Is Manchin’s Career Over?

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin almost pulled off his effort to burnish a reputation as a statesman … a man of integrity … a man of principle.  One of those politicians who earn their way into the pantheon of the courageous.  It was not to be.

For sure, Democrats were unhappy that Manchin stood up for the little people – choosing to fight the crippling inflationary policies of the Biden administration — and the Democrat congressional leadership’s desire to dangle some expensive goodies in front of the voters before the upcoming midterm elections.

He and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema were holding back the inflationary tsunami produced by the tax dollars Biden wanted to pump into the already overheated constricting economy.  

Suddenly, Manchin comes out of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s back room with a complete reversal in his position.  Not a compromise, but a full-bore cave.  He caves to the Democrats’ long tradition of tax-and-spend policies designed to curry favor with voters – even at the cost of the economy and the hardship on future generations.

In the world of left-wing euphemism, Biden’s baby Build Back Better Bill has been renamed the Anti-Inflation Bill.  We are told by Biden & Co. that this bill will reduce inflation … lower the national debt … create jobs … lower prescription costs … reduce gas prices … and a lot of etceteras.  It only falls short of untying the Gordian Knot.

Consistent with the implacable truth of government spending, Biden’s misnamed legislation will be far more costly than projected – and any tax revenues will be far less than projected.  While the bill creates a formula that would reduce the National Debt on paper, it will not do so.

The bill is said to be “revenue neutral” in that that projected costs will be compensated by the projected revenues.  When that does not happen, the legislation will have a negative impact on both the Deficit and the Debt.

If you are inclined to believe Biden in this matter, just remember that he said his stimulus legislation and infrastructure bill — that most economists point to as a major contributor to the current inflation – would be anti-inflationary.  Biden first told us there would be no inflation.  And then, when inflation was creeping up, Biden promised that it was transitional – would be mild and short lived.

In the face of all that malarkey coming from the White House, Manchin stood firm. Did he cave because of all the pressure from his congressional colleagues?  Did he get something under the table?  Was he concerned that without this piece of legislation, team-Democrat would not do so well in the midterm elections?  Or is Manchin simply not a trustworthy person?  After all, he did double-cross his Democrat leadership by indicating he would support Biden’s humongous Build Back Better Bill and then opposed it.

It really does not matter.  Unless there are other Democrats who will refuse to heap another burden on the economy – and future taxpayers – the Biden Bill will pass and its negative impacts kicked down the generational road.

We will have to see how this high-visibility flip-flopping will impact on Manchin himself.  He has two years before he will have to face the voters of West Virginia.  Maybe they will forget Manchin’s economic apostasy.  If they do not, he may find his constituents unwilling to return him to the Senate.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. And Manchin’s wife managed to secure a very lucrative position at the TVA. Manchin, bought and paid for! Why am I not surprised?

  2. Manchin’s wife managed to secure a lucrative position with he TVA. Manchin, bought and paid for! Why am I not surprised??

  3. Was he ‘lured’ with his wife getting the position with TVA? I’m disappointed as I thought he had some principles.

  4. Let’s just say I am disappointed in Joe Manchin. Not because I am a Republican, I thought finally we have someone who has the guts to be non partisan. This is the kind of politician we need in either party. I thought maybe this (his decision to go against his party cause it was the right thing to do) would start our country on the path to a non partisan government. Well Joe you broke my faith, there used to be a program on TV called To Tell the Truth. Will the real Joe Manchin please stand up! Maybe it is more Truth or Consequences.

  5. A trader just like the rest, did you actually believe he was on our side. He just wanted it to look that way, I guess we were fooled again. Lets stop being gullable and believe these traders to america.

  6. Manchin wanted something…his wife’s new job perhaps….he got it and all of a sudden he caves. The increased taxes on all Americans doesn’t matter to these politicians, as long as their needs are met. He must be voted out!

  7. Billy Boy Gates had a “serious” talk with POS Joe Munchkin and suddenly Munchkin “caves.” I wonder how much he received? $1M? $2M? Maybe he shot the works and got $5 or $10M? Except for a very few, maybe 2 or 3, these “old timers” are all traitors to the country.

  8. I, too, thought that there was, at last, a member of Congress who was not just one followers of the Pied Piper’s music. But the events of the past week or so seem to indicate that standing up for the people fell to the side. Was what’s under the table more gilden than what was on the table? Or did Schmuedr just “take him to the woodshed”?

  9. He got what he wanted…a promise for a pipeline to his state after all the denials… Sold out for far less than thirty pieces of silver..

  10. Don’t be so surprised. It is always a case of “follow the money” except in Washington where it is never anything but “follow the money”.

  11. Hey people of West Virginia – your Senator could care less about you. He cares about PERSONAL money, money, money.

  12. Apparently Joe and Chucky engaged in a lot of kissieface. If you ever have the opportunity to travel the back hills and mountains of West Virginia you will see some of the poorest citizens in this Country Joe just threw his supporters under the bus when he votes for this garbage he’ll run over them again

  13. The simplest answer to this article’s question is Joe Manchin’s career over? “YES.” Joe has spent month’s explaining on how he can’t vote with his own Democratic Communist Party on all their anti-American policies they’ve tried to pass, due to they cost too much and inflation is ridiculously high.

    Now, Manchin is claiming that by borrowing/printing money to pay down the principal of our country’s huge 30-trillion dollar debt is a good idea and will lower inflation?!!!!! It doesn’t take a economist or business degree to know that, that won’t work.

  14. I have to disagree with some of you. Joe Manchin’s career is not over. 2 years is a long time. Joe has been in politics for many years and unfortunately the voters will forget when he starts his smooth talking rhetoric. I have followed him for a long time and I knew it was just a matter of time and circumstances till he bowed before the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR JUST LIKE THE REST OF THESE POLITICIANS. Power and Money that is their creed. That is why they spend millions of dollars to get a job that pays less than $200k per year. Would you invest millions for a return of $200K. I don’t think so. Am I really disappointed? No because I knew it was a matter of time.

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