The Arab and Chinese Influences Behind American Colleges

During the Trump administration, the Department of Education revealed foreign funding worth billions of dollars made to American colleges and universities riding on top of foreign political designs. But the Biden administration has completely ignored the issue.

In June 2019, The College Fix reported that after years of warnings, the Department of Education (DOE) had finally started investigating secret foreign funding of American universities. The story noted that federal law requires that universities disclose all foreign contracts and gifts that total $250,000 or more. Yet many colleges and universities in America had not disclosed such funds from abroad from 1986 to 2020.

Later that year, a press release by the DOE shared that some 60 colleges and universities reported around $3.8 billion of foreign funding that they had previously not disclosed. These funds came mainly from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

The three Arab Muslim countries funded various universities to present Islamic history and teachings in a more favorable light; in other words, promote the version of Islam and Middle East’s history as the Arabs like it to be taught to foreigners.

While this alarming revelation was expected to be followed upon and the depth of foreign influence in American academic institutions revealed further under the Trump administration, the abrupt ending of the administration after the controversial 2020 election also immediately ended any hopes of progress on the lead aiming at the accountability of higher education institutions.

On the contrary, the 2020 press release announcing the foreign funding of these institutions has disappeared from the DOE website along with all others from the Trump administration.

However, at least one Republican congressman pursued the issue of foreign influence in American universities, albeit from a different angle. Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. of North Carolina, in February 2021, reintroduced legislation that would check the theft of intellectual property by foreign nationals at American colleges and universities.

Murphy cited multiple instances of stealthy activity carried out by professors at various institutions in America, linked to the Chinese government in each case. He also suggested diving deeper to catch more of this influence.

By lowering the gift and contract threshold to $50,000, we can cast a larger net and catch more foreign operatives in the act of stealing.

Last moth Congressman Murphy wrote to top American universities, asking them to disclose whether they have invested their endowment funds in companies involved in human rights abuses in foreign countries.

The College Fix reported on July 7 that the universities confirmed receipt of the letter but have not announced changes. To date, the Biden administration has not done anything to address the issue of foreign influence in American universities, and the establishment media continues to ignore it.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. The Chinese government is definitely not our friend and they have made it very clear that they want to crush the U.S and takeover as world leader! As for most Arab Muslims have hated the U.S since forever! So why allow these indoctrination mills colleges accept billions of dollars from our enemies. And if these elitist breeding campuses, who teach young Americans to hate there own country, then why do we taxpayers be forced to fund them. Harvard is said to have several billion dollars in it’s coffers!

    Arab Muslims and China are definitely not interested in our country’s best interests. Unfortunately for the American people, we have a President who extremely compromised to China and his family is making multi millions of dollars. It doesn’t stop there, many of our politicians are doing dirty anti-American back room deals, selling out the American people. Even American companies are selling our country out. It’s a very dangerous time for the American people right now, especially with this current President and the Democratic Communist Party…. VOTE THEM OUT!

  2. These influences from factions of opposite extremes need to be eliminated at all costs. Here we have the extreme Leftist influence of Communism and the extreme conservative influence of Islam vying for control over how our youth are taught to think. To maintain the belief that our freedoms are more important than anything else, as mankind has been designed to be, we must eliminate extreme attitudes that are designed to enslave US under a dictatorial system from either extreme. We must remain mostly centrist in our ideology to prevent our being controlled by extremist factions.

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