Gunman Seen Fleeing Daytime Shootout in the Bronx

A gunman was caught on camera fleeing a terrifying daylight shootout in the Bronx that left another man shot multiple times in both legs — and local shop workers quitting their jobs in terror at the new “Wild West.”

One of the gunmen was pictured seemingly stuffing a weapon in the right pocket of his shorts as he fled the carnage outside a smoke shop on Boston Road at just after 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The fleeing gunman was wanted for shooting a 34-year-old man multiple times in both his legs, the NYPD said.

But the injured man was uncooperative with police — who believe he may have been the first to pull out and fire a weapon, sparking the terrifying daytime gun battle.

The shootout sent kids scrambling for cover in the nearby Wholly Smokez, according to its owner, who only gave the name Shawn and also fled inside for cover.

Surveillance video captured the gunman, in white t-shirt, fleeing the scene.

“I’m scared,” the 45-year-old store owner admitted to The Post, saying he’s now considering getting bulletproof glass to protect his store.

The shootout actually started outside a neighboring smoke store, Zoo York Exoticz, which handed over security footage to the cops, its 40-year-old owner said.

The store has been open less than a month — but two staffers immediately quit in terror after the shooting, the owner, who only gave his name as Zoo, told The Post.

“I have to actually live here,” one terrified local resident complained.

“It’s become the Wild West,” said the local, who only gave the name Tepeyaka.

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    • What a good guess about the color of the bad man. They are all black and are getting by with murder and everything else. When is this gonna stop??????? We all need to be armed so we can protect ourselves. So sad.

  1. Did anyone see the drug deal going on?! Was it cold out ,was this last winter? Them other guy’s should have had a coat on.I donated coats to the need for people! WTF! Come! On! Man!!FJB!!! Let’s go Brandon!!!!! Welcome to the new world order! Muthas! Better hope God show’s up soon! Say your prayers and repent people!!! My God Bless us all!! Better wake up people! Eyes wide open!👀

  2. More blacks involved in shooting. Wonder how the got those guns. Must be choir boys who passed the background check . If a white guy was involved it would be an escalating riot but racism is alive and still blames whites for these problems. Maybe its time to bring back the idea that we are all people and skin color should not be a consideration in crime and justice. Bring back the police.

  3. The biased and dishonest mainstream media are blabbering about threats against the FBI by Trump supporters but remain silent about actual VIOLENCE committed by DEMOCRATS daily all across America. Such HYPOCRITES these liberals are….

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