Army Veteran Arrested for Posting ‘Offensive’ Meme

In scenes akin to those traditionally associated with authoritarian regimes, police in Britain were filmed arresting a military veteran for posting a meme critical of woke gender ideology on Facebook.

“Is this the Gestapo? What has gone wrong in our country?” the veteran questioned as he was being placed in handcuffs by three officers in broad daylight outside of his suburban home.

The incident was captured live on video on Thursday by Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox, who chastised the Hampshire Constabulary officers for acting as an “anti-British politicised police force.”

“They serve a protected ideology… if you criticise the new woke ideology, you criticise the Pride movement, you end up in cuffs, whether you have served this country and have long medals for distinction and good service, you will end up in cuffs for expressing a perfectly legal view,” he told the live audience on social media.

The veteran, at the time left unidentified for privacy purposes, was apparently arrested for reposting a satirical meme from Fox of four Progress Pride flags together to form a swastika.

Laurence Fox via Twitter (Screenshot)

The meme, which resulted in a Twitter suspension and calls for police investigations against the actor turned anti-woke campaigner last month, was described by Fox as a commentary on how Pride Month is “enforced with a sense of hectoring authoritarianism”.

Despite the veteran saying that he had reposted the meme from Fox, the police chose not to arrest the Reclaim Party leader for the same post.

In the footage, one officer was heard justifying the arrest by saying that “somebody has taken offence” to the “homophobic” post shared on Facebook.

The arrest comes less than a week after the College of Policing issued national guidance telling officers to focus on actual crimes rather than intervening in “debates on Twitter”.

In exclusive comments provided to Breitbart London, Laurence Fox said that the arrest demonstrated that the update in policing guidelines was a change without a difference: “It’s the difference between sausage and mash and toad in the hole, nothing has changed.”

“This shows that we aren’t really living in a democracy, the thin veil hiding the reality that we live in China has fallen,” he said, commenting that the British police have turned into nothing more than “the Gestapo, the Stasi, or the Cheka”.

The Reclaim Party leader said that he had no faith in the Conservative Party government to protect free speech, saying that they merely represent the “woke uniparty” and that prime ministerial candidates like Rishi Sunak are just figureheads “for the elite who are actually in charge”.

Fox said that although woke ideology has already spread throughout America, “at least they have the Second Amendment,” adding that “guns are a pretty good deterrent to knocking on a door because someone was offended.”

He concluded by saying that the Bad Law Project, which Fox established to dismantle political ideology disguised as law, will be “coming after every institution” in Britain to confront the spread of wokery.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Fox revealed on social media that the case against the veteran had been “dropped entirely” and that he will not face any charges.

Minutes prior to the arrest of the veteran, the same police force also arrested former officer Harry Miller, who previously won a legal battle against the recording of “non-crime hate incidents” at the High Court over him supposedly posting “transphobic” posts online.

Over the past five years, police have recorded over 120,000 such “non-crimes” — which are visible on criminal background checks.

In December, the court ruled that police had acted “unlawfully” by logging his posts in a police database despite there being no evidence of an actual crime.

Explaining his arrest on Thursday, Miller said that he was “arrested for obstructing a police officer” as they were trying to arrest the veteran for the Fox meme.

“My defence is that there is NO offence of obstructing a police officer who is engaged in unlawful duty,” Miller told Breitbart London. “In seeking to arrest a member of the public for posting a meme, the attempted arrest was entirely unlawful.”

“The police didn’t even know what law had been broken but acted purely on the basis that the flag had offended someone,” the FairCop campaigner added.

“I don’t want an apology. I want the Chief Constable’s head in my fridge. We do not live in an Orwellian society. We do not have a Stasi, a Cheka or a Gestapo.”

On social media, Miller noted that one of the officers who arrested him was wearing a “rainbow badge that said Hampshire Police on it,” adding that he told her that he refused to recognise her “authority to arrest a man over a flag when she herself was wearing one.”

Hampshire Constabulary has previously boasted of being one of the first forces in the nation to establish an “LGBT+ liaison scheme,” with this year marking the 25th anniversary of its inception.

