GOP Heavyweight: Kamala is a Disaster Queen

Former UN Ambassador and potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate, Nikki Haley says that Vice President Kamala Harris is an extreme hypocrite who “messes up everywhere she can.”  

Haley made the comments on Fox’s “America Reports,” where she slammed Harris’ hypocrisy as “unbelievably extremist” and said that  Harris continues to “mess up” her responsibility as vice president.

“She’s outrageous. She’s outrageous on everything, whether she compares pro-life supporters to trying to stop people voting at the polls, whether she talks about this and trying to compare it to slavery, whether she wants to talk about ending the filibuster. She’s unbelievably extremist at the end of the day,” Haley said. 

The former GOP governor went on, “Democrats want to take away the voices of the people. The fact that they were okay with an unelected group of justices deciding our fate was fine as long as it was in their favor. But now, suddenly, when the ruling is going to go back to the people, and the people are going to decide in their states, suddenly they don’t think the people are capable of deciding that. And I think that they are.”

Haley concluded her rant about Harris, saying, “Kamala continues to mess up everywhere that she can. The one job that she’s been given has been the border. She refuses to go there. So she gives us these words salads on things that just don’t make sense. And she continues to sound extreme.”

In the days following her attack on Harris on Fox, Haley alluded to a possible 2024 presidential run, giving another sign that she could be a Republican contender for the White House.

Speaking at a summit hosted by Christians United for Israel, she took aim at President Biden‘s hopes for his administration to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which the U.S. withdrew from it in 2018.

“Anything Joe Biden signs will all but guarantee that Iran gets the bomb,” the former South Carolina governor said. “No deal is better than a bad deal. And if this president signs any sort of deal, I’ll make you a promise. The next president will shred it on her first day in office.”

Her comments come amid increased speculation that Haley will throw her hat in the ring in 2024. Haley attended a few events in Iowa, which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, last week, including a fundraiser with Gov. Kim Reynolds (R).

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. I think it’s a bit of a missed identification of what VP Harris is doing on our southern border. The Republicans state that the democrats (Harris) are incompetent in handling the border crisis.

    The Current Democratic Communist Party, including VP Harris, are reversing all of President Trump’s border policies, which was the most secure our border has ever been. So you can only draw one conclusion, that the border situation is on purpose and the millions of illegals that stream into our country is 100% international!

    The Republican politicians need to do something instead of just going onto Fox News and point out the problem going on along our southern border. The American people can see all the lawlessness that Biden’s administration is doing by failing to enforce our current laws that are in place. Republican Party, do something, instead of your normal spineless reaction, which is complaining and NO action. That’s what we elected you to do, which is to represent the people who voted you into office!!!

  2. I have no respect to begin with for people who are trashing the people who are running our country now . Politics aside . It is our country . Not a Democrat or a Republican . Our American country . Therefore why don’t this other person just grow up and help to make our country better rather than waiting to see if she gets into office to do so . As an American I have no use for these sorts of people . It is like selling me the idea that January 6th never happened and the people who were there were tourist who were just amazed of how beautiful and secret that place was .. We got to stop this . This person should never run for office . We are divided enough already . I have had enough of this kind of betrayal in our country. This just so UnAmerican . It makes us weak .

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