viewers that Biden had dementia, and that a person close to the President told him that Jill Biden pumped Joe full of drugs so his mind could function.

But to make matters even worse, Carlson said Barack Obama was still the one in charge of the Democrat Party.

And in 2020, Obama described a scenario that many Americans would find eerily similar to how events played out when he told left-wing TV host Stephen Colbert what a third term in office would look like for him.

“I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, or front-man or front-woman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating,” Obama stated.

Barack Obama is Constitutionally barred from serving as President again.

But that doesn’t mean he cannot exert any influence over the Democrat Party and American politics.

In the 2020 election, Donald Trump warned Americans that Joe Biden was mentally shot and would serve as a figurehead puppet for the radical Left.

It looks like that is exactly what is going on.

One of Obama’s biggest loyalists – Susan Rice – is the chief domestic policy advisor for Joe Biden.

Rice knows what Obama would want carried out.

Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda – from the socialist spending bills, grabbing guns, open borders, and the push for the Green New Deal – are all extensions of policies Barack Obama wished he could have installed during his time in office.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Original Article: Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on the scary thing Barack Obama is doing behind closed doors – Renewed Right


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    • You sound like my late father. He hated LBJ and claimed he NEVER voted for the man, because he (my dad) always voted a straight Democrat ticket! We told him, “Dad, LBJ is head of the Democrat Party!” And he consistently replied, “I don’t care! I never voted for him. I vote Democrat!”

      Makes sense to a Democrat now, doesn’t it?


  1. Sick administration and hurting America with such bad judgements. Everybody knows it but Democrats are trying to prop him up. He won’t last because he is getting worse.

  2. All thanks goes to Trump for cutting and running like a coward and not fighting a stolen election. He also is in bed with Big Pharma over his pushing the deadly ‘jabs’ for monetary and political gain. No Do Overs!

    • R u on drugs n delusional
      TRUMP is not a coward or in bed with big pharma
      Sleepy Joe is in bed
      As for the rigged election PRESIDENT TRUMP could not fight by himself n was cut off by every liberal around
      Get your facts straight u moron

      • You people who are die-hard trump supporters seem to have a mental problem. No matter what crimes he committ or lies he tells you still support him. Everytime he opened his mouth a lie came out. The one lie he did not tell is: if he would run for President he would run as a Republican because they would believe anything he said. Sounds as if he knew how dumb you people are. Even some of those who took part of the Jan. 6th activities said even though they knew what they were going to do was wrong, they did it because trump told them to, and he was the President.

        • I always say the democrats depend on stupid people to get elected and you Beverly have proven my point beautifully thank you. One example of how stupid you are, I’m only giving one example bc there are too many to mention. How about Russia Russia Russia, you and your stupidity fell for that BS hook line and sinker. To show how stupid you truly are you still believed it was Trump and all along it was the loser Hillary, God only knows what russia, China and Ukraine have on the idiot in the White House and his pathetic son or are you really THAT STUPID to believe that that isn’t hunter’s laptop and Biden never talked to him about his business dealings. Well Come November when we kick your ASS in the midterms we will find out.

  3. Funny Odummer ran this country into the ground while in office all the time blaming Bush for the condition and took Trump to pull it out. Strange that the same conditions of which Odummer created Bidens America is as bad and getting worse. In example high interest rates slow building starts devalued dollar evictions mortage defaults recession high fuel prices illegal emigration, iran nuclear agreement Russia taking Crimea if this is not enough evidence that Odummers is not involved I just can not know how that is not evidence. How anyone could support this methold of administration is simply against everything the constitution was designed to provide.

  4. An interesting scenario. But I never perceived Obama as being that bright either. During his time as Harvard Law Review editor, he wrote nothing. As US senator, most of his votes were ‘present’.
    IMHO, someone else is pulling the Biden puppets strings.

  5. Obama is nothing but a front man for the real power brokers who want to run this country like their own candy store.
    A college education today , except for the elites, is lower than a 1966 high school education where the graduates could read, write , new civics, history and geography ,business education and trades.
    These were basic middle class students who many graduated before 18 were drafted and served in war for a few years before they were even 21 and came back and produces something of value for this country.
    At 35 today many haven’t even been weened from there mother like Bernie Sanders who never worked or produced anything but evil his entire life and his hero was Stalin who murdered at least 40 million of his own people.

