Hospitals Advised to Use the Most Odd Term

The guide lists “traditional terms” such as ‘breast milk’ and then suggests woke alternatives including “human milk”, “parent’s milk”, and most ridiculously “father’s milk.”

Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright tweeted a screenshot, which shows that the guide also suggests using the terms “gestational parent” instead of ‘mother’, “lactating person” instead of ‘nursing mother’, and “chestfeeding” instead of ‘breastfeeding’:

Even the word ‘breast’ doesn’t escape the newspeak diktat, being replaced with ‘mammary gland’.

Wright told The Post Millenial “This document was sent to me by a friend whose wife is a hospital nurse for new moms and their babies.”

“He said this new ‘inclusive terminology’ is being implemented at her hospital, and that nurses and other health professionals are being required to ask each patient what terms they wish to have used when discussing their care,” Wright added.

He continued, “While this policy is portrayed as creating a friendly and ‘inclusive’ hospital atmosphere, I think most people would rather have nurses focused on more important things like medications and proper dosages instead of devoting mental real estate to memorizing lists of inane ‘inclusive’ terminology.”

A statement from last year on the new guidelines notes that “ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some individuals identify as neither female nor male.”

It also claims that “the use of desexed or gender-inclusive language is appropriate in many settings,” and calls for “future studies to include broader gender categories and include information about hormone therapies and surgeries for transgender patients.”

As we previously highlighted, Colin Wright was previously censored on Instagram for posting a chart that proves men are biologically stronger than women in a range of sports, even if they have undergone gender transitioning treatment.

Wright continually posts about what he describes as “sex pseudoscience”:

Original Article: Academy Of Breastfeeding Medicine Advising Hospitals To Use Term “Father’s Milk” | ZeroHedge


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  1. This is all SO SILLY. Who in the world would ever vote for such crazy people? I remember when obama tried to make Americans speak ‘politically correct’, which was anything but politically correct but just an attempt to control us. We see who the democrat legislators are now and they are not representative of real Americans. We have mothers and fathers. We have breast feeding, pregnant WOMEN and all these other stupid terms are just that , S T U P I D !!!!!

  2. This woke garbage shows just how mentally I’ll the radical left wing Democratic Communist Party really is. I don’t believe that women who have children are going to be okay with their kids referring to her as birthing person instead of Mom!

    I truly believe that if the moderate democratic politicians and voters do not stand up to these radical, mentally I’ll liberals, there Party will be permanently damaged. The lefts anti-American policies and their extreme hatred for the American people will be their own demise.

    • Pray that all this madness that has taken place since President Putty-Head took office will be reversed once the brain dead Voters wake up and vote correctly next election (withstanding any more voter fraud)! The Demon-Rats have dug their own graves; and the time has come for them to go peacefully!

  3. This is such a ridiculous waste of time. There are so many other issues we could be addressing to help people, why are they wasting mental energy on this BS???

  4. These starry-eyed, leftist imbeciles consider themselves (and their brainless policies) “far more spiritual and progressive” than those of us with our mainstream policies on the Right. One of these days, however, they will “woke-up” to the glaring, bitter Truth that they were, in fact, imbeciles — and little else.

  5. This entire anti-traditional minority IS truly disturbing.
    Nevertheless, I suggest that what we are seeing today is merely the current expression of the “anti-establishment movement” first thrust into the national spotlight during the 1960’s. I was among the “starry-eyed” of that generation…not so much a war protestor but definitely a proponent of going “back-to-the-land” to live “naturally” beyond the reach of what is now called “corporate, capitalist greed”…didn’t work then and still won’t today.
    Instead, what has happened and (as one can see in these posts) apparently still is happening and will continue is that “we the sheeple” follow along in the (also) starry-eyed misbelief that either the “Left” OR the “Right” has any inclination to recover our Constitutional Republic. BOTH forward the march toward centralization of power and control. If you don’t see that, you’re either inexperienced (too young) OR simply haven’t been paying attention to what is DONE vs what is SAID.
    WAKE UP!!

  6. As a man, I was glad I had something called a “mammary artery” because it came in handy for one of my by-pass parts. My other by-pass used a vein from my upper leg.
    I think the previous comments provide very valid thoughts concerning male and female and the lack of a need for completely disrupting our vocabulary.

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