CCP Tension Mounts Over Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan!

As tension in the area mounts, Taiwan holds air raid drills, and China doubles down in its warnings against a visit to the controversial island nation by Nancy Pelosi.

So far, the House speaker is still defending her planned visit to Taiwan, a region that China has long claimed as its sovereign territory. The Chinese foreign ministry has upped its rhetoric, warning that the trip could have “serious consequences” for the US.

“The Chinese side has made it clear to the US on many occasions that it is firmly opposed to Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. We are fully prepared,” foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

“If the US goes its own way, China will certainly take firm and forceful measures to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the United States should be held responsible for any serious consequences,” he added.

Meanwhile, in light of such saber-rattling by the Chinese, Taiwan has stepped up precautions for potential military action ordered by Beijing, holding air raid drills across the country. Sirens could be heard blaring in Taipei, the nation’s capital city, signaling residents to evacuate the streets for 30 minutes.

The contested island also tested its missile warning system, which sends mass text messages to residents in the event of incoming attacks. 

High-profile US delegations have consistently visited Taiwan over the past year as tensions between the US and China escalate. Six US congressmen made a surprise visit to the island in April, representing the most senior-level US officials to ever visit Taiwan.

The bipartisan group included Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Rob Portman of Ohio, Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, and Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez.

China issued a similar condemnation of their trip, with the foreign ministry saying it “firmly opposes any form of official interaction between the US and China’s Taiwan region.”

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., also visited the island in late April, announcing a new partnership between the US National Guard and Taiwan’s defense forces.

Despite such previous visits, should Pelosi proceed with her trip as scheduled, Nevertheless, her position as current House speaker would make her among the most senior officials to ever make a diplomatic visit to the island. 

No House speaker has visited Taiwan since Newt Gingrich in 1997. 

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Why in the HELL is she going to Taiwan in the first place.?? She has no business going there knowing what might happen if and when she goes. What is she trying to accomplish by going there?? If she goes and China does what they say it will do, how will she protect herself and Taiwan? Too many questions are coming up because of that woman. Can she be that dense in the head to realise she might cause a war between China and the US?
    Nuf said for now. She and the OLD guys in congress won’t fight but expect the guys and gals to fight in their stead.

    • Her drunk ass husband bought 5 million in computer chip stock and Joe is backing it with American money ==insider trading at it’s finest -==China did not get the biggest piece of the pie on this one so Joe and Hunter are falling down on the job– now do you know why she is going—pos –Speaker of the House—just like Biden been on the government dole for nearly 50 years and both are worth millions on a salary less than a good doctor makes– my math is better than that

  2. who makes the most computer chips and her husband Paul somehow bought 5 million dollars worth of stock in the computer chip industry which our president has now backed with American money —can you say insider trading–lol– that is why she is going and China did not get the biggest piece of the pie–Joe and HUnter are falling down on the job

  3. Let’s put aside the fact that the entire O’Biden administration is anti-American, a complete disaster, and a total failure on every measure (Energy/Gas; Afghanistan pull out; Open border; Lawlessness, zero bail; Attack of 1st & 2nd amendments; Attack on law enforcement; Out of control government spending; Sky rocketing prices on everything…..etc)!

    The Dingbat, Nancy Pelosi, already stated publicly that she was going to Taiwan and China made their threat. She must go to Taiwan because the U.S cannot allow our enemies (China) to dictate where we go or who we speak with. China does not want to go to war with the American people because it would not end well for them.

    I wish she would have kept her ugly mouth shut, but here we are….

    • wow I have made 2 comments on this supposed free press and neither one was listed. I am a Republican but I seriously doubt that this is really a “free press”.

  4. somehow I doubt that this reply will land on the list but I think it is a good thing for her to go and if Chine really wants a war, which I doubt, lets get it on. And after that take out North Korea, Iran and if Russia wants some of the action, go for it

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