Former Cop Turned Trans Sexual Predator Arrested

Diana Guevara, a former police officer who transitioned to the opposite sex, was arrested in Citrus County, Florida, on charges related to sexual activity with minors after allegedly fostering relationships with children for the purpose of sexual abuse.

Guevara, who is biologically male but identifies as a transgender woman, was a Miami-Dade police officer prior to transitioning, according to a 2017 Miami Herald article touting the benefits of sex change surgeries. Guevara was arrested July 13 on charges of unlawful activity with certain minors, transmitting harmful materials to minors and four counts of lewd and lascivious battery, according to a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office press release.

A parent allegedly overheard one of the victims talking to another child about engaging in sexual activities with Guevara and reported it to deputies, according to the release. The same victim said they received explicit photos and videos from Guevara.

Victims said they had engaged in sexual activity with Guevara during separate police interviews, and investigators found evidence to support the victims’ claims about Guevara sending explicit images over social media, according to the press release.

“Guevara manipulated the young victims in this case and then took advantage of them, ” Sheriff Mike Pendergast said in the release. “She was able to foster a relationship with one victim and identify her next victims through them, showing a pattern of predatory behavior. This conduct will not be tolerated in Citrus County, and the ST/U detectives will work tirelessly to bring justice to these young victims.

Guevara discussed gender dysphoria, sex changes and a period of drug addiction while incarcerated in a 2017 Spanish-language television clip.

The sheriff’s release, along with local news reports, referred to Guevara as a woman and did not disclose that Guevara is biologically male.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s office referred the Daily Caller News Foundation to the Citrus County Detention Facility, where Guevara is being held, and the jail did not respond to our request for comment.

Original Article: Transgender Former Cop Arrested After Allegedly Befriending, Sexually Abusing Children | The Daily Caller


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  1. Transsexual my ass, he’s nothing but a Pedophile raping children and I as a judge would have his balls cut out..

    • When are those who are pushing this woke agenda going to begin to understand these people are almost always predatory in their state of sexual confusion? Over 160 teachers who push this agenda in schools have been charged this year alone for predatory behavior against children that are under their sphere of influence. So not only do the sexually confused trend towards pedophilia but the push towards normalization of sexual perversion is being used as a tool for groomers in the educational system. These policies are intended to shame anyone that questions the viability of such policies and this is predictably putting more children into harms way while emboldening would be predators. Nothing good can come from placating someone else’s delusions. Let’s be clear these are delusions regardless of what anyone wants to believe. Nature and biology have determined only two genders in this world and that is an indisputable fact. Sexual proclivity does not determine sex of a human being. What an individual likes in their own private bedroom does not define the individual and the idea that sexual preference is somehow linked to gender os ridiculous beyond measure. The left constantly pushes the concept of no judgement is allowed based on sexuality or race yet they insist on sexual behavior as the only identity that matters. When viewed from this perspective we can only determine that they are in fact the racists xenophobic and homophibic. True equality is only attainable when these identity dynamics are ignored entirely. None of this should be a factor in any policy simply because it doesn’t work. You can not legislate thought and to even try is also delusional as well as ludicrous.

  2. “Trans rights are human rights”, utters our moronic president, but when Transgenders become predators, the charade is over! when children fall prey to these demented men, than its time to make it known that the Alphabet community is being over-indulged, and the predator here, is absolute proof that whatever mental health claims are made, men will ALWAYS be men, especially when little children are easy targets for vermin like this guy, and that gender charade only proves what we’ve known all along-we cannot escape the genders we were born as, just as gender transitioning is a true mental health disaster! this child molester will experience his punishment in prison, but when they put into all women prison population, that will be an even bigger disaster, especially when several Transgenders have already impregnated women convicts, and a real woman doesn’t do that, which is why this whole Alphabet thing is totally fraudulent!

  3. Couldn’t hav said it any better than Human. Our
    Children are being indoctrinated & sexual abused
    In our school systems. This needs to stop. We all
    Pay big money thru our taxes for schools and this
    Is what we get in return. This is the poisoning of our children’s minds. A great number of kids wouldn’t even think about transgender if they weren’t brainwashed. It’s time for us to take back the control of our kids and put this trans agenda away for good.

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