Major Blow for BLM: 2020 Police Killer Sentenced

A Missouri jury on Wednesday found a man guilty of murdering a retired black police captain during the violent racial riots of 2020 that erupted after the killing of George Floyd.

Stephan Cannon was convicted of all felony charges brought against him: first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, stealing $750 or more, unlawful possession of a firearm, and three counts of armed criminal action.

Cannon had been accused of gunning down police officer David Dorn, 77, as he attended to a burglar alarm at a friend’s pawn shop, where looters had descended  to capitalize on the chaos of the Floyd protests. Cannon was among the robbers Dorn confronted by the business before he was slain.

Prosecutors obtained video footage of the incident, originally shared to Facebook Live but later removed, and played it in court to support their case. Attorney Marvin Teer claimed that Cannon fired ten shots at Dorn, killing him, as he arrived at the scene and fired off warning shots to stop the looters, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Public defender Brian Horneyer argued that the police had “tunnel vision” in connecting Cannon to the crime and said that detectives depended on unreliable co-defendant Mark Jackson as their critical witness after he agreed to testify against Cannon to potentially secure a plea deal.

“This is a man who lies as easily as he breathes,” Horneyer said of Jackson.

The attorney representing Jackson, who has an upcoming hearing for his own pending murder trial, said he expects prosecutors will drop the second-degree murder charge as part of the arrangement to take the stand in Cannon’s case.

Dorn’s family was relieved by the decision, grateful that justice was finally served for their loved one.

“I’m very thankful to the jurors who saw the truth and all the evidence,” Dorn’s wife, Ann Dorn, said outside the courthouse after the verdicts, the local outlet reported. “And I want to thank Marvin Teer for doing a phenomenal job in prosecuting the case.”

While certain high-profile cases from the 2020 street mayhem, such as that of Kyle Rittenhouse, received disproportionate media attention, Dorn’s case, of a black cop killed by rioters in cold-blood for TVs, was largely forgotten by the mainstream press.

Original Article: David Dorn Verdict: Stephan Cannon Found Guilty of Murdering Black Missouri Police Captain | National Review


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  1. Hang from a tree where that scum bags feet can almost but not quite reach the ground. If that offends anyone, too bad! Killing an officer doesn’t seem to bother anyone, not even the media or the president of America, but kill a black POS, even Al Sharpton crawls out of his racist lair to add fuel to his racist rants. What’s surprising is that the officer is black and still no one but his family seems to care! There’s something very wrong with the citizenry of America, they are so “woke” that their ability for critical thinking has seemed to cease!

  2. We should not have to pay for the killer the rest of his life in prison, he should be given one fast appeal and then executed. Tired of supporting all the trash that are living off of us while in prison.

    • That would ease the over crowding problem of these Vomit Inducing Scum Bags. Just wonder if this Douche bag had a license to carry that gun. You never hear CNN reporting on any of these barbarians being legal to carry creating these ruthless barbaric crimes. Just goes to show who we have in Washington, morons with a 2nd grade education.

  3. I have tried to leave replies twice to no avail so guess they did not like what an 88 yr old lady had to say. too bad!!

  4. The murder is expected to be given his sentencing in September. Just incase nobody is aware, that’s why it doesn’t say how long in this article!

  5. Another disgusting thug off the street is the only good thing that happened. A good Man, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle and Friend was taken away by a heartless guy that has that evil in him where taking a life means nothing. Now they should put all the Washington democrats and media on trial for aiding all the deaths and crime that took place. David Dorn’s death is on all of you as YOU SAT BACK AND ALLOWED ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN, peaceful protest my a$$.

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