The force currently has around 90 “LGBT+ Link Officers,” who are not only tasked with representing the constabulary at Pride events but also to “encourage the reporting of homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic hate crimes along with domestic abuse and sexual violence.”

Such hate crimes include “physical attacks, threats, or verbal and online abuse”.

In comments provided to Breitbart London, Hampshire Constabulary said: “Officers were making enquiries following a report that an offensive image had been shared online. They were investigating an alleged offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act (2003). As such, they attended an address in Aldershot in order to establish the exact circumstances around the social media post.”

“Following discussions, officers agreed to return to the address on July 28. When officers arrived they were prevented from entering the address to discuss a potential resolution to the matter. As a result, officers felt it was necessary to arrest a man at the scene so they could interview him in relation to the alleged offence.”

The force said that the 51-year-old man from Aldershot was “arrested on suspicion of sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing message or matter,” however he has since been released under investigation and has been “NFAd” (No Further Action).

The constabulary wanted to stress that its “officers come to work every day to protect the public” and that they were “acting in good faith” while investigating a supposedly offensive image posted online.

“Policing reports in relation to online content is a complex and challenging picture. We are engaging further with our Police and Crime Commissioner to make sure that we deploy our resource in a way that reflects need in our local communities.”

“A 57-year-old man from Market Rasen, Lincs, was arrested on suspicion of obstructing/resisting a constable in execution of duty. He was released under investigation, and our enquiries are ongoing. Due to this being a live investigation we cannot comment further.”

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  1. Want to know why the Bill Of Rights is important? During the bs covid nonsense we watched as seemingly normal people looked the other way while their neighbors watched those who refused the so called “vaccine being hauled off to undisclosed destinations without due process. We’re seeing people being charged for innocuous verbal and written comments espousing their beliefs on subjects now considered “off limits” by woke politicians. This has come to the United States as 8 teens in New York are charged with “hate crimes” for refusing to use pronouns that are factually inaccurate. The right to freedom of speech is under attack while real and actual violent criminals are being allowed to victimize others repeatedly without consequence. This leads us to the necessity of the Second Amendment. When a supposed representative government decides to ignore crimes and prosecute ideological foes we are being forced to make a choice. We can not allow any right guaranteed by the constitution and given by our creator to be taken away and the only way to ensure those rights remain in place is to own and bear arms. If the general population of China had weapons it’s very unlikely their government would have even tried to seal people in their homes by welding doors shut. This is not just a war of ideals. We’re being attacked at every turn by a system that is not only intolerant of views other than their own but clearly corrupt as well. We have been sold out to the evil forces that permeate every aspect of American life. Our children are being attacked our beliefs are being attacked our border is being invaded our higher learning institutions have been infiltrated by communist China our banking institutions have been coopted by far left climate crisis ideologs food sources being attacked by ESG score craving environmentalists our currency being devalued our supply chains intentionally destroyed. The list is endless and growing yet the so called electorate is concerned with pronouns and absolute compliance without exception. We witnessed this in the unbending approach to a vaccine that required redefining the word vaccine just to make it fit. Of course the manufacturers of these “vaccines” were given exemption for any liability for damages done to those who acquiesced or literally forced to take. Do any of these things sound like freedom? While China makes threats on a daily basis we watch our government push pronouns and CRT while destroying everything this nation once stood for. What has happened to the American people that valued freedom and love for the nation that ensured that freedom? Wake up people or your children will be slaves and every generation following will be slaves. How much more are you willing to accept before you understand that this is oppression?

    • Great comments. Lot of young people, and some older, do not research what is actually being pushed to people. These woke politicians and bureaucrats are pathetic and overpaid. Their views are racist, divisive, unConstitutional, and frankly, Socialist, Marxist, and Communist. Young and old folks are uneducated, but with it being pushed in schools, news media, and colleges and businesses, they are likely to give in to this nonsense. Peer pressure, for the wrong reasons is dangerous. People pushing it, should be called out, and explained why it is bad.

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