Details of Kamala and Jill’s Ugly Relationship Leaked

First Lady Jill Biden was against choosing Kamala Harris as her husband Joe Biden’s running mate after she attacked him during a primary debate, according to an upcoming new book.

The first lady’s vexations were revealed in a bombshell new book by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns titled “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” which was released in May.

“There are millions of people in the United States. Why do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe,” Jill Biden said in a conversation after learning that Harris was the leading candidate for the job, according to an excerpt of the book provided to Fox News.

According to OK! Magazine and their sources over at the White House, Jill is furious and believes that Kamala never cared about Joe or the Job and just wanted to ride Joe’s shaky old coattails to further her political career.

Well, duh, Jill.

She also believes Kamala’s unpopularity is what’s dragging Joe down.

OK! reported that Dr. Jill Biden isn’t supportive of the first female Vice President of America. An insider previously divulged to OK! that the women have never gotten along.

“Jill despises Kamala — make no mistake about it,” the source dished. “Dr. Biden told her husband that he should never have chosen Kamala as his running mate, and she believed he would have won regardless of who else was on the ticket.”

The insider also alleged that the mother-of-one believes Harris’ behavior is what’s caused the POTUS’ ratings to drop.

“Jill is seething. Earlier this week, she fumed publicly about Joe’s unpopularity. Privately, she is blaming the Vice President for all the mess,” said a second source. “She thinks Kamala has been disloyal and only took the vice presidency to get a leg up on her political ambitions. The First Lady thinks Kamala has used Joe.”

FLOTUS hasn’t commented on the latest leak but she notably did not deny that she made the remarks mentioned in the book, telling a reporter last year “That was two years ago. We’ve moved on from that.”

Original Article: Disturbing New Details Leak Out About Jill And Kamala’s Relationship – Conservative US


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    • So what else’s new here. Camel faced ‘heels up’ up harris ( her nickname since her early days) doesn’t give a rats ripe a** about anyone but herself and will do everything and any thing to advance her agnda no matter who she hurts or destroys. Her first tryst screwing willie brown for the San Francisco district attorney position despite being unqualifird for the job. Then when she got what she wanted from him she dumped him and moved on to bigger fish and God obly knows who she screwed after that. One thing fer certain, she’s screwing America big time along with slow joe. Bottom like: we hopefuly have to deal with these clowns for only another 2 years and hopefully by November with the mid terms, people will have gotten smart, had enough of the BS, incompetence and nonsense that began day one and get rid of the liberals who’ve proved over and over they’re unfit to lead this great countey. And for those on the fence, take a look and smell at Califronia, San Francisco in particular, the one time clean, well run by people with common sense, affordable jewel of Califronia and the gem of the golden gate that’s the USA’s version of the third world.. Really eho in their right mind voted for these clowns? And thanks to the fools who voted for these two, thanks for inflation not seen in almost 90 years, high fuel prices, high food prices, supply chain issues and a lot more than I have time to list but most thinking folks get the picture and for those that don’t, get your heads out of your rear ends, wake up and smell the coffee

  1. Jill Biden’s right, Joe would have won the election no matter who was his running mate, because the election was rigged. President Trump was the real winner of the 2020 election.

    Jill blames Kamala Harris for Joe’s horribly low approval rating. I guess Jill is as stupid as the rest of the Democratic Communist Party politicians who honestly believe that they haven’t pushed enough of their anti-American progressive policies that are currently destroying our country. The main reason that Joe and Kamala’s approval ratings are historically low is because the American people are rejecting their communist big government overreach!

    Joe O’Biden and Kamala Harris have wrecked everything that they have touched. Started with Joes war on fossil fuels and now everything has skyrocketed in price. Afghanistan pull out was the biggest military blunder ever, thanks to Joe. The open border is flooding our country with illegal aliens. Highest increase in crime due to defund police and no bail. Moreover, the communist administration is trying to take away lawful gun owners firearms. These same communist’s have been silencing conservatives voices, violating the American citizens first amendment rights. Enough is enough!!!

    • Rich is right on! These two fools have done everything in their power to sabotage our country! Both these two clowns are a total embarrassment to our country!

    • As mi late Italian ‘nona’ grandmother (for those out there who aren’t italian or speak Italian) used to say quite frequently: Basta cosi de queste pizze de merde. trandslated into simple Englisg:Enouth of these pices of S**T

    • Spot on and i just can’t stop laughing how these two are at each others throat and hopefully they destroy each other.Btw. joey doesn’t need ‘hee;ls up to destroy the country, he’s doing a damned fine job all by himself ( he’s pretty much on his own as heels up’s anywhere but on Pluto) and as for ‘heels up’ harris, no truer words have been said about this piece of worthless thieving and hypocitie. communist leaning piece of trash.

  2. In fact, Kum-All-Ya was Obama’s favorite and best looking person in congress. Give me a break, Obama wanted her, not Joe. Now that Obama is in his third term and ruining the country again he is planning on Kumallyah to be POTUS. The Kenyan runs DC plain and simple.

  3. Jillsie is NOT First Lady. They caused all this ruckus themselves, along wth those who helped them steal the election from our rightful President, so, what goes around comes around. I don’t pity them at all; they deserve everything that happens to them.

  4. Both Joe and Camel-la are poor leaders…Alfred E. Newman and Mortimer Snerd would probably do just as well as the current two have done.

    • Gee Vaughn Laurel & hardy, Abbott & Costello and even the Three Stooges could be doing better than slow joe and ‘heels up’. Sadly with these clowns the laughts just keep coming only the scary thingm this is reality and not comedy. Can anyone with half a brain believe how many foo[s voteed for these oafs? If given the next 2 years these clown will destroy the USA Hopefully with the mid terms in November enough people ahave gotten sick and tired of this dog and pony show, the BS, incometence, ineptitude and nonsense and begin the dumbocrap party purge if they know what’s good for the country

  5. You think they would have learned after having Nobama at the plate. The guy was so racist and foolish he left our country so weak militarily I’m waiting for the Mongol axe to fall any day. How many whites did that guy kill by leaving us unguarded.

  6. Here in Wyoming, we are sick of phony Liz pretending to represent our state when she really lives in Virginia (always has!) and uses a family owned home here as her address. Besides that, she does NOTHING for Wyoming, cares nothing about our hardworking ranching and mining families. And the Jan6 HOAX trial has become the biggest boondoggle and waste of TAXPAYERS money…it is just a chance to grandstand for the press and harm PRESIDENT TRUMP! She has got to go. HARRIET HAGERMANN is the best choice!

  7. And she is just as delusional as the old goat who is her husband!!! His ratings are in the crapper because he has always been dumber than a bag of hammers, and is dementia ridden as we speak. If she hadn’t wanted to be the First Lady so bad, she might have taken his mental deficiency into consideration, and kept him from running in the first place!!!

  8. Yes I blame Jill Biden as she should have stopped her husband from running for President. She is dumer than I thought.

  9. Doesn’t matter because Obama is still running the country. Susan Rice is the policy maker for the Biden administration and she answers to Obama who is in collusion with George Soros. Wake up people this is a dog and pony show. The ideology comes straight from the World Economic Forum and ESG scores. It’s nearly destroyed western Europe and the leftists in the United States are pushing us down the same path. Want to know what happens to a country when they achieve an ESG score of 90+? Just ask anyone from Sri Lanka.

  10. In fact, Kum-All-Ya was Obama’s favorite and most attractive member of Congress. Give me a break, Obama desired her rather than Joe. Now that Obama is in his third term and wrecking the nation again more, he wants Kumallyah to be President. Simply put, the Kenyan runs DC.

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