Woman Flashes Gang Signs After Claiming Son Was Killed in Shooting

This is totally normal.

Los Angeles, California – At least five people were wounded and two more died in a mass shooting at a car show/baseball game in San Pedro at Peck Park Sunday afternoon.

According to Orange County Register reporter Eric Licas, the shooting was described “as a dispute between two parties” that led to gunshots fired.

Children were also in attendance at the car show and baseball game when shots were fired.

Flashy cars with modified suspensions left the park after the shooting.

“I’m from Compton so this a Compton massacre,” Monique Howard told the KTLA 5 reporter.

The KTLA reporter expressed shock over the idea of a mass shooting taking place at a baseball game on a Sunday afternoon.

Monique Howard responded, “Well, when you’re dealing with difference hoods, what do you expect? Because it’s the weekend and I don’t know! I can’t speak for everybody else but I’m from Santana Blocc [Compton] Crips, so it’s gon do what it do.”

The reporter, still in shock, replied, “Well I hope your son is okay.”:

“Well yeah, I heard he passed,” the woman said nonchalantly.


Original Article: Woman Who Said Her Adopted Son Was Killed in Mass Shooting at Los Angeles Car Show Flashes Gang Signs, Gives Shoutout to Crips (VIDEO) (


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  1. This attitude and mentality is what liberals insist we must accept in our neighborhoods. These people may not understand that this thought process and lifestyle is not acceptable to suburbia. I can not judge the people who think like this as it applies to their world view yet pushing people who think and act this way is entirely unacceptable in mine. While it is true that there is very little difference between physiologically in humans the cultural differences do matter. So when you start in with your claims of racism be sure you understand the cultural differences between races from different parts of the country and world. We should embrace the positive differences in culture yet the inherent violence in certain areas of the country should not and can not be accepted anywhere.

  2. This ghetto trash woman could care less about her adopted kid who was shot and killed because she will just go back to Department of Child Services and get a replacement.

    You see, this is just business to these ghetto women to get a monthly payment from Los Angles County taxpayers. The woman in this story probably has a few more “adopted” children (paychecks) at home. She spends the least amount possible on the kids and keeps the rest for herself. With the money, she gets her nails done and gives some to her parolee gangster crip boyfriend who is also a ghetto piece of sheet.

    The radical Democratic Communist Party refers to these animals as victims and the Police officers who respond to these incidents day in and day out, as racist cops who they believe are the criminals!!!

  3. Exactly what is the adoption screening process that would allow a women like that to adopt an innocent child.
    There’s a more stringent adoption process to adopt a dog or cat then there is a child. My heart breaks thinking of the life this poor child led with a person like that as your mother.

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