    • The arrogance of the elitist globalists invariably causes them to tell us exactly what they are doing. Obama is nothing special. Just another follower of the the World Economic Forum. This is about greed and giant egos. Obama said himself that this is a historical transfer of wealth. He and the entire democratic party along with far too many Republicans have decided that the United States has stolen wealth and resources for two centuries and it’s time to give it all back. Unfortunately while these uninspired world leaders bow to the dark moneyed forces that the public never gets to know exactly who they are they can not resist the temptation to enrich themselves on others suffering. The true ideologs behind this agenda want three things. First and foremost consolidated power. Second the unfettered access to unlimited funding to ensure that power and lastly but ideologically most importantly they want to depopulate the planet. Transgenderism abortion wars and attacks on energy food production are all designed to kill off millions of people. Everything we’re seeing in the United States is exactly what the leadership in western Europe has already put into place. Covid was intentionally released on to the world and killed tens of millions and don’t for one moment believe that’s the last of global pandemics via genetically altered viruses. The US was helping to fund these evil actions. Don’t believe me? Just go to the World Economic Forum’s website and look at the leadership that includes Xi Ping, Anthony Fauci Tedros the leader of W.H.O. Look at the unbelievable list of powerful donors including nearly every banking institution on the planet. Then look at the mission statement including green energy restorative justice Transgender rights etc. It’s all laid out for is and very out in the open. Obama like Biden is what the leftists call a useful idiot. Trump saw what was going on and put a four year stop on it but more importantly he made it more difficult for them to force the United States to get in line with the required ESG scores. Every member nation of the G7 has an ESG score of 90 or better while the US is around 50. Because Trump installed not only 3 Supreme Court seats he also installed hundreds of federal judges across the nation. This is why puppet Biden has been forced to use presidential orders to circumvent the congress and courts to push this so called green agenda. It’s why we see the silencing of any opposition voices, the weaponization of the department of justice, the national school board, homeland security, the FBI, and the entire mainstream media along with globalist big tech. Everything you see is driven by the agenda of the World Economic Forum and the globalist agenda. The massive wave of immigration was done already in Europe and now it our turn. I can’t know why but I suspect the reason for intentionally destroying smaller nations in Africa and Central America is because of a wider plan for destruction of human populations. Migrate massive amounts of people from areas that are slated for decimation in order to ensure their future survival. The United States China and western Europe will be hands off in the next manufactured global conflict. I fear that the shortest path to their goals is nuclear war. Famine takes too long and clearly releasing viruses doesn’t kill enough. Sounds pretty ridiculous I know but just read for yourself and the rest becomes obvious. Out of touch with reality of the average lifestyle of humanity these billionaires do not think like you and I. They truly believe they are destined to rule and we simply can not understand. We live only to serve them and for this they are truly damned

      • obama’s head has been sliced open from ear to ear. Even the best of brain surgeons have stated that his head has been opened up. yet there are no doctors, nurses, etc to be found that has a word to say about it. i’ve always figured he had a chip implanted in his head. i know it sounds crazy but we’re living in crazy times. i look at it this way, before Jesus Christ can return, all of this stuff has to happen.

  6. No surprise here. The Obamarama is the real energy crisis. It has nothing to do with the Saudis, with Putin or Covid -19. It is the insane idea of global warming (when NASA data indicate global cooling) as responsible for global climate change which, according to Obama is the major threat to mankind at this time. The fact that Obama also seems unable to let go of the 2 massive chips (supposedly about all the outrages he has faced as a black man in America) on his scrawny shoulders has certainly been dictating a major part of Biden’s domestic policies (and lack of key policies as well).

  7. Thomas pretty well sums it up! I was born in 1942, son of a WWII vet and uncles who served in that war. Both parents were in their teens during the Great Depression and they lectured us on the importance of responsible spending behavior.
    Obama never had an original thought. His ideas are all those of the radical characters he smoked dope with and read about. He was a puppet for the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party who is now pulling Jim Crow Joe Bien around by his ear.

  8. Gus Goodman, it appears in your post that you seem to not understand how government 101 works. I highly recommend that you take or retake a civics class, so when you come onto these sites, you don’t make a fool of yourself. Hope that helps you.

    What’s comical about the Democratic Communist Party is that they believe Obama’s presidency was successful, when in reality it was a complete failure.

    Think back during Obama’s first term, which was his only legitimate election. His second term was stolen. How can Obama win his second term when he lost a historic amount of political seats (1,034). Neither party has ever lost that many seats in U.S history. Explain how Obama won the 2012 election legitimately?! He didn’t and the Republican Party had no backbone to challenge the results. The Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election and again the Republicans did nothing to challenge the overwhelming evidence the the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election and we are now paying dearly for it. The Globalist Democratic Communist Party is intentionally destroying this beautiful country!!!

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