Ex-Cuomo Aide Killed After Being Kicked Out of Lyft

A former staffer for former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was fatally struck by a car on a Delaware highway early Sunday morning after his Lyft driver kicked him out after an argument, police said.

The incident unfolded Sunday around 1:44 a.m., when 43-year-old Sid Wolf and five friends were traveling from Dewey Beach to Bethany Beach, Delaware State Police said in a press release. During the trip, the group got into an argument with the driver, and the Lyft driver canceled the ride.

The driver then “stopped in the middle of the southbound left lane and demanded all six passengers exit the vehicle,” the police said. 

While the party exited the car, a Toyota Corolla driven by a 27-year-old tried to change lanes to avoid hitting the Lyft and failed to see Wolf standing on the highway, police said. Wolf was struck by the Corolla, with the 27-year-old driver remaining on the scene. The Lyft driver fled, police said.

Wolf was pronounced dead at the scene, and no one else was injured, according to police.

Cuomo said he was “shocked & saddened to hear this tragic news.”

“Sid was a phenomenal public servant who worked relentlessly for the betterment of all NY’ers. My heart goes out to Lindsey & his two young daughters.”

GoFundMe page was started to support Wolf’s wife and two daughters. The page has raised more than $60,000 so far.

Original Article: Former Cuomo Staffer Fatally Struck By Car After Lyft Driver Kicks Him Out In Middle Of Highway | The Daily Caller


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  1. Hope the Lyft driver gets caught and punished, there should be Lyft records as to who is the driver. Sad situation for sure.

    • Just what did the commie do to piss off the driver? ,,,,and if nobody has interviewed the driver and the NWO Marxist is dead how does anybody know there was an argument at all? Did the commie asked the driver to stop and let him out? No evidence either way so far. ,,,,, and lastly, just what would you charge the Lyft driver with? I know of no law against letting someone out of your car…..but there IS a law against J-Walking.

      Anybody got something against herring the results of a complete investigation before jumping off half cocked……say like the driver let the commie out and was leaving when the commie got hit,,,without the driver ever knowing the commie got hit. ….. And before some nimriod complains about calling the victim a commie, is there anybody out there that thinks Como would hire an aide that was not a balls out NWO Marxist (democrat) ?

  2. Maybe not relevant; however if you hold a CDL in Texas you cannot dump off an unruly passenger in the middle of a controlled access highway (especially at night). You must exit the freeway and allow them to exit the vehicle at a well lit commercial establishment where they can arrange follow on transportation.

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